Tester’s Story:  What Can Backdrops Always Do for You?

Tester’s Story: What Can Backdrops Always Do for You?

What are the benefits of using the backdrops? How they work and why they are useful? Jeremy Flint, a UK professional photographer & writer from Oxfordshire specialising in travel, landscape and location photography, will tell his story, and show you some useful tips in this article!

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Backdrops for My Portrait Photography

By Jeremy Flint

Kates Backdrops are a wonderful accessory designed to support your portraiture photography. They are an affordable solution that provides a pleasing backdrop for your people shots. The fabrics are light in weight and come in a variety of colors and shapes. Depending on the number of people you are photographing and the type of shot you want to achieve whether it is portraits or full-body shots, the backgrounds come in a wide range of sizes are available in designs of 1.5 meters wide by 1 meter tall up to 6 meters wide by 3 meters tall. Each design is suited to capturing individuals or small groups of people.

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Benefits of using the backdrops

When using the backdrops the great thing about them is that they provide a stylish background for elegant portraits and can complement your subject whilst providing pleasant contrast intones.

Having your own backdrop is a great way to eliminate unwanted distractions in your images and can help to de-clutter the scene instantly. For example, you don’t need to find a clean background when capturing your pictures of people as one is provided for you with the backdrop.  One major advantage of the products is that they are well-made from durable material and are extremely portable – they can be carried around with you wherever you go with ease. For example, you can take them with you when going out on shoots or you can set them up for permanent use at home or in the studio. They are also affordable, washable, and wrinkle-resistant.

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By Jeremy Flint Item Number:HJ06266 

How they work and why they are useful

As soon as the backdrop arrives it is worth hanging it up to remove any creases that may have resulted from being folded before using it for the first time.  The products are easy to set up and use. When you are ready to use the backdrops they are simply hung across a bar attached to a standing frame.

One of the best frameworks you can use is a specialized aluminum backdrop stand to support the backdrops. The material can then be fixed in place using clips, adhesive tape, or magnets for extra support.  

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I tried the Kate Like Oil Painting Background Abstract Texture and the Kate Abstract Texture Rusty Iron Backdrop for my portrait shots and found both to be very beautiful. The vivid colors provided include a blueish-green and brown patterned background.

Extremely versatile, the backdrops can be used for a diverse range of shots and are popular for different events from birthdays to professional studio shoots.   

Here are some sample images made with the backdrops:

By Jeremy Flint Item Number:J04303 

In summary, the look and feel of the photos made with the backdrops are great where the abstract textures provide pleasing patterns. If you are looking for a background to elevate your portrait photos I recommend trying Kates backdrops, you will not be disappointed. Here is a link to the website where you can see and order the different range of products that are currently available: https://www.katebackdrop.com/



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Jeremy Flint

is a UK based award-winning professional photographer and writer from Oxfordshire specialising in travel, landscape and location photography. Driven by a curiosity of people and places, he loves to photograph stories that show the beauty of a destination and reflect my fascination for culture, traditions and humanity. His pictures are represented by 4Corners images and have been featured in National Geographic Traveller, Outdoor Photography, Digital SLR Photography and national newspapers. You can learn more about him in his Facebook & his website jeremyflintphotography.com!

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