An Open Letter to Kate's Customers

An Open Letter to Kate's Customers

Dear friends,

Our hearts are going out to everyone of you, as the worldwide spread of COVID-19 is happening around us. Given the current situation that you’re facing, we know that you may meet some difficulty. Some photographers told us they had to stop their works, some of you worry about the uncertainty.

However, we still discover that our valued customers have shown the spirit of optimism, bravery and empathy, especially the uninterrupted passion for photography and life. That deeply impressed us indeed!

As you have been advised to stay at home as much as possible, we are clear that we should do something as more as we can to help with your photography and life. Kate stands with you!

Wed Always Be Here For You

We guarantee to remain safeguarding the rights and well-being belonging to everyone of you. This is our priority. Your health, your requirements, our service are more important than ever. We work on everything we can do to make the better decisions for you. Discounts, bonus sales and corresponding policy have been made for you. Check out the specific information in our recent announcements.

Most of our staff are now working from home, while we'll keep contact and offer constant services to you. Our designers keep creating new designs under the limited conditions; Our logistic staff never stop working on packing and delivering backdrops to you... Each one in Kate is sticking to our own position, even at home, to make sure our work continue as normal and get better. And if you can, please work from home as well.

In our brand story, we have said “Our mission is to remove all obstacles on your road of photography.” It is particularly in this special times that this mission becomes more important than ever. We are here for you, even if that looks different these days

Stay Positive: Join Share and Communications!

In the time like this, we know it will be easy to encounter some problems and feel anxious. Knowing this, we strongly recommend you to join share and communications with us!

Right now, you may have to cancel some sessions and stay at home, for everyone’s sake. But you can still do some amazing works with families at home, share on our Groups. You can always achieve inspirations, satisfactions, and new relations through share and communications in our communities. And this will help you positively face the difficulty and uncertainty. Social distancing happens offline, but we can share our passion, joy and love online!

About backdrops, delivery, your sessions and your life, any question or idea you may have is welcomed. Please feel free to contact us by E-mail, Facebook or other ways. You can receive our sincere reply, updates as well as latest information. We are glad to help you solve difficulties, and it’s our pleasure to respond to your requirements and share, now and always.

Take Care of Yourself

To keep away from COVID-19, necessary measures need to be taken, in order to protect yourself and families. That represent our responsibilities and love. Meanwhile, Kate also hope that we can do something more for you.

Here are some essential information for your health throughout this season, in order to help you avoid being involved in the spread of infection:

  • Avoid large crowds and reduce outdoor activities as much as possible.
  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 30 seconds.
  • Never touch your face, eyes, nose, or mouth before washing your hands.
  • Keep your house clean and well ventilated, regularly do disinfection work.
  • Avoid close contact with people who might have had fever.
  • Pay attention to your rest.
  • ...

Please keep on paying attention to more information about COVID-19 prevention.

Kate Stands With You

In a time like this, we believe the most significant thing is each other. Life pushes the ‘pause button’ for us, and it needs time to restart and get everyone back on track.

Be patient, protect yourself and help with each other. Keep deep love with photography, life, and every one you care about. You can make a difference in many ways. We will go through this time together with everyone of you. And you always deserve the best!

Wish good health and happy photography,

Kate Backdrop



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