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12 Tips to Level up Your 2023 Mother's Day photos

Mother’s day is coming up, and many people will want to take photos of their mothers to commemorate the day. However, not everyone knows how to take professional-looking photos. Here we will discuss some photography techniques and tips that can help you get flattering photos of your mother on Mother’s Day.

1. Find Flattering Angles

One way to make your mother look great in photos is to find the most flattering angles for her. Everyone has different features that look best at certain angles, so take some time to experiment with different angles before you start taking pictures. You might even want to ask your mother which angles she likes best.

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2. Use Natural Light

Whenever possible, try to use natural light when taking photos. This will help your photos look more natural and less harsh. You can take your pictures outdoors in a park or your backyard. The sun provides the perfect lighting for taking pictures, and it will make your mother look her best. If you can’t be outside, try to find a room in your house that has a lot of windows and natural light. Avoid using flash, as it can be harsh and cause your mother to squint. If you have to use flash, try diffusing it with a piece of white paper or cloth.

3. Angles for New Moms

Make sure their baby’s weight isn’t causing bulges since new parents are typically sensitive about lingering baby weight and don’t want it accentuated. Instead, try to focus on their natural curves and the shape of their body. If you’re photographing a new mom with her baby, get down on the baby’s level. This will create more intimacy in the image and make the connection between mother and child clearer.

4. Utilize Leading Lines

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Leading lines are simply lines that draw the viewer’s eye into the photo and towards the subject. You can use natural lines like rivers, fences, or roadways. Or you can create leading lines with shadows, like the ones made by Mother and child holding hands.

5. Get Close

You can make your Mother’s Day photos look the best with the help of some close shots. This doesn’t mean you should be right in your mother’s face, but you should fill the frame with your mom. You eliminate distractions when you get close, and the viewer can see your mum more clearly. This is especially important when taking Mother’s Day photos of children, who can be wiggly and hard to keep in one place.

6. The Golden Hour

The golden hour is another photography technique that can help you take amazing Mother’s Day photos. This is when the light is gentle and pleasant, soon after dawn or before dusk. The golden hour is a great time to take portraits because the lighting is flattering.

Mother’s Day falls right in the middle of spring, so take advantage of the beautiful golden hour light by scheduling your Mother’s Day photo session early or late in the afternoon.

7. Create a Sense of Depth

Creating a sense of depth in your photos is a great way to make them look more professional. This can be done by using a wide-aperture lens to create a shallow depth of field. This will make your mother stand out from the background and give your photo a more three-dimensional feel. You can also use this technique to create a sense of movement by panning the camera as you take the photo.

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Photo by Erriko Boccia on Unsplash

Another way to add depth to your Mother’s Day photos is by including foreground elements. This could be as simple as having your mother stand in front of a window or door. By incorporating these elements, you’ll create a more exciting photo with a greater sense of depth.

8. Backgrounds

The background of your Mother’s Day photo is just as important as the foreground. You’ll want to ensure that the background complements your mother and doesn’t distract from the photo. A good way to do this is by keeping the background simple. This could mean using a plain wall or a solid color backdrop. If you’re using a busy background, try to use a shallow depth of field so that your mother is the only thing in focus.

You can also get creative with your Mother’s Day photos by using exciting backgrounds. This could be anything from a beautiful landscape to an urban setting. By getting creative with your backgrounds, you’ll be able to take Mother’s truly unique Day photos.

9. Take Advantage of Camera Flashes and Diffusers

If you want to take Mother’s Day photos that look professional, you’ll need to use your camera’s flash. This will help fill in any shadows and give your photos a more even appearance. You can also use a diffuser with your flash to soften the light and reduce any harshness.

Another way to improve your Mother’s Day photos is by using a reflector. This will help bounce light back onto your subject and give them a more natural appearance. You can use anything from a white sheet of paper to a silver reflector.

10. Monochrome  

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Photo by Ingo Doerrie on Unsplash

Mother’s Day is a great time to experiment with black and white photography. This can be a great way to create dramatic photos with a timeless feel. You can convert your Mother’s Day photos to monochrome in post-processing or use a monochrome camera.

If you’re going to be making Mother’s Day photos in black and white, you’ll need to pay special attention to the contrast. This can be done by using a high-contrast film or adjusting the post-processing levels. By increasing the contrast, you’ll be able to create stunning black and white Mother’s Day photos that are truly memorable.

11. Silhouettes Through Shadows

Mother’s Day is a great time to experiment with silhouette photography. This can be done by using the shadows of your mom to create a striking photo. You can also use backlighting to create silhouettes. This is when you place your mom in front of a light source so that they are only visible as an outline.

To get the best results, you’ll need to experiment with different lighting techniques. You’ll also need to pay attention to the position of your mother. By taking the time to experiment, you’ll be able to create Mother’s Day photos that are truly unique and stunning.

12. Capture Emotion

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Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Mother’s Day is a day that is all about celebrating the special bond between a mother and her children. This makes it the perfect time to capture some emotion in your photos. To do this, you’ll need to get close to your subject and capture the raw emotions that they are feeling.

It can also be helpful to ask your mother to think about a happy memory. This will help to bring out some genuine emotions that you can capture in your happy Mother’s Day photos.


Try implementing some of these techniques if you’re looking to take your photography skills up a notch or want to capture beautiful memories of your happy mother on this Mother’s Day. With a bit of practice and patience, you’ll be taking professional-grade photos in no time.

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