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13 Best Poses For Bridal Portraits in 2023

You're not alone if you've ever looked up 'best wedding poses' to get some ideas for your next shoot.

If you're a novice photographer for weddings or a veteran professional, managing brides and grooms is a daunting task, whether it's for wedding formals with family members, bridal portraits or even when you're trying to create some unique bridal poses.

In this article, we will be shown the 13 best wedding poses for brides, which will give you more wedding photo ideas for your bride portrait.

1. Classic:

bridal portrait with Kate Cold Tones Of Gray And Little Green Light Abstract Textured Backdrop US

Kate Cold Tones Of Gray And Little Green Light Abstract Textured Backdrop US

Of course, we do not forget one of the most iconic portraits, the front-facing shot with an arrangement. However, there are several ways to spice up the classic. Change the angle of the flowers, the veil's movements, and even if you're in direct view of the camera.


The front-facing poses look amazing in the album of photos. I strongly suggest that the couple's faces be at a side angle.

2. Open the curtains:

bridal portrait of opening the curtain

Photo by Marius Muresan on Unsplash

The bride should pull back the curtains, revealing a small amount of light or making the windows a massive softbox.


You should try this pose; this is an excellent image to show off the bride's profile. Be sure to keep a distance between arms and body.

3. Window backlight:

bridal portrait with window backlight

Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

The most beautiful formal portrait is the bride's backlight window since she'll appear like the castle's queen. All you have to do is locate an appropriate location with massive and wide windows.


Placing a bride in front of windows will allow the capture of beautiful and bright photos. Taking these wedding photo ideas for bridal portraits will also allow you to show the splendor of the wedding dress.

4. Bride in the Veil:

bridal portrait in the veil

Photo by Anna Vi on Unsplash

This is a timeless pose that is a favorite of numerous wedding photographers. A veil can be a great instrument to add variety and dimension to your wedding photos.


The best tip is to request the groom to go behind the veil. However, the groom can be involved with it as well. In this way, you'll be able to take fun and exciting pictures.

5. Bride under the veil:

bridal portrait under the veil

Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash

If you're wearing a veil at your wedding, one of the most classic wedding photo poses is to place the veil that covers you and your mate as you kiss under.


Your assistant holds the veil off the ground. Give a countdown, then have the assistant throw the veil upwards at its highest point. Then, start snapping shots as the veil falls from its top point down.

6. One eye veil:

bridal portrait with One eye under the veil

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

The wedding veil is an important element in the wedding. When planning the photography locations of the wedding, it's an excellent wedding photo idea to incorporate the veil of the wedding.


The tip is that take a picture of the bride when she is getting ready while adjusting the veil. At that time, it's possible to try the eye-veil pose.

7. Hand over the shoulder:

bridal portrait by puting Hand over the shoulder

Photo by Kimberly Fowler on Unsplash

This is an amazing pose when the bride puts her hand on his partner's shoulder. This pose shows a romantic scene between couples.


 A couple facing opposite each other is one of the most sought-after couple poses. If the bride's shoulder is too high, it could disrupt the overall balance of the photo and draw unwanted attention. It would help if you made the bride lower her shoulders and rotate them a bit clockwise in this instance.

8. Putting in earrings:

bridal portrait of putting in earrings

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

When the bride puts on her earring, please use these movements to create journalistically.


Be aware of the stress in your arms because the more flexible the joints of your subject are, the more natural her posture will appear. Click the picture when she is putting the earrings with flexible hands.

9. Candid Laughter:

bridal portrait with Candid Laugh

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Natural laughter is the key to a stunning couple's gallery. The bride's heart and soul are involved in the wedding photography shoot to produce flawless stunning photographs.


Before your photoshoot, please take a moment to think about some inside jokes that will bring you laughter, and your photographer will likely encourage you to sit down and talk to them to capture the candid gold.

10. Holding Bouquet:

bridal portrait by Holding Bouquet

Photo by Maria Orlova on Unsplash

If you're S.O. is a groom or dressed in groom-themed clothes, give them your bouquet to get unique and sweet photographs.


You can pose your groom along with the bouquet to add some whimsy. You can also pose with your groomsman with the bouquet to capture a photo of affection and closeness.

11. Walking away:

bridal portrait by Walking away with her bridegroom

Photo by Asdrubal luna on Unsplash

Walking is most likely one of the most simple wedding poses for anxious couples. Start by walking away from the couple to ensure that they don't look at the camera.


It is possible to invite them to talk during a walk. Also, you can ask that each couple discuss a memorable time they had together. You can catch these movements.

12. Walking towards:

bridal portrait by Walking towards with bridesmaids

Photo by Joeyy Lee on Unsplash

Similar to "modern pose," this is an easy and low-pressure shot, to begin with, and is why many of the top Boston wedding photographers utilize this technique at every wedding.


When shooting, you can capture a full-length body shot to show how the couple's ensemble looks and then move closer for several closers and more personal photos.

13. Dress twirl:

bridal portrait of  Dress twirl

Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

Wedding dresses look stunning from all angles. However, they appear alive when you twirl them. In this pose, the bride dances around like an actress. Enjoy the most joyful time of your existence by offering the perfect twirling posture.


Brides should be twirling their body downwards while looking down is a stylish way to be photographed. This classic twirl is among the most stunning wedding photo idea for brides. It is also a must-have for a beautiful bridal pose.


Hope this article has provided you with some wedding photo ideas and tips for wedding photography. The poses listed here are intended to serve as starting points. You'll have to play around with these poses and determine the best one for you for both wedding photos and generally record the bond between a couple.

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