male portrait of professional model Daniel Maritz

6 Professional Model Tips and 12 Poses for Your Male Portrait

August 30, 2022

Posing is one of the key components to getting amazing male portraits. And when it comes to modelling, male poses are not that different for women. However, getting the right male pose for the shoot might sometimes be challenging. It is best not to limit yourself and try out various poses. Dive in to get amazing tips for your male portrait.

Tip 1: Choose the tone you want to convey

The first advice for make-modelling is to focus more on the emotion than the stance. If you are a man modelling for a living, keep in mind that there are certain poses a client would want you to strike during a photoshoot with a suit for male shots. For example:

 Elegant and assured

The client is looking for a dapper gentleman that is strong and confident to exhibit the suit during the photo shoot. You can tilt 45 degrees to the left when facing the camera to accomplish this.

male portrait of professional model Daniel Maritz

  Relaxed feeling

The client can want a casual appearance when it comes to the suit. The model may wear the outfit with a killer pair of sneakers to achieve a laid-back vibe.

male portrait of professional model Daniel MaritzOverall it depends on the client’s preferences and the job specifications provided to the male model by his client or what the model wants to achieve as an individual if it’s a test photoshoot.

male portrait of professional model Daniel Maritz

Tip 2: Try out several male model poses

You can do a few things as a male model in conjunction with poses to produce beautiful portraits.

 Place your hands in your pockets

male portrait of professional model Daniel Maritz

● Place one hand inside the

male portrait of professional model Daniel Maritz

 Glance at your watch or peek around, perhaps down, left, or up.

male portrait of professional model Daniel Maritz

These stances are something to think about simultaneously, but the main priority should be being that person in the suit. For instance, depending on the type of shooting, you can envision yourself at an office or an event.

● Natural Pose

The most natural male poses are those in which you are simply standing or moving while looking in a particular direction. This provides some fantastic, authentic male portraits. Posing sessions are relatively static; all you need to do is stand still and strike the same calm poses you would in a normal situation when wearing your suit. Make flowy movements that are not too fast.

male portrait of professional model Daniel MaritzIf you concentrate on the poses, unnatural shots will be obtained, and the days of capturing such photos are long gone. It would be best to be vigilant about crinkles on the suit while posing since it causes a messy look. Many models overlook that it's not about them but the product they promote.

  Walk pose

You can walk directly in front of the camera.

walking pose for male portrait

You can also walk 45 degrees to the left or right.

walking pose for male portrait As a seasoned model, you can also begin in one way while walking in an arch because it increases its intrigue and reality.

walking pose for male portrait

You may also make it more interesting by looking to the left and down when walking rather than only at the camera. You will be a better model if you can provide the client with greater variety.

NOTE: Keep the leg closest to the camera when completing the walk pose and the other leg bent.

You can flip your legs around so that it appears a little bit more fascinating and gives the impression of more movement if you notice the photographer shooting a little bit closer, so it's a half-length.

Tip 3: Make use of props

If the photographer does not have any props or items to enhance the shoot, you can use creative ideas like having a professional model hold a suitcase, a take-out coffee cup, or even a newspaper.

Props are essential in photoshoots because they convey ideas to the viewer. This gives the image a more professional appearance. More exciting props, like animals on a farm or the street, can be used.

If you are doing a test photo session, this gives you a more professional appearance and confidence, but if it is for a client, they will likely already have their ideas in place, so you can go ahead and do the picture shoot.

Tip 4: Photographers should mind their distance from the model

The photographer's distance from the model is the main factor in the type of picture to be shot. There are three different shooting techniques. They include:

 Full body

This is typically in the landscape but occasionally may also be a portrait. More of the pants, their appearance, and the shoes are shown in this shot.

 Half-body shot

Here the perspective is a little bit closer and a little zoomed in.

 Up close shot

Photographers employ close-up shots to capture fine detail, such as the shirt's color.

Your facial expressions matter a lot. Your entire body and movements matter if the shot is taken from far away. Some models struggle when they first begin because they focus on their hands and forget about their foot locations and other features, but with practice, you will improve.

Tip 5: Take up the persona the set requires

It would be best if you put yourself in the shoes of the person you are supposed to be in the portrait. Imagine yourself playing a role; it is somewhat similar to acting. Sometimes you need to be more friendly and welcoming, so consider what makes you happy.

male portrait of different stylesTip 6: Photographer perspective

The photographers should keep in mind to shoot from a little lower angle while photographing suits because the lower the grade provided to the model, the more and look as well as broader shoulders, smaller hips, and legs will be achieved that make excellent portraits. male portrait of different perspective


With the help of this thorough posing handbook, you now have a ton of fresh ideas and tips to use during your upcoming photo session. Male portraits should be authentic enough and be able to send the message they should be sent to the viewer without much struggle. These tips will come in handy without relying on crammed male poses that you will easily forget. Enjoy trying out these tips for great male portrait poses.

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