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Pumpkin Head Photoshoot: Step-by-Step Guide | 10 Creative Ideas

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Halloween is that time of the year you can go crazy with creativity and spooky ideas, and the pumpkin head is a favorite for most people. With the pumpkin head, you do not need to worry about the costume, the makeup, or props as the pumpkin head stands out. However, it may be challenging to get the right one that fits you regarding pumpkin head photoshoot ideas. Therefore, we have summed up a step-by-step DIY for the pumpkin head and provided pumpkin photoshoot ideas you can try out this Halloween.

Step-by-step Pumpkin Head DIY

Step 1:

With a tape measure specifically meant for clothes tart by measuring the perimeter around your head, do this by measuring your nose to tip to the back of your head. Putting in an extra twelve inches is advisable to ensure the pumpkin will not be too tight on your head.

Step 2:

After you have the estimates get a pumpkin that fits the measurements. I recommend you get a fresh pumpkin and try to get a light one.

Step 3:

curved pumpkin head

Photo by Bee Felten-Leidel on Unsplash

Once you have the pumpkin, you need to scoop out materials inside the pumpkin using a knife; to do this, you need to cut out a circle that is a bit larger than your neck at the bottom.

Step 4:

You'll need to cut away a portion of the back region quadrant of the pumpkin to accommodate your head inside well. You can cut it off, toss it out, or retain it and fix it later. To cut a portion of the back, you must first decide what side will be at the back and front.

Step 5:

After deciding which side will be the front, mark the section at the back but just broad enough for your head to fit. Ensure that the pieces you cut out are straight to offer comprehensive coverage to make reattaching the cuts easier.

Step 6:

It would be best if you tried out whether the pumpkin fits your head well; II recommend using paper towels since the inside is damp; a plastic bag or a shower cap can be used when inserting your head to ensure your hair is secure. Do this gradually, and if your head still doesn’t fit, do not force it, and you can have someone to assist you in taking it off in case it sticks.

Step 7:

Next, you must pad the pumpkin inside to ensure your head is safe; a foam pad can work great for this role. Slice a section of the place and fin inside the pumpkin at the top, and try out how it feels; you can add more padding in case you are not satisfied with how it feels. Once done, remove the pads and let the pumpkin dry for a couple of hours.

curved pumpkin heads

Photo by Bee Felten-Leidel on Unsplash

Step 8:

The last carving is just when you are about to put the pumpkin on your head. Change the padding and fit your head to trace where you will cut out the space for your eyes by using your fingers by pointing your eyes on the pumpkin or have someone to help in tracing your eyes as it is more effective. Do this severally to get the perfect range. You can use a knife to cut out the eye holes. Fit the pumpkin to test how well you can see through the holes. If perfect, proceed to carve the nose and mouth.

Step 9:

To make the pumpkin look spooky when you wear it, hiding your skin will be great. You can use the invisible mask in black with mesh that allows you to see through what is found in Halloween shops. You can cut out the mask around the mouth to allow you to have drinks using straws.

Step 10:

Put on the mesh and the pumpkin, and you can attach the back through the skewers, specifically those made of bamboo. You can add a hat then you are finally ready for the pumpkin photoshoot

10 Best Pumpkin Head Photoshoot Ideas

1. An Isolated Location

Going for an isolated location for Halloween pumpkin pictures as it gives the spooky vibe and is free from distractions. You can also choose a fit that goes well with the background and select several spots to take pictures in a remote location.

pumpkin head photo of a man leaning on the tree

Photo by Eleanor Brooke on Unsplash

2. Hide and Seek

You can never go wrong with a hide-and-seek pumpkin photoshoot idea. You can do this in the woods, and if there are two people, one can pose as if they are searching for the other person while the other can pose as if they are hiding.

3. Backyard

A backyard pumpkin head photoshoot is affordable since you do not need to travel and get the pictures. You can choose to sit on logs; if two people are involved in the shoot, you can pose back-to-back when seated and pose.

4. The Loner Idea.

This pumpkin head shoot idea creates a somber feeling and displays how alone someone is. You can do this by sitting on the road and posing in a way that shows you are all alone and sad.

5. The Joyful Couple

pumpkin head photo of two men

Photo by Ivan Serediuk on Unsplash

The joyful couple pumpkin photoshoot involves creating a happy couple vibe. You can hold your partner up while staring at each other; this makes excellent pumpkin Halloween photos for those with commitments. It is also great for showing off your couple’s outfits for Halloween.

6. My Head is Lost Idea.

It is an excellent option if you are going for a creepy pumpkin photoshoot idea. All you need to do is hide your head by putting on clothes, so you look headless, then hold the pumpkin head. For two people, one can opt to have the pumpkin head-on while holding a pumpkin head while the other stays headless.

7. Happy Camper

The roadside can do the happy camper pumpkin head shoot with a happy pumpkin head; you can look like you are trying to stop a car. The idea is to create a happy and vibrant vibe in the photo.

8. Me and You

Me and your pumpkin photoshoot idea are ideal for two people. You can do it with one person seated on the road and the other standing behind them while both pose like they are in a sad mood. Alternatively, you can do it with your child; the father and son is an example of a “me and you” idea that is great for pumpkin Halloween pictures, especially family ones. The son can pose while tilting their head next to the father while the father holds the pumpkin like he is in shock.

9. The Behind the Scenes

It is a great idea, especially if you do not want to fit the pumpkin on your head. You can pose while scooping out the materials in the pumpkin in an open space or even when curving to get amazing photos for the pumpkin photoshoot.

10. Smoke Bomb

pumpkin head photo of a man with smoke

Photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash

This is an incredible outdoor idea, especially if you have a scary pumpkin head. You can use the smoke effects around your shoulders to your waist to cover your body; the only visible part will be your pumpkin head and legs. The smoke bomb idea makes great pumpkin head pictures; if you want a scary and creative look, this is the idea for you.


Hopefully, you have gotten a pumpkin head photoshoot idea you can try out alone, with your kids, or partner, depending on the concept you are going for. Making a pumpkin head is an easy and fun process, plus it can make a great bonding experience. Enjoy trying out these ideas for great pumpkin Halloween pictures.

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