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Hello every Customer,

Thank you for your attention to Kate backdrop all the time.Kate backdorp founded in 2013,and registered trademarks in the United States.

Our team has not only good photographers, humor designers, technicians who is funny, there are marketing experts dealing with photography long-term, as well as our large delivery team. They are the core contributors of KATE backdrop.

Our initial backdrops material is vinyl, after a long time survey of photographers needs later, at the same time customers often reflect some weakness of this material, such as large storage space, can not be washed or not durable, even terrible crease.

After several years of development, we finally decided to change the material in 2016, which made our old customers very happy. That's what they wanted to see, and it was us. After mediation and testing again and again, the samples of new materials were sent to customers for testing, and the quality was unanimously recognized by all photographers.

I want to thank all the photographers and all staffs who have paid for our Kate backdrop. I Know the Photography is great, and it is a more profound art. I believe all of you will go farther and farther on this road.I hope that each photographers in the pursuit of their art,at the same time have a better life. I know from our photographer clients that most backdrop suppliers are more more expensive than Kate backdrop,but our backdrop quality and our service is the same, I think it can be changed.

So choose Kate backdrop for Photography, which will provide you with excellent services,high quality backdrop,fair cheap price ,and free custom background services.


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