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16 Tips and Ideas to Inspire Your 2023 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

February 16, 2023

Before the wedding day, many important things and events happen. From the engagement to the bachelorette party, every moment is a cherished memory in the making. The pre wedding photoshoot is one of the most significant events leading up to the big day. It is a time for the couple to get to know the photographer, feel comfortable in front of the camera, and capture some beautiful memories together.

In this article, we will discuss in detail all about pre wedding photoshoots from what they are, some of the tips for a romantic pre wedding photoshoot, and the pre wedding shoot ideas that will make your photos stand out.

What Is a Pre Wedding Photoshoot?

A pre wedding photoshoot is a photo session that takes place before the wedding day, about three to six months in advance.

It is an opportunity for the couple to build a rapport with their photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera before the big day. The pre wedding photoshoot is also a great way to capture some beautiful memories together as a couple.

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Unlike an engagement photoshoot, where the focus is on announcing the couple’s intention to marry, the pre wedding photoshoot is all about the couple and their love for each other. It is a time for the couple to be themselves, have fun, and show off their personality.

4 Tips for Romantic Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Anyone can shoot a stunning pre wedding photoshoot with the right tips and tricks. Here are some tips for a romantic pre wedding photoshoot:

1. Set Your Camera to Burst Mode

It is not always possible to predict when a romantic moment will occur during a pre wedding photoshoot. Thus, setting your camera to burst mode can be helpful. This will enable you to take a series of photos in quick succession.

You will have increased your chances of capturing that perfect romantic moment, whether it is a kiss, a hug, or a laugh.

2. Take Advantage of Natural Light

Natural light can help to add a romantic touch to your photos. Try to take advantage of natural light by shooting outdoors or near a window.

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Unlike artificial lights like lamps or overhead lights, natural light is softer and more flattering. This is especially important when taking photos of the couple, as they will look their best in natural light.

3. Use Backlighting to Your Advantage

Backlighting is a great way to create a romantic and dreamy feel in your photos. By positioning the couple in front of the sun, you can create a beautiful rim of light around them. This will add a romantic touch to your photos.

4. Shoot in Black and White

Black and white photos have a classic and romantic feel. If you want to add a bit of drama to your pre wedding photos, consider shooting in black and white. By doing so, you will create photos that the couple will cherish and that they will be able to look back on for years to come.

12 Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

To make your pre wedding photoshoot more fun and memorable, there are various creative ideas that you can incorporate. Here are a few fun and creative pre wedding shoot ideas:

1. Get Creative with Your Location

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One way to make your pre wedding photos more unique is to get creative with your location. If you’re willing to travel, there are all sorts of interesting places that would make for a great backdrop.

For example, you could take your photos in an abandoned building, in the middle of a forest, or even in a cityscape at night. The key is to find a location that has personal meaning to you or that fits with the overall theme or aesthetic of your wedding.

2. Include Pets in the Photoshoot

If you have pets, it would be great to include them in the pre wedding photoshoot. While it can be difficult to have your pet pose with you, with lots of patience, you can get some great shots that you will cherish forever. However, ensure that your pet is well-groomed and ready for the camera.

3. Make Use of Props

Props can be a great way to add creativity to your pre wedding photos. You can use props that have significance to you as a couple or use them to create fun and unique photos.

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For example, you can use a chalkboard to write down your wedding date or a large balloon to make a fun and whimsical shot. Another great idea is to use a vintage car or bicycle. You can have the couple pose in front of the car or bicycle or even include it in the background of the photo to add more interest.

Props can also be used to create more intimate photos. For instance, you can use a blanket and have the couple snuggle up together.

4. Incorporate Your Hobbies

If you have any hobbies that you both enjoy, then you can use them as ideas for your pre wedding photoshoot.

For example, if you both love to travel, you can take photos of yourselves in various destinations. Or if you both enjoy playing sports, you can take photos of yourselves playing your favorite sports.

5. Use Your Wedding Theme

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If you have already chosen a wedding theme, you can use it as inspiration for your pre wedding photos. For example, if you are having a vintage or rustic-themed wedding, you can dress up in vintage clothes and take photos in an antique store or field.

6. Shoot in the Wild

If you and your partner love nature, you can have your pre wedding photoshoot in the wild. This can be in a park, the woods, or even the beach. Just make sure that you are comfortable with the location and that it is safe.

7. Invite Your Friends and Family

While a pre wedding photoshoot is mostly for the bride and groom, who said that you couldn’t have a little fun with your friends and family? You can invite some of your close friends and family to participate in the photoshoot.

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This will not only make the photo shoot more fun, but it will also be a great way to get some group shots.

8. Make Use of Dramatic Effects

If you want to add a little drama to your pre wedding photos, you can use special effects. One way to do this is to use smoke bombs. This will create a smoky and dreamy effect in your photos.

Another way to add drama is to use light painting. This is where you use a light source to paint patterns or shapes in the air. You can do this using a flashlight or even a sparkler.

9. Have a List of Must-Have Shots

Certain shots are a must for every pre wedding photoshoot. For some couples, these may be traditional posed portraits, while others prefer more candid shots.

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Have a list of the must-have shots you want and discuss it with your photographer before the shoot so that they can capture everything you want.

10. Take Solo Shots as Well as Couple Shots

It’s important to get a mix of shots of just the bride and the groom and shots of the two of you together. This will give you a variety of photos to choose from, and you’ll be able to see each other in different lights.

11. Carry Out Various Activities

Only posing for the camera can get a bit boring after a while. Incorporate some activities into your shoot to mix things up. This could be anything from playing a game of frisbee to taking a dance class together or even just walking around your neighborhood.

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12. Create a Frame That Is within the Frame

If you want to add extra romance to your photos, try creating a frame within the frame. You can do this by using objects such as trees or doorways. However, ensure that the frame does not dominate the photo.

You can ask the couple to stand before the frame to create a more intimate photo. For example, the bride could stand in front of a doorframe while the groom stands behind her and wraps his arms around her.


A pre wedding photoshoot is a very crucial part of the wedding preparations. It helps the couple get to know the photographer and understand what to expect on their big day. It also allows them to have some amazing photographs to hang on their walls and to show off to their family and friends.

Having known some of the tips and ideas to make your pre wedding photoshoot a success, go ahead and make some beautiful memories with your partner.

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