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35 Fun and Creative Poses for Your Best Friend Photoshoots

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A photoshoot with your best friend can make for an amazing set of pictures. The best friend photoshoot has to be fun and creative to ensure that the best friend pictures you take will be as good as possible. This article contains some of the most unique and fun poses that you can create in conjunction with your best friend.

01. Hug it Out

This involves leaning in towards each other and wrapping your arms around each other. This will create an intimate feeling that the camera can capture beautifully. It's important not to force the hug or get too tight; just let go and allow your emotions to show through in the photo.

02. Do a Funny Face

Simply take some photos of each other with goofy expressions on. A silly face for a best friend photoshoot is a great way to showcase your friendship and put a smile on your friends' faces.

03. Pretend Fight

This best friend photoshoot can be themed around a favorite movie or TV show. It could also be as simple as one friend fighting on top of another or pulling each other’s hair—anything goes!

04. Music Lovers

The idea is to take best friend pictures while listening to one or more of your beloved songs. Remember to select favorite tunes from different eras or genres so that everyone in the shoot has something they love!

05. Walking Along the Beach

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Walking along the beach can provide a beautiful scenic backdrop for your best friend photoshoot. The waves crashing against the sand, seagulls flying overhead, and bright sun shining on you make for an amazing photo opportunity.

06. Colorful Balloons

Colored balloons are a great addition to any best friend photoshoot because they add fun and excitement. When choosing which colors to use, it is important to consider your friend's personality and style.

07. Jump for Joy

The key elements of a good jumping shot are enthusiasm, creativity, and chemistry.  This will give your photos a more laid-back feel that is perfect for capturing the personality traits of your friends.

08. Fruit Picking

One popular idea is to have the subjects wear bright colors and stylish accessories while picking fresh fruits. Alternatively, you could take photos of them at the farm orchard where they are getting their hands dirty!

09. Heart Sunglasses

Wearing heart sunglasses will add an extra layer of love and affection to your pictures. They are stylish, but they also protect your eyes from the sun's UV rays.

10. Shoe Toss

You will need two sets of shoes, one for the model and one for the photographer. The model should start by tossing their pair of shoes in the air and then holding them out towards the photographer. The photographer should take a photo using whatever pose they want with both pairs of shoes in the frame.

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11. Sitting on a Bench

A bench is a great location for a best friend photoshoot because it can provide indoor and outdoor light options. Plus, benches are typically located in public spaces that are easy to access, making them ideal locations for shoots.

12. Bike Rides

Figure out the route beforehand so that both of you are comfortable with it, and make sure to have plenty of water and snacks on hand if either of you gets hungry or thirsty.

13. Cheek to Cheek

Try to avoid using too many professional poses or setting up complicated backgrounds; this will take away from the intimacy of the photos. This type of shoot tends toward informal attire such as hoodies and track pants when it comes to wardrobe.

14. Looking Over Shoulders

This involves capturing candid shots of your friends while doing everyday activities and moments that mean the most to them. You can even ask them to dress up in their favorite clothes or bring along special props.

15. Lay Down Together

girls' photo by lying on an old hood

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This type of shoot is special because it doesn't have to be restricted by time or place. You can take your best friend anywhere, from indoors to outdoors setup!

16. Play Tag

This is a fun and easy way to have a photoshoot with your best friend. You can choose between suggesting poses or just going with the flow. Plus, it's always hilarious when photos are funny because everyone involved was just having fun!

17. Looking at a Book Together

When you take time out to get photographed reading your favorite book, it shows how close the friendship is because books are personal items. Take some candid shots of you and your best friend reading side by side while enjoying each other's company.

18. Go Retro

This type of best friend photoshoot takes inspiration mainly from photos taken during the 1960s or 1970s — think of classic rock music, psychedelic clothing, hair up-dos, etc.

19. Fake Fight

This involves staging an argument or battle scenario and then shooting the photos while both parties perform their roles with authenticity.

20. Piggyback Ride

The person who wants to be photographed will sit on the back of their best friend (or someone else) while the photographer takes pictures from behind. It's important for both people involved to keep their balance between not falling off!

21. BFF Buns or Pigtails

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You don't even need any special equipment to make this happen—just have the two friends sport matching hairstyles like buns or pigtails. It's perfect for capturing those impromptu moments when you just want to snap some pics.

22. Sharing a Drink

Make your best friends picture more special with drinks inspired by your favorite memories or experiences, such as hot apple cider on cold winter days, iced tea in the summertime, or your first liquor drinking together.

23. Blowing Bubbles

When it's time to shoot, have each person stand next to one another with their backs to the camera. Have them blow one big bubble at a time while facing each other. When they're done blowing all their bubbles, turn around, so they are face-to-face again and take some photos!

24. Dancing in the Rain

When planning the shooting session, include plenty of laughter and smiles—these shots tend not to come out well when taken seriously!

25. Uncomfortable Stares

With this type of shoot, you'll get to take some beautiful photos that capture the unique relationship that you have with your BFF. This involves having friends take photos of each other with awkward or uncomfortable poses.

26. Dramatic Gaze

photo of vintage look girls standing together with Kate Like Oil Painting Background Abstract Texture Backdrops For Photography

Kate Like Oil Painting Background Abstract Texture Backdrops For Photography

By using Dramatic Gaze, you can make your subject look engaged and excited about what they see, which will result in a more emotionally resonant photo. Have the subject look into the camera with intense and passionate eyes, as if they are telling your story directly to them.

27. Looking at Each Other

This beautifully whimsical photoshoot features friends as if they are looking into each other's eyes and sharing the purest form of friendship.

28. Reach for the Sky

A sky is a great backdrop for a best friend photoshoot. It provides unlimited potential for amazing photography opportunities—from shooting stars or planets at night and enjoying the sun during the day.

29. Optimistic Smiles

This pose conveys happiness and optimism, which can reflect well on your friendship picture. When posing in this position, widely smile while keeping your eyes open and looking forward.

30. Hiking to a Scenic Location

When deciding on a hike, consider distance, the time required (how long it will take), terrain difficulty (undulating or straight?), and picturesque lookout points.

31. Lean up Against Each Other

There are no rules with this shoot—you can even roleplay if you want! Just make sure to have lots of energy and let loose during the shooting process; it will come across on camera!

32. Looking Through a Keyhole

The shoot will require you and one or more of your friends to pose in candid and revealing poses while looking out behind the keyhole. You can choose any location that will give you good shots of your friends.

33. Heart Hand Signs

photo of two girl friend puting flower in front of their face

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Have the person stand with both hands on their heart center to get started. Next, have them touch one finger of each hand together (like they are making an “M”).

34. Matching Outfits

When choosing outfits for a group photo, it is important to think about the occasion and what theme or style you are going for. Some ideas include causal beach shots, themed cocktail parties, or trip-themed photos.

35. Walking Hand in Hand

This shot is often used for romantic photos or portraits of friends who have been through thick and thin together. It involves having each person take turns being photographed while walking in either direction down the street or along a path.


There's no doubt that having fun and creative photoshoots with your friends is a great way to bond and spend some quality time together. These shoots make for great memories, but they also turn out better than standard posed photoshoots.

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