Top 11 Poses for Camera Shy Photography

Top 11 Poses for Camera Shy Photography

Social media is full of smiley faces, and there is no uniqueness in the smiley face. Photography is all about being creative and unique. There is no uniqueness in smiley photography anymore, so why don't we get creative by doing things differently? Shy poses are very effective for people with photophobia and those who do not want their identity revealed. The photographic industry is now embracing shy photography at a high rate. However, you cannot know which shy poses you can use if you do not know. Otherwise, do not worry; we got you covered in this article with eleven amazing shy poses for girls.

1. Focus on the outfit of the model  

There is so much meaning in the outfit that people wear; the bling and the swag are something that people are chasing on social media. You can choose to eliminate the face of the model and focus on the clothing. This can be so effective when you advertise particular clothing, and you want the public to focus on it. It can also be used when the model doesn't want their identity to be revealed to the public or they are not comfortable with their face. This pose leaves the viewers in suspense to see the face of the model, and suspense attracts viewers. People can keep following your trends with the hope that you will reveal your face one day.

baby girl's photo with Kate Pink Florals Garden Fairy Lights spring Backdrop for Photography Designed by Pine Park Collection

Kate Pink Florals Garden Fairy Lights spring Backdrop for Photography Designed by Pine Park Collection

2. Flipping long hair 

It is an amazing pose for girls, though it requires a lot of consciousness and timing, which makes it rare. For this pose to be successful, you must have a model with long hair, set the camera to a fast shutter speed, and shoot from a low angle will give an amazing view. Have the model swing its head to look away from the camera with your count. Let them gently swing their heads. Time to capture the hair as it is swinging before it lands on the shoulders. The model can do 360 degrees turn to make it easier to capture.

3. The hand shields 

It is a cool pose, especially if the client has some special features on their hands. The model covers half of their face with their hands in this pose. The photographer should focus on the subject’s features in focus. These features can be; tattoos, a piece of jewelry, or a manicure. It would be best to give viewers something to focus on and make sure there is something special with the mole's hand.

4. What about a mirrored selfie?  

photo of a man taking photo with camera

Photo by John Arano on Unsplash

This is a pose that everyone would love to copy. Choose a posture that suits you and sit down in front of a mirror. Make sure that you are clear and properly in focus. Pick up your camera, using the viewfinder, focus on your image in the mirror and take a photo of yourself. Your face, in this case, will be covered by the camera.

5. Using a sun hat  

The model can dress in a sun hat covering her face almost completely to leave only their lower face open. They can then engage in their phone and look side face the camera. When shooting, make them do a pose like slightly bending their knees. They should not remain stiff.

6. Facing off the camera   

Instead of the client looking directly into the camera, they can look to the side. For example, they can stand on the stairs as if they are climbing and, at ninety degrees, look away from the camera like they are unaware of photography. Also, the client can sit at the swimming pool with the swimming gear, and look in the opposite direction of the camera.

7. Posing against the camera  

girl's photo with Kate Retro Deep Blue Wall Door Photography Backdrops Wedding

Kate Retro Deep Blue Wall Door Photography Backdrops Wedding

Instead of the body facing the camera like in the other poses for girls, here, the model completely faces the opposite side. The photographer focuses on the back of the model. It can be a long shot, including the whole body. This pose is more suitable for men than women.

8. Face over the shoulder  

In this pose, the model with the whole body faces in the opposite direction as the pose above, only that they turn their face towards the camera. Such that they appear to be peeping over their shoulders. The shoulders will cover the lower part of their face. Seductive eyes and smiles work very well for this pose.

9. A long distant long shot  

In this pose, you shoot your client while they are far away from the camera. You capture even the surrounding environment. In such a shot, you cannot be able to identify the face. Remember, do not zoom in; capture them within their environment as they are doing their things. This pose is mostly applicable at the beach or when they are surrounded by certain natural features.

10. Let the client move  

Some people feel awkward when standing during the photo shoot. In most cases, this occurs when you take too long to focus on the client to take good poses. For this reason, you can allow the client to have some movement and fun while taking the poses to reduce shyness in them. This will also prevent them from bored when taking shots.

11. Begin the session with easy poses  

girl's playing photo with Kate Florals Garden Fairy Spring Backdrop+Green Grassland Rubber Floor Mat

Kate Florals Garden Fairy Spring Backdrop+Green Grassland Rubber Floor Mat

You can begin the session by taking some easy poses before taking more complex poses. This will enable the shy client to build confidence and feel at ease. when taking the easy poses, you can allow them to do something. For instance, you can take the poses when they are holding a prop, fixing any part of their cloth, or maybe talking to someone. You can also consider taking the easy poses when they are leaning or sitting on something which can be a tree, fence, or even wall.


The photography industry is rapidly growing, and the poses are changing from day to day as people engage in creative photography. You, too, should try out your tricks and contribute to the creative world. Let the people also acknowledge your work.

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