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2023 Easter kids' Photo Ideas You Must Try at Home

April 12, 2022

If your little ones have dressed up this Easter, there's no better opportunity to click some of these incredible moments. To take things up a notch, you might even organize an entire photoshoot with Easter themes. All you will need are the right Easter photos props and some tips on how to use them in your final photo ideas for kids. In the following section, we will discuss some of the best props for the upcoming Easter season and share the top Easter kids' photo ideas for 2023.

So, if you want your kids' to stand out this Easter, here's everything you need to know.

Props you may need for your kids' Easter photos

As mentioned already, you cannot go without getting the right prop this Easter season. But with so many Easter kids' photo ideas and props, how do you even pick the best? That is why, to make things simpler, we've curated the top 6 Easter props that you might want to experiment with this year.

  1. Photo backdrops

When it comes to Easter photos for your little ones, you cannot go without a photo backdrop. Available in all kinds of designs and styles, these props can liven up your overall décor adding just the right drama to your snaps.

For Easter, you can try anything from rainbow backdrops, and spring backdrops, to barndoor backdrops. Not only do they look amazing, but you can also customize the backdrop by adding other elements you love.

For instance, if you are using a barn backdrop, you can place a wicker basket right before it for a beautiful toddler snap. Alternatively, if you are using a springtime backdrop, you can get your kids' to wear some Easter headgears to complete the snap.Kate Colorful Eggs Happy Easter Backdrop for Photography

Kate Colorful Eggs Happy Easter Backdrop for Photography

Photo backdrops are available in all materials ranging from PVC, paper, and fabric. So, in case you are a DIY parent who loves to deck things up themselves, you can always get transparent, fabric, or paper backdrops that you can customize the way you want.

  1. Easter baskets

You cannot have Easter without an Easter basket and that is exactly why this is another excellent prop you need to include in your list. As with the backdrops, Easter baskets are available in all designs and styles. You can get a wicker basket for a rustic vibe or a bird's nest basket to accommodate your toddler.

Either way, you will have plenty of options and because you are choosing a basket, it's always up to you to decide what to add to it. You can add balloons and Easter eggs to your basket to get it to pop up. Again, if you are looking for something contemporary, you might even swap the conventional Easter basket for a more colorful counterpart.

Get your child to pose with the Easter basket and if you have a toddler, you can even get them to pose from inside the basket. Most baskets are available online and you can explore plenty of options before you make a final selection.

  1. Easter hats

Whether you're playing a dress-up game with your kids' or they are shooting for an iconic Easter tea party shot, you can never go wrong with Easter hats. When exploring options, you will find an incredible selection ranging from bunny wears to wider hats with slightly relaxed brims.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can also personalize the hat with a bunch of ribbons and fabric floral designs. Additionally, you can even combine these hats with floral headgears for a fun effect. Easter hats are widely available, and you will certainly find one in your preferred shade and design.

  1. Easter accessories

If you want bright and happy Easter kids photos, you might want to add a bunch of Easter accessories to your kids' Easter props list. Now, Easter accessories are endless because you will get everything from Easter-themed carrots, and bunny ears, to even chocolate eggs.

In case you want colorful snaps, you can always get plush Easter carrot toys to add a dash of shade. Your kids' will be thoroughly entertained, and you will have a great time snapping them as they play away with the toys.

If you're looking to go by the conventional and classic route, you can get a bunch of Easter egg toys. These are available in all colors, so you'll certainly have a bright snap with these eggs around.

Kate Colorful Eggs Happy Easter Backdrop for Photography

Kate Easter with Rabbits Floral Backdrop for Photography

You can also get Easter egg desserts. These eggs taste great and look even more amazing in Easter photos with your kids'.

Finally, you can also get a bunch of colorful balloons to get your snap to pop up. Easter-themed balloons are common, and you will find them everywhere. You can also team up these balloons with Easter banners for a perfect Easter backdrop.

  1. Rustic chair

This is yet another excellent Easter prop for your Easter photos ideas. Chairs are incredible for photoshoots and if you are going outdoors, there's a high probability you would need them.

Chairs go excellent with spring backdrops, and you can place them anywhere for a perfect snap with your kids'. We also love chairs because they give you a chance to get your child to sit down as they play or pose for the snap.

Depending on how you want the photo to go, you can choose from rustic Easter chairs that have a worn-out vibe to them or the more colorful, contemporary counterparts that are available in all designs and shades.

Five Must-have Easter kids' photo ideas

Now that you know which prop to choose, it's time you checked out these incredible Easter photo ideas for kids'. Because you already have the required props, now all you need to do is get your kid to pose before or with them.

  1. Egg hunting in the yard

This is not just an excellent kids’ photo idea but also an interactive activity that your kids' will thoroughly enjoy. Just get some colorful Easter eggs and place them in different hidden locations in the yard. Next, get your kids' to wear their Easter best and find these eggs.

Photo by Alan Rodriguez on Unsplash

Photo by Alan Rodriguez on Unsplash

You can take this opportunity to click excellent candid snaps as they hunt away from the eggs. If you are combining this with a springtime backdrop, you can always spruce it up by getting your kids' to pose with floral headgears. You can also place a chair or Easter basket before these photos and get your kids' to pose with it.

  1. Colorful Easter shoot with Easter accessories

This is yet another excellent photo idea for your upcoming Easter kids’ photo shoot. Just add a pop of color by using umbrellas, colorful boots, bunny ears, and Easter-themed hats among others. If you are doing indoor photoshoots, get your child to pose before the fireplace with the colorful prop or right before it.

Again, if they are posing outdoors, you can get them to sit on an Easter-themed chair as they simply pose with their boots and umbrellas.

  1. Floral photoshoot with Dandelions

We all love flowers and Easter allows you to take that love a notch above. Just grab Easter-themed flowers like dandelions and get your kids' to pose with them. As they do this, you can get them to wear some floral-themed clothes and headgear to go with the look.

a girl blowing dandelions

Photo by nine koepfer on Unsplash

In case you are shooting outdoors, don't forget to snap the casual moments. Dandelions work as an excellent color pop and because they are bright, they will immediately draw attention to the photograph in place.

If you want posed shots, you can also get your child to run across the field with the dandelions and any other flower you deem fit. This makes for an excellent frame. You can also get your child to pose in the middle of a floral background for a unique and unconventional kids’ photo.

  1. Bubble shots

When it comes to Easter photo ideas for your little ones, you can't go wrong with bubble shots. Bubbles don't cost any money and they are an excellent way to catch the innocent smile of your child. Just add some bubbles to your usual Easter setting and snap your child as they are amused by the bubbles and attempt to play with them.

  1. Biking photos

This is another excellent photo idea for Easter. Just get your child in their bikes and stock the bike up with colorful Easter accessories. Next, ask your entire family to gather around the kid and the bike for a perfect portrait.

As you click the photos, make sure the bike continues to be one of the primary focal points of the image.


Well, that was all about the best Easter Kids’ photos ideas for this year. Check out the incredible range of Easter photo props and try them for your kids' photos for cute, quirky, and Pinterest-worthy snaps. You can also check out Katebackdrop in case you are unsure about the prop to choose. The platform has some of the coolest Easter backdrops so you will be practically spoilt for choices.

Either way, once you make your final pick you're a step ahead to building a perfect Easter photo compilation with some of the cutest snaps of your little ones.

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