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Sincerely Express Your Love this Valentine’s Day

Sincerely Express Your Love this Valentine’s Day

It is a fine day in the downtown with the snow melting away, happy sunlight of a mild winter is at the gate. The street is decorated with paint chip heart garlands; flowers in blossom of all shapes and sizes ornamented through the corridors, giving the whole city a warm, romantic feel. It is Valentine’s Day.

“Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” (1 John 4:11)

God loves us—and He calls us to express the same to your significant other. We expect to show our love with all our hearts, souls, and minds. What is love? How can we express that on Valentine’s Day?


Love does not always mean passionate romance, but rather a ‘Love me little, love me long’ life. It is not just a word or some kind of feeling, but also actions.

Companion is one of the most important love actions and actually those unforgettable memories are more often created in your daily life. Maybe a wonderful chat on a Saturday afternoon, an affectionate ‘Good Morning’ kiss, or silent, tacit eyesight. Those touching details happen in daily accompanied life build the tight tie between you two, and they are all worthy of being recorded.

Valentine’s Day needs companion, and with companion, every day can be regarded as Valentine’s Day. When you provide a welcoming atmosphere and companionship, you share the love.

Seek Out The Beauty Of Love

Imagine this. Gradually the window grows light as dawn illuminates the bed, your sweetheart just simply pillows his or her head on your arm under the blanket and cuddle huddle. You stare at the bleary-eyed lover and believe this is one of the most beautiful moments of your love. It instigates comfort, the feeling of true happiness, or a sense of security in both of you.

These lovely details occurring inadvertently in your life are all special seals on your relationship. It can also be a cup of homemade coffee, a hug and peck before going to work, or a Sunday lunch rendezvous. Meanwhile, there are also common interests, communications, little squabble but eventually understandings and forgiveness. They all show the beauty of love, and you hope to seek out and record them, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Here is a suggestion: Pick up your camera, sit with your lover side by side, capture those casual but memorable moments, and Valentine’s Day Backdrop can make your photos ‘sweeter’!

Relive Your Common Memories

You must, assuredly, still remember your first Valentine’s Day share with your lover, like it was yesterday. The images of that day, from the rendezvous to your dinner place, are sealed in both of you and your lover’s minds forever. 

Not only the first Valentine’s Day, your first meet, your old-fashioned sweetheart outfits, etc, are all deserved to be relived through words and photos. Looking back through these moments of life helps to map out how you came to your current relationship and reach a new level of intimacy, understanding, and thankfulness for each other.

Considering this, a custom Backdrop can help you reproduce your memories and love stories, by printing the fancy images according to your photos and requirements on our microfiber backdrops.

Capture the sweetest images this Valentine's Day with Katebackdrop! 

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