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8 Quick Ideas to Try on Your Next Location Photoshoot

February 19, 2023

You can try out unlimited photoshoot locations when exploring outdoor photography. Nature and our surroundings provide ideal contexts for various photography genres, and your creativity and timing are significant factors.

With unlimited settings, the following article will give you creative outdoor shoot ideas to get you started. You'll also discover the dynamics of location photoshoots and learn how to navigate the diverse aspect for successful shoots.

What does on Location Photoshoot Mean?

Location photoshoot is photography outside the studio, usually in a specific setting. It is generally associated with outdoor photography and includes indoor locations like old houses and hospitals.

This variety of photography asks more from a photographer, as nothing is predictable with the locations. The lighting can quickly fluctuate despite the initial optimistic forecast.

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Features of Location Photoshoot

  • Nature is a studio with unlimited backgrounds
  • Photos taken are more engaging and dynamic
  • A higher chance of personalizing the pictures taken
  • It requires a lot of attention and quick thinking from the photographer
  • The photographer has less control over external factors

Why is Location Important in Photography?

The diverse shooting contexts allow you to get unique aspects from your chosen location. So, how does the surrounding and general environment impact your shoot?

1. Application of Various Themes

You can use different aspects of your surroundings, like the color of buildings or objects/subjects available, to fully tell the theme of the pictures.

2. A Grasp on Intended Meaning

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Besides influencing the theme, a setting's features better tell about the genre of photography in execution. For instance, you can utilize a sunset hour for maternity shoots to symbolize the coming of a new life.

3. Achieving Authenticity

You can differentiate artificial and naturally lit images where location photos are more authentic. The time of the day or the photographer's creativity determines the final product.

4. Use of Different Perspectives

Shoot locations provide various aspects to use for other or similar shots. Therefore, you can creatively set up your image using the surroundings to show the full details of the photo.

5. Emphasizes on Creativity

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An ideal location challenges your photography skills and depicts the artistic side of the shots taken. For instance, a silhouette influenced by natural lighting is more creative than that created in a photo studio via various types of artificial lighting.

Best Photoshoot Location Ideas

If you want your photos to stand out, you'll need to come up with various creative photoshoot location ideas. It's critical to have prior information on the shoot location, to have the edge during the actual session.

Here are some of the best photoshoot location ideas you can use for your next outdoor session.

1. Eccentric Structures

You can utilize more structures besides the fancy and modern city buildings. Higher chances are you've come across specific building structures you have visualized using for your shoots.

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They include unique settings which include:

  • Unfinished buildings
  • Historical locations
  • Stadiums
  • Old buildings

These buildings and settings will give your photos substance and perspective. Additionally, you can use additional lighting to depict your subject's emotions or better display your location.

For more artistic photos, utilize the historical sites with an ideal light setting on your camera. More daring results will come from exploring unfinished buildings or abandoned settings.

2. Hotels and Restaurants

Hotel Rooms and Spaces

Where you spend the night in your travels can provide the best photo location. Firstly, you can use the layout and setting of a hotel room, where aspects like glass designs play in your favor. Additionally, you can use the reception area for your wide shots to get more engaging photos.

Also, hotels are ideal settings for classy shoots if you are looking for photoshoot location ideas for magazine photography. For instance, you can place your model against the fancy entrance and use props like designer bags for the final touches. 

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Restaurants and Food Joints

Restaurants, on the other hand, provide the urban feeling in photos. Interestingly, you get an official and informal theme, where high-end restaurants give you the best location for formal shoots.

The informal urban styles will be best depicted in well-set, crafted, and lit food joints. You can locate the most popular food joint at night to get the best lighting.  

3. Aerosol Art and Textured Walls

Aerosol Art Locations

man's portrait with a textured wall

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Locations with aerosol art, popularly known as graffiti, usually are in urban areas. We now have graffiti spaces and walls in different cities where photographers visit to practice their craft.

On the other hand, street art graffiti is a photographer's favorite, displaying a more poetic side of society. You can utilize street art for blog post photos or with models. 

Textured Walls

You can find textured walls anywhere you are in the city. These walls are ideal for portraits, especially with dull-colored surfaces that do not attract attention.

Knowing the wall's color is essential to counter or utilize factors like light bouncing. For instance, reflected light can eliminate shadow.

4. A Visit to the Industrial Areas

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Industrial complexes have some of the most complex and sophisticated structures and settings. This factor is perfect for artistic shots when looking for something different, away from the glamorous city.

You are lucky if you can get an old industrial building where you can set up vintage-themed photoshoots. For exterior shots, the industrial space provides a good context for portraits and creative art photography.

5. Use Different Staircases

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Stairwells or escalators offer different photoshoot opportunities through their distinct designs. If you are more concerned with the photo details, you can choose a stairwell variety that fits your photo story.

Stairs structures influence an image's features like pattern and texture. Modern architectural designs like malls are handy for shopping shoots for clients or personal experiments.

Moreover, you get a variety of angles to use with your model or while taking general shots. The leading lines and the mentioned patterns provide a working perspective from various points.

6. Parking Areas

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Parking lots, especially multi-story versions, are excellent photoshoot location ideas. They are normally popular as they provide shade under the scorching sun. Therefore, natural light can act as a good backlight for quality pictures. However, rooftop parking is perfect during golden hours.

You can use the context to include auto vehicles like cars or motorbikes. A motorcycle can be perfect for a young couple's shoot.


Despite your specialty in photography, the above are perfect on-location photography ideas. The mentioned contexts help you explore your photography skills to get the best pictures. Before you visit any settings, do a simple research to ascertain what you're working with.

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