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11 Game-Changing Tips to Avoid Awkward Photoshoot

Photoshoots are amazing. Well, until you look at your photos and simply don't like them because you look awkward! What next? You know for sure you need to change your posing tactics to avoid embarrassing photos. But how? Here's are 11 game-changing tips to help you out on your next photoshoot:

#1: Avoid smiling for too long  

Sometimes, that strange look you have in those group photos is a result of smiling for way too long. So, by the time the photographer is taking the photo, you already appear too strained. Let the photographer guide you through a countdown and only smile at the very last moment.

Also, smile with your entire face to avoid the "forced" look. Think of some good past moments and just let your face light up.

#2: Walk Naturally 

Walk like you usually do, without paying much attention to the photographer. In fact, act like the photographer is not there in the first place. Crack a joke or two as you do, and stroll towards the camera or past it for that outstanding natural walk capture. Also, this is the time to think of all your great attributes that boost your confidence to help avoid uncomfortable images.

If you aren't confident in your steps/walking style, try practicing some modeling steps beforehand. Yes, you're not auditioning for any show, but some basics will come in handy.

#3: Get Something into your Hands  

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Kate Christmas Pine Tree Farm Path Backdrop for Photography

When you don't want your photos to come off as posed, get something into your hands. It could be your sunglasses, phone, favorite plant, or drink. The more intrigued you're by what's in your hands, the better. Just ensure whatever it is, ensure it doesn't take attention from you-the star of the moment.

#4: Dress for Yourself   

The most important part of a photoshoot is you-the model. Therefore, you need to be as comfortable and as confident as possible for a successful session. Instead, of dressing to impress others, do it for yourself. Dress in attires that make you feel great within a specific environment. The last thing you want is to have a contradicting inner voice shouting "what the hell are you doing?" or "this is too much" in the middle of a shoot.

#5: Practice Some More  

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Kate Retro Wall Backdrop Gold And Black for Photography

Being camera shy is the easiest way to get an awkward photoshoot. Take some time before the actual session to practice your poses. Remember, all you need is confidence to look great in your images. Being a pro in posing is a plus, but it will only come with proper posing. The more comfortable you get around the camera, the great you will feel, and the free you will become.

Also, if there is a particular pose you like, take time practicing it in front of the mirror or with your family and friends. You can also identify some of the poses that have worked for you/others in the past, and work on making them look better.

#6: Engage with your Surroundings  

Your environment is part of your photoshoot. Therefore, instead of just standing there and feeling all alone, why don't you engage it? Sit down and get smitten at how eye-catching your surrounding is. Focus your attention on a particular area without paying attention to what the photographer is doing. Be intentionally oblivious of what's going on around you. 

#7: Be Silly and Have Fun!  

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Kate Solid White Cloth Backdrop Portrait Photography

Sometimes, the best photoshoot pose is you being yourself. Do what you normally do when around your friends. How silly can you get? Make those awkward faces, poke that tongue out, jump, dance, etc. Just act silly and have fun while at it. Anything to give you less embarrassing photos.

If you can't pull this off by yourself, invite your friends over to help you out. They can crack those coded jokes and help you ease up. It's never that serious, and you will remember the photo session your entire life.

#8: Drink up   

Sip your favorite drink just before the photo session to ease your nerves, and take your mind away from the tension surrounding it. However, the aim is not to get you tipsy, but to help you relax for great-looking photos, especially if you get nervous dealing with a stranger. Therefore, if you settle on a glass of wine or whiskey, ensure you know how many sips to stop at.

#9: Relax your Body  

 woman's photo with Kate Retro Wall Backdrop Portrait Photography

Kate Retro Wall Backdrop Portrait Photography

It's easy to have an awkward photoshoot when your body is coming off as still/tense. If for instance, you're trying a new pose, take a few minutes to settle into it. When you're uncomfortable, find something to lean against to help you automatically loosen up. Once you master the art, your facial expression will be more relaxed and your pose more natural.

#10: Get your Body Moving  

When you're too shy to stand in front of the camera, you're likely to get uncomfortable images. The best way to distract yourself is by getting your body moving. Get your bag and swing it around, and throw some snow or a few leaves into the air. Remain intentional while having fun. The best way to relax before the camera is to focus on something else-equally intriguing.

#11: Be Intentional with your Arms/Hands  

If you throw your hands all over the place, you will end up with embarrassing images. Instead, keep them engaged at one side of the body or crossing over to touch your shirt buttons, coat, or simply on top of the other arm. If nothing seems to work, simply do the classic look-get them into your pockets and forget they're even there!

In Conclusion

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of photo taking to get perfect images. So, if you have been enduring uncomfortable photoshoots, it's time to re-strategize and come out bolder for your next session. From getting your hands busy, practicing your poses to being a little silly, there is so much you can do to avoid an awkward photoshoot. We hope the above tips give you a good starting point.

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