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16 Best Maternity Poses and Tips for Pregnancy Photoshoot

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A pregnancy photoshoot is a perfect way for many couples to capture the best moments of their marriage when expecting a newborn. Maternity photography is ever-existing, and because of this, there are different postures you can use when taking the shots outdoors and indoors. However, before discussing maternity poses, it is important to consider some preparations for maternity portrait photography.

How to Prepare for your Beautiful Pregnant Woman Photos

Every pregnant mum will desire to take maternity photo sessions as the best way to keep the memories of her pregnancy periods. However, taking the shots requires good preparation to ensure the photos are produced to meet your desires. These preparations include;

What to wear for a maternity photoshoot?

The main aim of pregnancy photography is to display the pregnant belly as expected. For this reason, it may not make sense to wear clothing that covers the belly so that it cannot show the exact appearance in the photo. You may consider wearing a tight shirt or allowing your photographer to provide you with a list of the best clothes to wear.

Where to take your maternity shoot?

pregnancy photo with Kate Fine Art Retro Floral Backdrop for Maternity Photography

Kate Fine Art Retro Floral Backdrop for Maternity Photography

In most cases, people prefer taking their maternity pictures outside. However, they can also be taken inside a professional photography studio. Your maternity photographer should allow you to recommend your place of choice for taking the photos. In a situation where your preferred location means a lot to you, please don't feel shy to let your photographer consider it.

7 Best Maternity Poses for Pregnancy Photoshoot

When taking the shots of the pregnancy, there are several maternity poses you may consider to make the photos produce more glamour. These great poses for pregnancy pictures include;

1. Pregnant Mum Single Pose

Posing mom alone, especially when embracing the mom's belly, will make the photos more meaningful. In addition, when you pose her in a flattering way, this can create photographs with more warmth and depth. When posing the mum alone, you can also consider putting her in at an angle of 45 degrees, especially when the bump is still small, to help you put more focus on the silhouette of the bump.

2. Silhouette Maternity Pose

This is important, especially when the mom is too shy in front of the camera when shooting. The silhouette maternity poses will help you ease the shooting atmosphere perfectly. In this case, the shape of the pregnant body and the belly will pop up in the photos without her worrying about the facial expressions. You can consider taking the silhouette shots when she is standing or on-site; it does not matter.

3. Fun Maternity Pose

pregnancy photo with Kate Vintage Dark Rose Florals Backdrop for Photography Designed By Avion Photography

Kate Vintage Dark Rose Florals Backdrop for Photography Designed By Avion Photography

It is important to enabling the client to have fun with the maternity photo shoot as it is not only about intimate and tender moments only. You can achieve this by having them dance, or walk around as a way to make them enjoy the wonderful moments.

4. Dad and Baby Bump Pose

The dad can kneel close to the belly and touch the sides of the belly with both hands when taking the shots, as the baby pump is the focal point in this photoshoot. This is a simple pose each couple can enjoy. To make the dad more comfortable, you can allow him to talk to the baby bump and fully enjoy being close to it.

5. Movement Maternity Pose

Try taking the shots when the client moves. The walking maternity poses always add some dynamic to the pregnant photos. In addition, the walking process will make the client feel more comfortable and relaxed. The movement will also offer you different postures that you can take advantage of when taking the maternity poses.

6. Build-up Maternity Pose

You will not have to move the mom very much when building up the poses. This will keep the mom in one position, which gives her time to relax. This is more essential when the client is seven or eight months pregnant.

7. Active Maternity Pose

maternity photo with Kate Vintage Dark Rose Florals Backdrop for Photography Designed By Avion Photography

Kate Vintage Dark Rose Florals Backdrop for Photography Designed By Avion Photography

This involves shooting when the mum is engaged in an exercise of her choice. In most cases, expectant moms love engaging in different exercises to make their bodies more fit and flexible. However, as a photographer, you need not be concerned more about their movement as to whether fast or low.

9 Creative Tips for Pregnancy Photoshoot

1. Try milk bath pose.

A maternity session is the best time you can try a milk path. This photo will make a better visual link to mom’s ideas of motherhood. It is also important for making the photos sumptuous and dreamy. There are quite a lot of presets that you can use in Lightroom or Photoshop.

2. Include Baby Props

Using baby props, such as baby shoes or the sonogram, is definitely one of the lovely maternity photoshoot ideas. Try some different poses to combine the belly with the baby items for some great family photos.

3. Try maternity poses at different angles

A big belly may sometimes look awkward in its image especially when you take shots from the wrong angle. The most preferred way to get the best shooting angle is by experimenting with using different angles. In addition, using different angles can also make your shots more unique.

4. Add some documentary-style when posing.

This involves letting the mom and her family interact naturally. You can also achieve this by making them go about their daily business. The documentaries will enable you to capture shots that express the raw emotion, and beauty of the pregnancy.

5. Prepare some flattering maternity poses.

maternity photo with Kate Brown Abstract Photography Textured Backdrops Old Master

Kate Brown Abstract Photography Textured Backdrops Old Master

This is the best way to show off the baby bump when the client is presented in a flattering natural light of the golden hour. Take some close-up shots to show the charm of the mum..

6. Set the camera to the right gear before taking poses.

Getting the right gear before taking the shots is the best way to get excellent shots. As a photographer, using the right gear to take shots will enable you to produce high-quality photos that attract the client more.

7. Focus more on your camera settings when taking poses.

The camera setting for the maternity poses, however, will depend more on the situation of the pregnancy photoshoot. You can consider an aperture of f/1.4 and f/4 with a faster shutter speed. You can also keep your ISO as low as possible.

8. Be more attentive to the wardrobe when posing.

maternity photo with Kate Fine Art Florals Retro Peony Backdrop Designed by GQ

Kate Fine Art Florals Retro Peony Backdrop Designed by GQ

Even though many clients desire to make their own choices when it comes to maternity dresses for a maternity session, it is still important for a photographer to guide the client on how to dress. As a photographer, you will know the best dressing that will make the maternity photoshoot poses more successful.

9. The arms and hands of a mom should be away from the camera when posing.

In most cases, the maternity poses happen when the mom is about 7 to 8 months pregnant. At this time, the belly is always round in shape. At the same time, the legs, face, and arms do tend to swell during this stage. Because of this, putting them away from the body will make the pregnancy poses more attractive.


Every expectant mom will desire to take maternity photos to capture and keep the beautiful memories of her pregnancy time. For this reason, it is a great and intimate way to have a lasting work relationship with your clients, especially when you produce beautiful maternity poses during the photography session. In addition, maternity photoshoot is a type of photography that is never outdated and will always be loved by many couples.

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