Baby girl's photo with Kate Fine Art Pink Tones Abstract Texture Backdrop designed by Veronika Gant

8 Creative Newborn Photoshoot You can Try at Home Without Buying Anything New

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What's the best way to show off your newest family member? By capturing their beauty in photos, of course. If you're looking for newborn photoshoot ideas, look no further. These eight creative new ideas are simple to execute and don't require any new props or equipment. So grab your camera and get ready to capture beautiful moments with your little one.

1. Use Swaddles and Wraps  

newborn photo with Kate Fine Art Retro Florals Roses Backdrop Designed by Kate Image

Kate Fine Art Retro Florals Roses Backdrop Designed by Kate Image

Take a spot next to a nice sunny window with plenty of indirect light for a background. You can spread a blanket on the floor or get the Kate Florals Wood Backdrop.

Chances are you have plenty of swaddles. If you love the look of those stretchy, gauze newborn wraps, they're easy to find on Kate backdrops like the Newborn Baby Stretch Wrap Photo Props Wrap.

You can use an old cozy sweater to make your special photo wrap. Just find the seams, cut them, cut away the sleeves and the collar, and you're left with one big piece of fabric. Wrap and stretch the swaddle, tucking it under the baby until they're nice and secure.

2. Tucking in the Newborn

newborn photo with Kate Summer Backdrop Bokeh Flower Path for Photography

Kate Summer Backdrop Bokeh Flower Path for Photography

This idea is all about getting your newborn tucked in and cuddly. You can put your baby in a crib mattress on the floor and cover it with a set of sheets. They're super stretchy and soft, which looks beautiful in newborn photos. Ensure you tuck the excess sheets underneath. Ideally, you want to take your newborn pictures between four and twelve weeks.

If they are awake and unprepared for their close-up, go ahead with the entire setup. Place them in the scene and be patient. You can add stars, full flowers, and little stuffed animals to the sheet to add a little texture. This one is simple but easy to customize with colors or accessories to make it however you'd like. It's so cute.

3. Use a Balloon to Show a Baby Flying

newborn photo with Kate Printed Pattern Hot Air Balloon Children Backdrop

Kate Printed Pattern Hot Air Balloon Children Backdrop 

There are so many whimsical ways of setting up a newborn photo shoot. But you don't have to go crazy buying things to set up a scene. You can use a blue comforter, so the next idea is for the bed. But you can do this with any blue blanket or blue towel tablecloth.

If you're taking a picture on a bed, you want to tuck your comforter in super, super tight. This helps smooth out any wrinkles and keeps your photos looking professional.

You can use regular computer paper to cut out some clouds. You don't have to be an artist for this. Clouds are easy. Next, you will blow up a balloon, which babies love to watch. Instead of ribbon, try a pipe cleaner for the handle.It doesn't move around much; it just looks a lot cleaner in photographs. So simple and so whimsical.

4. Use a Stuffed Animalnewborn photo with Kate Bear Crates Backdrop designed by Arica Kirby

Kate Bear Crates Backdrop designed by Arica Kirby

As a new parent, you will likely get several gorgeous stuffed animals; why not use them to create a nice little photo? Once everything is in place, you may do this with one giant stuffed animal or a group, almost as if they were small squishy toys. If you have a stuffed animal from childhood or a special present from your grandparents, you may use this photo to preserve that memory.

5. Use a Tulle Fabric to Hold the Baby in Mid-Air

If you're looking for something chic and dramatic, this one's for you. Make sure you put a puppy pad underneath whatever your background is. Now, for this idea, you're going to need your hands. So either grab another person or get an inexpensive phone tripod, and they usually come with a Bluetooth remote.

That way, you can set the timer, push the button, and still use your hands to make it look like you're holding them in mid-air. You can use the Kate Dark Blue Abstract Texture Backdrop for your background and spread it on the floor.You're also going to need one large piece of soft tool. You can find this at a fabric store or most craft stores. If you have a wedding bale on hand, you could use that, too, and take a sentimental photo.

You can add a diaper underneath her bottom so that nothing gets on the tool. Once your baby is nice and cozy, roll them to their side, grab the tool on each end and pull it together to one side of the black fabric, almost like a hammock. They're cradled in this beautiful transparent fabric when you snap the photo. You can also do this one in black and white, chic and dramatic.

6. Book Stack

newborn photo with books by on Katrina Elena shutterstock

Photo by on Katrina Elena shutterstock

If you're a bookworm, definitely try this idea. You can use the Kate Brown Wood Pine branch Backdrop as your backdrop, then look around the house for something with some extra texture; you can use a blanket or rug. Now grab a stack of your favorite books.

Once you create a setup that you love, grab your baby. It's very easy to prop up a young newborn. This is a great way to show off your favorite children's book or collection if you're a fan of a certain series.

7. Make a Heart Shape

If you want to keep things super simple but still want a special setup, give this heart idea a try. All you need for this idea is a blanket. It can be as small as a receiving blanket or a crib blanket if you have a newborn.

Or you might want to use a full quilt or duvet. Brush your blanket out on a cozy surface and start molding the blanket into the shape of a heart. Now this works well with a blanket with a structure to it, like a duvet.

If you want extra help with the shape, roll up a towel or a blanket and use it as a mold underneath your blanket. Once you create the shape you'd like, put your baby inside the heart and start snapping away. This one is super simple and a great idea, especially if you have twins.

8. Create a Laund

baby boy's photo in bathtub with laundry with Kate Cake Smash Baby Bath Tub Backdrop Designed By Rose Abbas

Kate Cake Smash Baby Bath Tub Backdrop Designed By Rose Abbas

For this idea, you will grab crayons, a towel, baby clothes, clothes, and pins, and you will create an entire scene with these objects. You can use a green blanket and use it as grass. To make a laundry line, you can use yarn, rope, or string.

You can use a bowl and some crayons to make a sun for a fun little twist. Lastly, add the baby to the setup. Put your baby in place and start snapping away.

It looks like they're hanging with the laundry. In this cute little scene, the look and feel will change depending on the items you have around your house. This can be a cute idea, especially with a tiny newborn as a birth announcement.


While some of these newborn photoshoot ideas may require preparation and purchasing new items, many can be done with things you have lying around your house. Have fun experimenting with different poses and props to create beautiful memories of your little one's earliest days.

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