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7 Camera Insurance Options - Which is the Best One to Buy?

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Camera insurance helps you to focus more on your skills and craft, thus maximizing your outcome. You may counter unexpected difficulties, lawsuits, gadget damage, or injuries. This is where camera insurance comes in to ensure you are prepared if it happens. We will discuss the top camera insurance available and compare them to help you find one that suits you.

7 Best Camera Insurance in 2023

  1. Eversure


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Eversure is a worldwide professional camera insurance company established in 2008 to ensure flexibility and safety. It covers you against theft and accidental damage, legal expenses and loss of camera through car theft. Moreover, you can also insure your portfolio, hired gadgets and even yourself from client complaints over results. They also cover equipment like tablets, phones, studio gadgets and drones. With as low as 19.99 pounds, you can access their premium option.


  • Great customer service
  • Quick set up


  • It is slightly expensive

Best for 

Professionals and amateurs.

  1. Thimble


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Thimble was started in 2016 though it has long-established third-party insurers who guarantee their business insurance policies. Commercial auto policy, professional, worker's compensation, and general liability insurance are all available through Thimble. They also have on-demand insurance covering medical expenses, errors and omissions, medical bodily injury, and third-party property damage. The general liability goes for 480 dollars annually with a 1 million limit and a 500 discount on 25000 dollars to cover equipment and property.


  • Cost-effective policies
  • Altered Liability limits 
  • Offers coverage for a day


  • Lack of an internal claims team
  • Issues with making policy changes
  • Not available on weekends

Best for

  • Freelance photographers 
  1. Full Frame

Full Frame

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This camera insurance is great for videographers and photographers. It is managed and underwritten by Insurance Canopy and Partner Veracity Insurance Solutions LLC. Their camera equipment insurance is covered under inland marine, while the errors and omissions are under professional liability. With Full Frame, you can also include a second industry in your certificate of liability insurance for photography. Their annual policy goes for 129 dollars; the event policy is 59 dollars with a 2 million coverage limit.


  • Offers online services
  • Budget-friendly
  • 24-hour availability of policy documents
  • Allows insurance customization based on specific requirements


  • Lacks workers' compensation or liability insurance
  • Limited availability to only 44 states

Best for

One-day events and photography hobbyists.

  1. Hill & Usher

Hill & Usher

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It started in 1995 to insure businesses across the USA and guarantees photographers under the package choice program. The error and omissions (Professional liability) cover entails groundless lawsuits and protection of the wall in case there are allegations from a client leading to a loss. Hill & Usher also has general liability in case of property damage and bodily injury. There are also covers for gadgets, studio equipment, extra expenses, computers, phones, landlords, and venues. The prices range from 400 to 500 dollars based on the state and insurance carrier with a 1 million limit or more.


  • Great for photographers who require extensive coverage
  • An online-accessible quotation building is available.
  • Works together with consumers to establish coverage and policies.


  • Old website

Best for

Photographers with studios

  1. Aaduki


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This camera insurance company was launched in 20005 to offer expert advice on risk management to photographers. It provides worldwide coverage on total theft, including unattended theft and even in-vehicle cover. Moreover, you can also cover hired equipment in case of damage. Aaduki provides interest-free monthly installments to split your payments over 12 months without paying more. Their premium option for experts and novice photographers starts at 65 pounds.


  • It offers professional advice
  • Easily customizable policies
  • Discount for those in the photography trade body


  • No short-term insurance. Only has annual insurance.

Best for

Expert insurance coverage for photographers and videographers.

  1. Ripe Photography Insurance

Ripe Photography Insurance

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Ripe started in 1998 and has grown, thanks to their dedicated support team in Manchester. It covers your camera and equipment against accidental damage and theft worldwide. This insurance company also covers in-vehicle, hired equipment, public and employer's liability insurance, and professional indemnity in case of damage or loss. Some gadgets Ripe covers are lenses, portable lighting equipment, tripods, stands, lenses, printers, and computers. Their policies start at 5.09 pounds monthly though they have a 20 % discount ongoing.


  • Easy personalization and set-up
  • Excellent customer care
  • Double-checking the kit bag on a particular page


  • Some people have issues when it comes to making claims

Best for

Customized policies and camera equipment

  1. The Hartford

The Hartford

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It is an insurance company that has been in business since 1810; thus, it offers a lot of expertise thanks to its experience. They have a general liability cover and a Business Owners Policy(BOP) for small photography businesses. The business's property insurance covers rented or owned businesses and equipment like flashes and cameras. Other covers include workers' compensation, lawsuits, and employee liability, and it even covers your photography team.


  • Multiple coverage options
  • Online quotes are available
  • reputable insurance company with financial stability


  • Delay in handling claims
  • Pricey

Best for

Covering your employees 

Top 3 Recommendations

  1. The best comprehensive one – The Hartford

  • Offers camera equipment insurance
  • Ensures property owned or rented 
  • Insures your employees and employers
  1. The best budget one – Full frame

  • It has event coverage 
  • The annual prices are affordable
  • The ultimate coverage offers a lot for less cost
  1. The largest audience - Evesure

  • Great for both novice and professional videographers and photographers
  • Easy to set up, thus making it suitable for everybody.


The best camera insurance can be acquired quickly, makes it simple to provide a certificate of insurance, and offers you access to your papers when needed. Therefore, whether you are a pro or an amateur, hobbyist, traveler photographer, own a photography team, or more, there is something for you. Enjoy stress-free photography by choosing the camera insurance that best suits you and your needs.

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What is camera insurance?

Camera insurance shields your equipment from unforeseen mishaps and dangers, whether in public, at home, or while traveling. It covers vandalism, damage by water or accidental drops, theft, and lightning-induced power surges.

Is camera insurance worth it?

Yes. Coverage could help you preserve a lot of money as opposed to the price of repairing the expensive, fragile parts of your camera. With camera insurance, you have the comfort of frequently carrying your camera, especially if you cannot afford to replace it or your gadgets.

Who needs camera insurance?

You need photography insurance if you frequently use photography equipment in any aspect of your industry. Although you do not have to insure your gadget for occasional users, you can consider the policy and price prior.

Is the camera insurance I bought still valid after I went abroad?

Yes. Depending on the camera insurance, you are covered for a predetermined number of days per trip or a certain amount of trips per year. However, you need to review the policy to ensure it covers the area you are going to and their travel policies.

Can I buy camera insurance for my camera gear or equipment?

Since photography or videography involves a lot of interactions or movement, it is inevitable for their expensive gear or equipment to get lost, damaged, or stolen. This is why camera insurance covers your equipment to protect gears like the lens, camera body, etc.