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How To Plan A Nice Valentine’s Day Mini Session

How To Plan  A Nice Valentine’s Day Mini Session

17 JAN, 2019 | BY DYLAN YU

As the street is going to be filled with flowers in blossom, chocolates, gifts, we know the Valentine’s Day is around the corner. While the poet, Geoffrey Chaucer wrote in 1382, "For this was on St. Valentine's Day, when every bird come there to choose his mate.", February 14th is the day of love, but not just for romantic love.

People have different ways to celebrate love and affection on Valentine’s Day, and love is always more than a word to describe romantic relations only. Our talented photographers have shown great passion to have a mini photo session on Valentine’s Day, for lovers, kids, couples and families, to capture the sweetest images or moments.

To plan a nice Valentine’s Day mini session, here are some tips for you:

Consider Your Subject

You’re probably thinking in poses, compositions, lights and any other detail you do not want to miss, to make perfect arrangements in your mind in advance. Well, as we said above, your Valentine’s Day mini sessions may not always be for young couples. Families, kids, friends can also participate in Valentine’s Day mini session. So, before those detailed considerations, please confirm firstly that who are the models of your every session? Different subjects need exclusive arrangements. Besides, you also need to consider: 

  • How many peopleyou need to photograph in one session?
  • What kind of love they want to express? Romantic love? Grateful love? Or a mother’s love for her kid(s)?
  • How long will a session last?
  • What equipmentor assistance are necessary?

Select Proper Wardrobe

Coordinating your subject’s clothing choices with the environment and the theme you want to express, or let them choose what they like. A whimsical embellished frock or a sumptuous gown for a girl is absolutely perfect, while young couples can also try casual clothing with Valentine’s elements. For kids and parents, they also have their own aesthetic attitude or creations to match themselves with this festival. Parents can try to search “Valentines cloth for kids” on Amazons, or join Kate Backdrop VIP Group on Facebook, to take our users’ works as references. Families, friends... Valentine’s elements can be incorporated into sessions for different subjects. Just make sure your clothing styles and colors will complement your themes and environments.

Use Valentine’s Day Backdrops

Need to make a chic Valentine’s set up in your studio? There is no doubt that Valentine’s Day Backdrop will greatly enhance Valentine’s atmosphere. It will help create the fancy, love-filled environment for your sessions and will enrich colors and storytelling of the image. Pinks and reds, printed or painted heart shape patterns can always perfectly match with someone who in love. A white brick wall with red hearts Valentine's Day Backdrop or a Valentine‘s Day Love Bake Kitchen Backdrop can be an adorable choice for a setting for your models. There are so many featured backdrops for your Valentine’s mini sessions.

After all above basic issues have been well planned and prepared, then it will be easier for you to start to consider the compositions, poses and other details based on them.



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