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2024 Easter Update: 20 Creative Easter Portrait Ideas for Your Kids Photos

a kids photo of girl whispering with a boy

Easter is one of the best times to indulge in the interests of your little one. It helps invoke creativity and serves as an excellent bonding time. The best part: you can make all of these little moments memorable with a cool and quirky photoshoot with your kids.

In this article, we will discuss the top Easter kids’ photo ideas that will perfectly resonate with your child's interest. Whether they are into mermaids, Nintendo, Lego or prefer Hello Kitty plush toys instead- we have just the right portrait idea that'll let your kid shine with their favorite Easter-themed stuff!

1. Easter Bunny Ears

If your kids are into plush toys like Hello Kitty, you might just be able to convince them to pose as an Easter bunny. All you'll need is the Easter bunny hat which is widely available across all online and offline stores.

Now, if you have a toddler, just put the headgear on and let them pose from an Easter wicker basket. Alternatively, if your child is slightly older, get them to wear a pretty dress and accessorize it with the bunny hut.

2. Easter eggs

This is another top option on our list thanks to its wide availability and incredible variety. You will find Easter egg toys in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Just get a bunch of these toy eggs, scatter them around, and get your child to pose from the center.

a photo of a girl holding an Easter egg in one hand and the othre coving her mouth

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

This result? An excellent Easter snap from one of the simplest photo ideas for kids.

If you search far and wide you will find large Easter egg toys that can easily accommodate a newborn. Get one of these toys, open the lid (they are detachable), and get your toddler to pose from the center. This will make an excellent snap, especially when your child is sleeping.

3. EasterBunny toys

If you want an outdoor shoot, you can always get your child to pose with an Easter bunny. Just get to a serene field, set a rustic child's chair, and place the Easter bunny on it. Next, ask your child to play with it as you happily snap the cutest candid snaps.

You can also add chocolate bunnies to the list of Easter toys. Chocolate bunnies are hard to refuse, and your kid will probably revel at the thought of playing with them and eventually eating them. Just hand over a cute chocolate bunny to your kid and capture their expressions as they play with the delicious dessert.

4. Letter Board

Easter letter boards are the talk of the town, and you will find them with the quirkiest of messages. Get something like "I'm here for the chicks" and place it next to your child as they pose for the photo. This is an excellent photo idea for toddlers, and you can practically do this anywhere- from your living space to your bedroom.

5. Easterflowers

If you have a daughter who doesn't mind posing with flowers, you might want to take them outdoors, get them seated on a park bench, and let them play with a bouquet of perfect Easter flowers that you arranged for them. You can also leave two mason jars with Easter flowers as your child poses from the middle.

6. Wicker basket with flowers

Just get a wicket basket, decorate it with some colorful flowers, and get your toddler to pose from it. This will make an excellent snap and you can always customize it by getting Easter-specific clothes or toys for your toddler.

a bunch of colorful flowers in a vase

Photo by Leonardo Wong on Unsplash

7. Basket with Eastereggs

When we're talking baskets, how can we miss a basket with colorful Easter eggs and your toddler smiling amid them? This is one of the simplest Easter photo ideas and it'll barely take you a few minutes to set the entire thing up. If you want to go the extra mile, just place the basket outside amid the pretty greens and you're up for a beautiful photo.

8. Easter carrots

This is another prop that leads up to beautiful kids’ Easter photos. Just get some plush Easter carrot soft toys and get your child to pose with them. If you want to go fancy, just get them to sit on your kitchen countertop with the plush carrot as they wear bunny ears. For the background, you can use Easter carrot banners or cushions.

9. Fishing rod with Easter carrot

You can simply get your child to pose on a chair holding a fishing rod that's directly attached to a plush Easter carrot. If you have a rabbit to pose with the child, even better.

10. Easterhen crochet

Nowadays, you will find several Easter crochets for kids, one of the leading ones being the Easter hen crochet. Get your child to pose with an Easter hen crochet hat and as they pose away, it'll appear like a hen with an egg. This is also a great snap idea for toddlers.

11. Easter egg banners

You can get an Easter egg banner and hang it as the backdrop, as your little one smiles away for their perfect snap. These banners are available online and you can also DIY them with cardboard eggs. Just add colors or paste colorful papers on the cardboard eggs for the perfect Easter vibe.

Easter egg banners with strings

Photo by thom masat on Unsplash

Next, paste them onto a string and hang them as the background for your kid's portrait. You can also have your child play with flowers and bunnies as they pose for their Easter snap with the Easter egg banner.

12. Easter lamb

While this isn't the easiest to find, Easter lambs make for an unconventional but truly appropriate Easter photo. Just get a moderate-sized Easter lamb soft toy for your kids and let them pose with it. Most kids will be in awe seeing the Easter lamb, especially if they haven't seen any lambs in the past.

 Capture their surprise and let them pose with the lamb-like pet. If you have two kids, you might want to keep the lamb as the centerpiece as each of your kids sit by the side. As a backdrop, you can ask them to pose before the fireplace, and lo, you're now ready with a perfect Easter photo with your kids.

13. Balloons and Easter bunnies

When it comes to Easter photos ideas, you can never go wrong with balloons. Because they also apparently resemble eggs, you can easily use them as your photo prop. Just scatter the entire area with balloons and color coordinate the backdrop with a similar colored canvas, fabric, or vinyl.

Next, get your child to pose with their Easter bunny amid the balloons. Make sure there's a perfect contrast. So, if the balloons are orange, your kid should wear a yellow or off-white dress to really pop out.

14. Tea parties

An Easter tea party is something that you can never go wrong with. So, just get Easter-themed tables, chairs, and a tea set for your kids as they pose and play with it. Ideal for candid snaps, you can also move the entire setup outdoors for a more rustic, Easter vibe.

15. Cakes and desserts

Easter is incomplete without the right desserts, and you'll probably have some of these desserts baked already. In case you don't, get some fancy Easter themed cupcakes, desserts, and chocolate eggs, place them on a marble-top cake table and let your kids pose alongside.

16. Coloring eggshells

colorful Easter eggs scattering around

Photo by Laurentiu Iordache on Unsplash

If your child is slightly older enough to color, you might want them to paint their favorite Easter eggs as you click some of their prettiest photos. You can also call your kids' friends over for a perfect group photo.

17. Floral crowns

Nothing speaks Easter loud as floral crowns. So, if you have a daughter or a bunch of them, you might want them to wear some pretty dresses and pose with floral crowns. These crowns are ideal for both indoor and outdoor snap, though, they look slightly more rustic and classier when you shoot outdoors.

18. Easter hats

This one is for toddler boys who may not be as fond of floral crowns. In these scenarios, you can get them Easter hats and let them don a toothless grin. This makes way for excellent snaps and you can always color coordinate the Easter hats according to your little guy's overall attire.

19. Teepees

Kate Easterspring Tent Bunny Eggs Backdrop Designed by Emetselch

Kate Easterspring Tent Bunny Eggs Backdrop Designed by Emetselch

Easter shots are perfect with Teepees and if you're planning on an outdoor shot, it will make the setting even more enthralling. You can team up this accessory with balloons, Easter eggs, and anything else you deem fit. Alternatively, you can also get your kid to pose solo with the teepees.

20. Bird nest

Finally, you might try out this iconic idea of getting your child to pose from an artificial bird nest. This is perfect for toddlers, especially when they are sleeping.


With 20 options out there, we're pretty sure you wouldn't find it difficult to choose a favorite. Just go with the ideas that you think are most feasible and you'll soon have the prettiest snap you always wanted. Because we have listed plenty of options, you will certainly find one, that works best for your little one!


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