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MERMAID PHOTOSHOOT: Professional Mermaid's Top 8 Favourite Poses

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The practice of “marauding" has gained popularity in recent years. There are a ton of reasonably priced fabric and silicon tails available, as well as a ton of matching mermaid accessories. The mermaid community has recently become more interested in documenting mermaid moments "under the sea".Posing underwater can be challenging, particularly if you are wearing a mermaid tail and have no mask. The most outstanding advice and most popular stances for posing underwater are shown here.

1. Posing on the way up

mermaid photo by Posing on the way up

The key here is to avoid trying to pose as you descend. It would be best to strike the stance as you rose to the surface. Allow yourself to rise as you would naturally. If you breathe in to dive down, you will float up.

This enables you to move around, appear stunning, strike numerous positions as you ascend, and then come up and take a breath. It is excellent for multiple fantastic poses. It is also great for diving down and then looking up. You get a tremendous straight body; as a result, you can do things on your side and other exciting movements.

2. Knee pose

mermaid photo with Knee pose

Given that the mermaid poses as you would if you were sitting on your heels and floating in the water, this should be a classy mermaid portrait.

One could perform an upper body cross or a small lower body cross. Prepare yourself by releasing 15-20% of your air, which will help you sink to the water’s surface.

3. Side pose

mermaid photo with Side pose

The mermaid performs this by pretending to fall on the side. The goal is to have a gorgeous horizontal profile with the fluke towards the camera. Hips are supposed to be stacked with the correct side profile pointing forward, the tail out, and the hips facing down towards the ground. You can engage in arm-based poses. A stunning posture would be looking up, down, or sideways while extending your hands as if touching the ground. Keep your nose as far down to the earth as possible if you don't want bubbles to come out of it or fill up your sinuses. The water will seep more as you tilt the nose towards the sky. Some mermaids do this to achieve specific poses, although it hurts and sucks to be in the position.

4. Back pose

mermaid photo with Back pose

In this position, the mermaid floats on the water before dropping down. When you get a proper balance, let go, slightly crouch so that your back forms a lovely arch, and then let your hands hang out. The dancer's hands create stunning lines and vibrant poses for the mermaid photoshoots. For the models, since most have practiced with their hands, they do not end up performing bizarre, insane things during the shoots. When moving, one should think of themselves as conducting an underwater symphony. Push away hand, reach up writing, and dance out hand are a few examples of the hand styles when taking the mermaid pictures.

5. Look back pose

mermaid photo with looking back

For this pose mermaid photoshoots, there are numerous ways to achieve this pose. The most typical is to exhale and then pose as though you are sitting on your tail, but this time you are tilted upright instead of back.

6. Swim pose

mermaid photo with Swim pose

During this pose, the mermaid swims but makes the motion to be in slow motion or straightforward motion. Avoid bending your knees as much as you can. As you glide past the photographer, put all your weight on your hips and heels. 

You can also stop swimming and let your body glide naturally as you come near the camera. Typically, hands push back. The mermaid should look forward and in various directions toward the camera to get a stunning side profile image for the mermaid pictures.

7. Fluke-up pose

mermaid photo with Fluke-up pose

In this pose, you are being photographed directly by the photographer while holding your fluke totally over your head. A particular bodily move is a secret to getting your chance behind you is to swim towards the camera and then halt. Next, make sure your heels and butt are virtually pumping together. By doing this, the fluke is elevated over the hand. You can strike an excellent position for a mermaid picture since your face is front and center and your hair is out of your face.

8. Drop-down pose

mermaid photo with Drop-down pose

It is one of the most classic poses for a mermaid photoshoot. Here you let out some air and drop below the surface. The more air you exhale, the further you will sink. You would want to let out more air if you did not want to reach up and touch the surface. Make sure your body is straight. Keep your toes constantly parallel to the rest of your body to ensure your fluke is out. This creates such a grand and beautiful front mermaid silhouette.

It is straightforward to accomplish. Remember that the more movement you have, the more bubbles there will be, the more likely you are to stir things up, the more hair you will have all over the place, and the more facial expressions there will be. You get lovely mermaid pictures when you move slowly, know what you want your body to accomplish, can rest and take a break, and then reset and relax.


I hope some of these pointers may be useful as you continue your mermaid or underwater modelling adventures. These pointers are only applicable to human modelling for fantastic mermaid photos.

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