sweet and lovely mum and baby photo by Shelby Lewis

2023 Mother's Day Setup: Sold out 13 Spots in 10 Minutes

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Wondering how to sell 13 Mother’s Day sessions in 10 minutes? Here is the one you are looking for, including the specific props and some exclusive tips.

Setup List


Mother's Day photo setup

Setup by Shelby Lewis

Kate Boho Screen with Pampas Grass Backdrop Designed by Mandy Ringe Photography


basket, chair, pampa leaves and others props for photo setup



Neutral, pastels or bold complementing colors, such as mustard, burgundy, navy etc. nothing neon!!

mum kissing baby on bed

Photo by Shelby Lewis

Special designs

1. Real 3D scene

Put some relative props along the bottom edge of the backdrop to make a more smooth blend of the backdrop and the whole setup;

2. Sheer curtain

  • Extend the backdrop even further for wide shots;
  • Hide theclamps at the edge for perfect look;
  • Create extraareas for other variations of photos.

3. Air mattress

Quickly and easily move-in-and-out for another set.

4 Photo Areas in One Setup

mother and kids hugging together

Photo by Shelby Lewis

Photo Area 1: Rattan rugs for center photos;

Photo Area 2: Air mattress for bed photos;

Photo Area 3: Window-curtain for partial area photos;

Photo Area 4: Bamboo chair for baby sitting photos;


Thank you for following our tutorial and creating your very own Mother’s Day photo setup! We hope you have fun capturing the sweetest moment in your photos!

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