Christmas Photo Ideas: How To Balloon Garland Backdrop DIY Tutorial?

Christmas Photo Ideas: How To Balloon Garland Backdrop DIY Tutorial?

Christmas is coming! Get your cameras and festive photo sessions ready! For a perfect Christmas photoshooting, we always looking for techniques and ideas to make it better. How to improve your Christmas Photoshooting? What are some amazing Christmas ideas for a fantastic memory? Want to level up your Christmas Photoshooting RIGHT NOW?

Today’s tutorial video will denefintely give you the Christmas photo ideas you’ve been looking for!  Follow the step-by-step guide, try this particular DIY Christmas setup with themed props, you’ll find how this can be so easy to achieve a beautiful Christmas setup in just a few steps, with affordable props!

Anastasia Onishchenko, a popular Youtuber who have a huge passion for Backdrop DIY's and Event decor. She can always give great tips and creativity basically about anything that you can DIY and make yourself. Join her creative corner, and you will always get inspirations!

In today's video, Anastasia will show you a beautiful christmas balloon garland backdrop inspired setup step by step. It mainly consists of colorful DIY balloon garland, and a beautiful Kate Frozen Pine Trees Winter Christmas Backdrop. You will love all the colors, balloon garland, snowflakes, and this whole beautiful Christmas backdrop setup.

The most important part is to create a beautiful balloon garland out of Latex Balloons. To complement this Christmas backdrop setup, you will mainly need:

Next, you can start to construct this particular balloon garland.

Step One: Inflate Your Balloons, to Create Balloon Clusters.

  1. Inflate 2 blue slate 11 inch balloons into different sizes;
  2. Crisscross the balloons’ tails, bring it over, and knotting them to keep them together in a pair;
  3. Mix the same color 17 inch balloons, pair them and mix all the sizes together. 
  4. Take two different pairs of balloons, interline them together to secure them together.
  5. Grab another pair of balloons, add them to the previous quad that you just made, and line them together again to create a cluster like that shows in the video.

Step Two: Create More Mini Cute Clusters Out of Other Colors Balloons.

  1. Silver balloons minicute clusters. (Inflate 11 inch sliver balloons into 9 or 10 inch, and mix them up with 5 inch balloons.)
  2. Use them as afiller or a break up color into those two darker colors.

[ Tip: Work with one color balloons at a time. It will give you a better control of colors when constructing a balloon garment. So working with blue slate first, clustering those balloons. And then going to willow, clustering and finally the silver. ]

Step Three: Start to Construct The Particular Balloon Garland Background.

  1. Takestwo different sizes clusters, reaches inside and looking for their loose necks, and literally tying them two together.
  2. Then you will get a big cluster.
  3. Repeat this again and again, until you’re happy with the size, and finally get a beautiful balloon garland.

[ Please Remember: You can tie the balloons together as tight as you can, because you want your garland to be nicely packed. But please don't pull too hard, because you can rip off the necks. Just find that happy middle. ]

Step Four: Attach The Balloon Garland to Your Backdrop.

  • Use safety pins, pin them to the backdrop. You also need extra fishing line or any type of string, wrap it around the balloon garland and tie the garland to those safety pins pinned to your backdrop.

[ Tip:  If you need a visual of how to attach your garlands using safety pins and fabric, Anastasia link a video of commonly asked questions about balloon garland. In that video she shows how to hang garlands by using command hooks and using safety pins and fabric. ]

With Anastasia’s particular DIY techniques, you will see, construct a beautiful balloon garland background and create a really fantastic Christmas background setup with a Christmas backdrop can be so EASY & FUN! And a beautiful Christmas backdrop setup can definitely help you level up your Christmas Photoshooting!

Regarding the backdrop, Anastasia chose a 8x8ft Kate Frozen Pine Trees Winter Christmas Backdrop, which is completely well qualified for the job.

For More Inspirations: Kate Christmas Backdrop Collections

Anastasia also recommended to steam out some of the wrinkles before making the balloon garland backgrounds. You can use a hand steamer. It's so convenient. It's small and it's pretty powerful. If you want to know more about removing wrinkles, please check: Get Wrinkles Out Of Your Backdrops

Read More Resources: Handbook of Photography Backdrop

This is an exercise that you can do with simple equipments & studio space, and the most important thing, a fantastic Christmas Backdrop. Hope you can enjoy this video, and get some inspirations on improving you 2023 Christmas Photoshooting!


Balloon Garland Commonly asked questions: 


Equipment used:

Kate Backdrop: 

17'' Willow: 

24'' Willow: 

11'' Blue Slate: 

17'' Blue Slate: 

5'' Blue Slate: 

11'' Silver: 

5'' Silver: 

22'' Orbz: 

16'' Orbz: 

7'' Orbz: Unavailable Hand Steamer: 


260s balloons: 

Glue dots: (use code Anastasia10 for 10% off at checkout) 

LED Lights: 

Apron (use code Anastasia10 for 10% off at checkout at 

Rubber Bands: 

White Large Bags: 

Tinkle light curtain: 

Balloon Pump ( use code Anastasia10 for 10% off ): 

Command Hooks: 

Balloon Tying Tool:


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Anastasia Onishchenko

a popular Youtuber who have a huge passion for Backdrop DIY's and Event decor. She can always give great tips and creativity basically about anything that you can DIY and make yourself. Join her creative corner, and you will always get inspirations! You can learn more about her in Youtube Channel!


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