Luminar Neo

What is Luminar Neo | How to Use in Photography?

The world of photo editing is changing, with photographers becoming dependent on more modernized versions. Luminar Neo is a unique software also including AI-powered tools. You can depend on Luminar for all your professional edits, which are mostly automated to make your work easier.

Its upgrades have caused some confusion, with users needing to differentiate between the new and the older version. Read through to learn what Luminar Neo is and how to use it if you're a beginner.

What is Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is a Skylum editing software designed to give you optimum control through quality tools. The software is perfect if you want creative edits on raw photos.

The editing product is different from the Luminar AI version. It, however, integrates significant AI details to assist you in your photo editing escapades.

Why is Luminar Neo the best photo editor for you?

Luminar Neo allows you to manipulate raw photos in various ways. Most importantly, it helps you correct some errors in your images.

This unique editing factor is possible through some of the elements and technologies. These aspects make the software one of the best in the photography industry.

That said, here are additional concepts for making a top editing tool.

Luminar Neo

Ease of Use

No worries if you're using Luminar Neo for the first time. It incorporates a convenient user interface where you easily access the necessary tools. They are readily available and well-labelled for quick editing.

Accessing your imported raw images is also easy, displayed via their thumbnails. Therefore, you can add other photos efficiently.

Editing is also easy, where you click on a photo and get the necessary AI suggestions.


Luminar Neo has fully embraced AI with its new upgrades. The respective powered tools are perfect for helping you add authenticity and creativity to your images. The computerized options offer you the following options:

  • Adjusting colors
  • Tones
  • Exposure
  • Photo retouching
  • Erasing unwanted objects and subjects
  • Add automated creative effects

Luminar Neo

You'll interact with various artificial intelligence tools, helping you achieve the above features. These Luminar Neo include the following:

  • AI Eraser: Eliminating unwanted features from a photo is made easy by the Luminar AI tool. It is essential if you're a street photographer who needs to erase power lines from your shots.
  • Sky replacement feature: Luminar can help you erase the lighting errors in your pictures' sky. Using this AI tool, you can quickly get the blue and white colors balanced.
  • Masking AI: Masking photos can be tricky, as observed with the previous Luminar version. The Neo variety makes the process easy and faster. You can also go manual, with necessary features like brush tools available.
  • Skin enhancer: This feature analyzes different characteristics of a subject's skin and helps you add the right color touches.

Therefore, you have enough AI help for the perfect edits. There are also others, including Accent AI and background removal types.

Editing Tools

You have a variety of tools available for your editing purpose. They are similar to those utilized in major editing packages such as Lightroom and Photoshop. Some of these tools include:

  • Eraser tool.
  • Cropping tool.
  • Vignette and other coloring tools.

Luminar Neo goes a step above by providing modernized versions, of course, with the help of AI technology. Nonetheless, you can manually use the following new tools:

  • Development Raw tool: It helps you with additional coloring edits, especially on tone. Most pigment changes are done with the tool, with the Enhance AI factor under this factor.
  • Super Contrast tool: Using the super-contrast feature, you can do further exposure, tone, and shadow corrections. You'll access the controls from the right side of the interface.

Available Everywhere

Luminar Neo

Another advantage of the software is that it's accessible in all countries globally. Skylum breaks the language barrier for those in non-English speaking nations.

The software is also available in different versions, including: app, website, and extension.

Multiform Preset

You can multitask using Luminar Neo. It helps you perform complex editing tasks easily and faster. You can also edit multiple photo batches simultaneously using AI-powered tools.

Luminar analyzes your photo details and suggests suitable presets to utilize. You can use the highlighted creative effects and filters or opt to use the manual tools for manual editing.

Tutorial for Luminar Neo Beginners

So, how can you use the new Luminar Neo version? Here's a comprehensive look at the tutorial to apply if you're a beginner.

Step 1: Installation, Setup, and Navigation of Available Tools

Tutorial for Luminar Neo Beginners

First, visit the official Skylum website and download depending on your device; Mac and Windows. There are instructions provided to guide you on the installation process.

Note: You'll need to purchase your preferred subscription package.

Follow by familiarizing yourself with the interface and knowing the tools you'll utilize.

Step 2: Importing the Raw Photos

Tutorial for Luminar Neo Beginners

Next is copying the raw images from your device. You can import the images through the following:

Access the ‘Add’ button found in the top left corner of your screen's interface. You can now reach the folder holding the images copied from your camera. Select your photos and click 'open' to return to the Luminar layout.

Your photos will be displayed on the interface, where you can see their thumbnails for convenient editing.

It is vital to organize your images if you are working on hundreds of photo edits. Luminar has the following folders which you can use. They include:

  • One folder version for all photos' storage.
  • An existing folder that maintains your subfolders.
  • Automatic folders: Luminar can also sort out folders. This is available on the annual subscription plans.

Step 3: Accessing the Editing Tools

Tutorial for Luminar Neo Beginners

AI-powered tools are available to help you as a beginner. You can access these features by clicking on the "Edit" symbol. There are standard edits you'll need, and Luminar makes their accessibility convenient. They are explained in the following step.

Step 4: Basic Adjustments

Tutorial for Luminar Neo Beginners

As mentioned, the simple edits mainly on manipulating your photo subjects' light and color composition.

  • For instance: Contrast can be changed by using gradient control, helping distinguish a balance between an image's brightness and contrast.

The basic controls involve dragging the sliders for necessary exposure, color or texture adjustments. You get to see how your actions are changing in real time. Try exploring with different adjustments until you get your preferred desires.

Step 5: Try the Advanced Editing Tools

Tutorial for Luminar Neo Beginners

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You can edit further if you want more quality photos. The AI-powered tools will come in handy in this stage. These features are the first options on the upper right side of your screen, where a click takes you to the respective adjustment panel. They include:

  • AI Enhance
  • Structure
  • Details Enhancer

Other tools include; Crop, transform and Rotate commands to achieve a different perspective with your photos.

Step 6: Saving and Exporting

When satisfied with your image edits, click on the "Export" symbol in the top right corner of the Luminar Neo. You'll usually do the following before exporting:

  • Select your preferred file format and quality settings.
  • Choosing a saving folder for your exported image.

Follow by clicking ‘Export’ to save your completed progress.


There you have it on everything concerning the new Luminar Neo editing software. The app has many advantages which you can enjoy whether as a beginner or expert in photography and photo editing.

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