Halloween photo of a costumed boy with Kate Photography Fantastic Halloween Backdrops Forest Night Moon

19 Creative Halloween Photoshoot Ideas You Can Try at Home

Most people anticipate Halloween every year since it is their chance to go all out and be creative with their costumes. However, deciding what look to go for and the props you can try out at home can be challenging. Therefore, we have summarised some photoshoot ideas you can try out at this time of year, the support needed, and some photography tips for setting up. They are suitable for both grown-ups and kids. They include:

1. Dress up as a witch for the photoshoot.   

 Halloween witch photo with Kate Halloween Cemetery Bats Pumpkin Backdrop Designed by Chain Photography

Kate Halloween Cemetery Bats Pumpkin Backdrop Designed by Chain Photography

It is an often-sorted Halloween photo idea for most people due to how minimal it is and is excellent when dressing up on a budget.


  • A pointy witch hats
  • Cool black dress
  • Witch broom
  • Candles
  • Pumpkins
  • Spiders or spider web

Black background or an outdoor one can work great with a witch costume and set up the pumpkins, spiders, and the spider web on set. Choose the prop you prefer holding, for instance, the broom or candle.

2. Being a doll for Halloween    

Halloween doll photo with Kate Spooky Halloween Barn Backdrop Designed by Mandy Ringe Photography

Kate Spooky Halloween Barn Backdrop Designed by Mandy Ringe Photography

Regarding dolls, various fairy or scary movies can inspire you, for instance, Barbie, Annabelle, or Chucky. The doll idea is also minimalistic, and they also make great costumes.


  • Dolls
  • Makeup artist
  • Costume

For doll ideas, you can go crazy with the makeup and select a simple background for the doll Halloween costumes giving you many options when posing; you can pull off scary looks that can make lovely photos.

3. Do a pirate photoshoot.  

Pirate ideas provide a feeling of adventure and bravery; they suit both boys and girls. Some inspirations can come from Pirates of the Caribbean and other shows.


  • Rope
  • Pirate hates
  • A pirate costumes
  • Eye patch
  • Fake sword

Set up the background using the fake skulls and hanging ropes; you can choose to hold a sword since your outfit will do more when paired with the eye patch and hat.

4. Spooky ghost photoshoot idea  

Ghosts are a great idea since they come in different shapes and sizes, plus there are lots of shows on ghosts that insight into you. They are also cheap costume that looks great.


  • Hanging ghost dolls
  • Pumpkins
  • Ghost glow-in-the-dark stickers

Set up the stickers, pumpkins, and ghost dolls. It works great, especially at night, as they look super realistic. You can also do it outside to get the ghost in the woods to feel.

5.  The vampire photoshoot idea.  

Halloween vampire photo of a boy with Kate Photography Fantastic Halloween Backdrops Forest Night Moon

Kate Photography Fantastic Halloween Backdrops Forest Night Moon

Vampires are a Halloween favorite, and they give off the creepy Halloween feeling. Many books and movies are based on vampires. Thus, you are spoilt with character choices.


  • White Makeup
  • A black or red cape.
  • Fangs
  • Fake blood
  • Bat stickers which you can even make.

You need to set up your bat stickers or do it outdoors for vampires. The fake blood around your mouth and the fangs make the vampire look incredible.

6.  Being Edward Scissorhands for the shoot  

Edward Scissorhands is a phenomenal horror film character that provides excellent Halloween photos. The outfit of this character matched his introverted personality.


  • Gloves with scissors
  • Wig
  • White Make-up
  • Chains
  • Jacket

This idea goes well with a sad face look and the makeup around the eye as it should be darker. For this idea, you can choose an outdoor background or a plain white one.

7.  Skeleton character idea.  

Halloween Skeleton photo of a boy with Kate Bunch of Hocus Pocus Halloween Backdrop designed by Arica Kirby

Kate Bunch of Hocus Pocus Halloween Backdrop designed by Arica Kirby

The skeleton idea is excellent for this spooky season; it symbolizes the spooky Halloween theme of darkness. They do not require many props and Halloween decorations, making them a favorite.


  • Pumpkins
  • Skeleton costume
  • Fake skulls and skeletons

A skeleton photoshoot needs you to set up pumpkins and the skulls or skeletons; then, the costume will do the rest. Doing it at night is excellent if you want a spooky vibe.

8.  Posing as Cruella de Vil  

The Cruella de Vil idea is inspired by a villain character whose outfit is fascinating and fashionable, yet it fits the Halloween theme perfectly.


  • Red gloves
  • Black and white wig
  • Black rod
  • Black dress
  • Black and white robe
  • Makeup

The outfit does the most for this photoshoot idea, plus the white makeup. For the background, you can choose to have a black and white one or a moon drawing.

9.  The Disney Princess concept  

The princess idea is excellent for those who are not going for the spooky Halloween look but those who want to make an impression at a Halloween party. 


  • Tiara
  • Puffy dress

Princess's idea is straightforward to pull off; for the background, you can go for bright colors like pink, though it works with any experience. They are great for young girls.

10. Circus Clown photoshoot idea.  

Kate Spooky Halloween Barn Backdrop Designed by Mandy Ringe Photography

Clowns are perfect for Halloween photography ideas since you can be creative with the photo shoot. You can easily make the outfits yourself at home, and there are many clowns to choose from.


  • White makes up
  • Balloons
  • Clown’s nose
  • Party hat

For the clown, the idea goes for a colorful outfit, and you can even wear pajamas; the set-up can have balloons.

11.  Posing as a Nurse.   

It is trendy among the girls that look great, but it is also spooky and easy to execute. This idea is great for both kids and also grown-ups.


  • Red lipstick.
  • Heels
  • Lab coat

You can use lipstick to mess up your cloth which gives a blood stain look, or you can choose to stain your fabric with fake blood.

12. Head on a platter photoshoot idea  

This great photoshoot idea is bound to impress even though it is a classic. It is simple to pull off at home, making it many people prefer. For this idea, the organization is needed.


  • Cut out neck shape cardboard
  • Cut out a paper plate
  • Table cloth

It would be best if you cut out cardboard, a plate, and a table cloth to fit your neck size. After finishing the cardboard, put the cloth and the plate on top of the cardboard, and place your head.

13. Black Widow Photoshoot idea. 

Halloween Black Widow Photo with Kate Halloween fabric Backdrop for photography Haunted house

Kate Halloween fabric Backdrop for photography Haunted house

Black widow is an excellent photoshoot idea for girls, especially if you are going for the scary yet classy look. This idea can make awesome pictures since you can try many poses with it.


  • Candle stick holder
  • Black dress
  • Black lace
  • Smoke bombs

The set-up can be done in a forest-looking background; all you need to do is use the candle stick holder to hold lit candles. The Black dress and lace do it all for this idea.

14. Being Charlie Chaplin for Halloween. 

Charlie Chaplin is the mime featured in top movies and made some of the funniest films.


  • Black hat
  • Face beard
  • Walking stick
  • Official suit

This idea is a minimalistic one, and for the beard, you can choose to draw it. The background does not matter and only requires a rod as a prop, making it an incredible option.

15. Harley Quinn Halloween photoshoot.   

Harley Quinn Halloween photo

Photo by Chema Photo on Unsplash

The Harley Quinn photoshoot idea is perfect for girls, mainly if you are going for a bold and fierce look in your Halloween pictures.


  • A bat
  • Red and blue colored outfit
  • Makeup
  • Colorful hair

This looks a creative look and holding it behind your head during the shoot can do a lot for the photo. You can have fun with the poses or pull off fierce poses, especially in abandoned buildings.

16. Make Your Silhouettes

Silhouettes can be a fun and creative way to add a spooky or mysterious element to your Halloween photo shoot. Some ideas for Halloween-themed silhouettes include a person dressed as a witch flying on a broomstick, a ghostly figure emerging from a foggy background, or a group of people dressed as zombies shuffling toward the camera.


  • Flashlight
  • Sheet/cloth
  • Broomstick

Then, photograph with the camera's flash turned off and the aperture set to a low number (such as f/1.8) to create a silhouette effect. You can also experiment with different poses and lighting angles to create different moods or effects.

17. Customized Baby Photos

baby Halloween photo with pumpkins

Kate Halloween Backdrop Sunset Pumpkin Trick Designed by Chain Photography

A creative Halloween photoshoot idea you can try at home is a costumed baby photo shoot. Dress your baby in a cute Halloween costume, such as a black cat, and set up a backdrop to match the theme.


  • Pumpkins
  • Bats
  • Ghosts

To add a festive touch, you can also include elements related to the theme like "trick or treat" candy or a sign. This way, you can capture memories of your little one during the Halloween season and have fun with a playful and spooky theme.

18. A Baby Inside a Pumpkin Patch

Using real or artificial pumpkins, you can set up a pumpkin patch in your backyard or living room. You can also try some mural wallpaper for living room to match the theme.  Then, dress your baby in a Halloween-themed outfit and place them among the pumpkins. This can create a charming and adorable scene, perfect for capturing memories of your little one during the Halloween season.


  • Witches hat
  • Broomstick
  • Pumpkin

Use natural lighting and take multiple angles to capture the perfect shot. You can also create a fun video of the photo shoot, which will make for a great keepsake. This will help to add more fun and festive touch to the photo shoot. This is a perfect idea to take pictures you can share with friends and family and cherish for years to come.

19. Incorporate a Spookiness in Your Still Life Photograph

little girl's Halloween photo with curved pumpkins

Photo by Sklo Studio on shutterstock

A creative Halloween photoshoot can be fun to celebrate the season with friends and family. A great way to start is to create a spooky still-life photograph. You can share your spooky still-life photograph on social media to show off your work. Use the right hashtags and tag people you think would appreciate your photo.


  • Pumpkins
  • Cobwebs
  • Bats
  • Skulls
  • Candles

You can also use lights to create shadows and highlight certain elements in the photo. Try using different camera angles to give your photo a unique look. When taking the photo, you can use a preset or edit it in Photoshop to achieve the desired effect. Use a shallow depth of field and a low ISO to get a sharp, clear shot.


There are lots of incredible ideas to get amazing Halloween photography. You can choose to feature your pets in your shoots, and incorporating DIY lighting can do a lot for your Halloween set-up. I hope you have found the best  and most creative Halloween photoshoot idea that fits you perfectly and that you can easily pull off at home.

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