LIGHTING HELP: How to LEVEL UP Your Photography Lighting skills? Try lighting the SHORT SIDE!

 We often need suggestions for photography lighting. What are the best lightings we can use? How to set up your lights? Among so many lighting questions, ‘Broad Lighting or Short Lighting’ can be the most confusing one.

Want to level up your photography lighting skills? You will definitely get some great inspirations from this video. With the step-by-step gudie, you can easily achieve the best lighting for your photos and know how make your models look amazing!

Jiggie Alejandrino, the portrait & wedding photographer I introduced in the blog last week, has brings about his new tutorial video. He’s the Sony Ph Brand Ambassador, the Zeiss Camera Lens Ambassador, and regarded as one of the most reputable lighting specialists in the Philippines.

Regarding the lightings for photo, Jiggie’s fond of lighting the short side, and in this video he will explain why he does. He will discuss the difference of lighting the broad side versus the short side. To perfectly show the what the lightings look like, he also choose a Kate Hand-paintd Backdrop, which is completely well qualified for this job.

So, in this tutorial video, Jiggie will show you:

  • What lights to choose for your backdrops?
  • All the specific settings of camera parameters.
  • How to set up your every light duing the shoot?
  • How to pose your model during the shoot?
  • What your photos look like when you choose Broad lighting or Short lighting?
  • Which will make your model more prettier?

Regarding the backdrops, Jiggie chose a 5x7ft Kate Abstract Texture Dark Brown Color Hand-paintd Canvas, which is completely well qualified for the job.

For More Inspirations: Kate Hand-Painted Collections

(The dark brown color is out of stock temporarily. For your portrait photos, which help you easily achieve fine art works like this,  we recommend you Brown Mid Color Canvas or Turquoise Canvas)

Read More Resources: Handbook of Photography Backdrop

And after we see what photos look like under the two types of lightings, we can know the differences between the broad and short lighting:

Broad Lighting v.s Short Lighting

In this video, Jiggie explained why he loves short lighting, and showed what would photos look like when you choose shortlighting:

Broad light is basically your light hitting the side of the face of your subject that is facing the camera. If youre doing broad lighting, youre basically removing all the shadows in your subjcts face, therefore making it look very flat. For beautiful photos, broad lightings can not give you the highligts and shadows you need.

The short side is basically you lighting uo the side that is away from the camera, having the side of her face thats facing towards the camera in shadow.

To sum up, imagine a face turned slightly away from you. Then the face of your subject has two sides divided by the nose. With lighting the short side, your light is going to hit the short side (or the side that’s furthest from you) of the face first. It gives your beautiful highlights and shadows you need, and  creates the nice sense of volume.

Follow the above step-by-step gudies, you can easily achieve the best lighting for your photos and know how make your models look amazing!

This is an exercise that you can do with only basic equipments & studio space, and of course, a fantastic Hand-painted Photography Backdrop. Hope you can enjoy this video, and get some inspirations on lighting your own portrait photography.


Equipment Used:



Nanlite Forza 500:

Phottix Nuada R4:


Phottix Deep 60 Octabank


Sony A7R MarkIII -


Sony 24-70 2.8GM -

Phottix 5-in-1 Reflector -

Reflector Holder:

HollyLand Mars400s -


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Jiggie Alejandrino

a portrait and wedding photographer from the Philippines. He’s the Sony Ph Brand Ambassador, the Zeiss Camera Lens Ambassador, the International Phottix Pro Teamer, and the MagMod Philippines Brand Ambassador. He's and considered to be one of the most reputable lighting specialists in the Philippines, conducting workshops nationwide and have been featured in various photography magazines. I was also a multi-awarded portrait and advertising photographer. You can learn more about him in his Youtube Channel & his website!



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