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How to Design the Perfect Theme Backdrop For Any Event

Photographers and venue organizers choose the best theme backdrops because a progressive and edgy backdrop can guarantee press coverage, social media attention, and engagement. Tweeting, sharing, and liking helps you connect with future customers in one easy step. Designing a perfect theme backdrop for any event makes your output better and increases chances of being shared on any social media platforms.

What is an event backdrop?

As the name suggests, an event backdrop is the backdrop of your event. It is the scenery that draws in the visitors for their Instagrammable photos. In other words, it is the first impression of your party or event. Event backdrops are important for a number of reasons:

1) Give a theme to an event.

Backdrops can be used in different events, from weddings and birthday parties to conferences and tradeshows. Perhaps you're planning an elegant event with formal invitations and a guest list of important people. A custom-made backdrop will transform your venue into a room that's perfect for the centerpieces you've carefully selected to match the color scheme of your event.

2) Create a professional look for your event; like you have planned everything in advance. 

If you are organizing an event and have no prior experience in doing so, you might be discouraged by the idea of creating a backdrop that will give your event the professional sheen that it needs. Event backdrops can be daunting if you have never used one before, but using one does not require advanced planning. A little forethought goes a long way when it comes to using an event backdrop, and a little diligence can save you money.

3) Creates a focal point for people to reunite around.

A girl and her little brother is taking photo with Kate 4th of July Backdrop Firework Stand Designed by Mandy Ringe Photography

Kate 4th of July Backdrop Firework Stand Designed by Mandy Ringe Photography

The backdrop can be created using a photograph or painting of something that is important to the event. This photo can then be used as the focus of photos taken by attendees who may otherwise have attended the event alone. As an alternative, the photo or painting could serve as a reminder for how special the event was and encourage people who were there to attend another similar event.

4) Acts as a backdrop for photographers to capture the best picture of your event.

Photography professionals will often spend time choosing a backdrop for the event that will give the best photos, but this does not necessarily mean it must be an expensive choice. There are many things to consider when deciding on an appropriate backdrop for your event, and following these guidelines can help you choose the right one:

Conceptualizing your Backdrop

When planning an event, it is important to have a unique and creative backdrop. Consider the color scheme you would like to use, the material of the wall covering, and whether you want any symbols or pictures included in it. You may also want to include any important dates or names in your backdrop design. When choosing between a professionally designed backdrop and a do-it-yourself kit, consider your goals for the event and your budget.

The Size of Your Backdrop

Once you've decided on a plan for your backdrop, you'll need to figure out how big it needs to be. How many people will be in each picture? How many pictures do you need taken? Where will each picture be taken

5) If used properly, it can give that wow factor to your event.

Choosing a memorable event centerpiece is important—your guests will be talking about your event—and the decor—for years to come if you make it special. One way to ensure this is to select an attention-grabbing backdrop for your event.

10 Event Backdrop Design Ideas

1. Wedding Backdrop

Kate Florals Window Backdrops for Photographers Wedding

A wedding backdrop is a great way to incorporate your flower-themed wedding into your reception décor. To create this, you will need to measure out the size of wall you will need, then start working on the centerpieces that will go in front of the floral wall.

Step 1:  Having a beautiful backdrop at your wedding can complement the theme of the event. It can also help you in having a unique photo shoot. In order to achieve this, try setting up the backdrop on a flat surface and make sure that it is placed properly. You can also add other accessories or props to complete the photo shoot.

Step 2: Arrange all the props and make sure they are placed accordingly and will make the photos extremely good.

2. Masquerade Party Backdrop

Kate Dark Blue mixed Brown Red Abstract Texture Backdrop

Much like a wedding, a masquerade party is a special event that requires the right backdrop to make it memorable. You want to make your guests feel like they're part of the show, and set them in the mood for a grand evening of mystery, intrigue, and fun. Whether you're hosting it at your home or renting out a venue, take these steps to ensure you've set the scene for an unforgettable night.

Step 1: The first step in creating this backdrop is to prepare the things you need, which are your mask, gown and other props you may need in the shoot.

Step 2: The backdrop for a photo shoot can be assembled in any number of ways, but the process is simple. It should include securing the backdrop on a flat surface—whether it's a wall, table, or the floor. The surface should be able to withstand any external factors.

Step 3: Enjoy your photoshoot and don your regal look.

3. Dreamy and Fantastic Birthday Backdrop

Kate Unicorn Carousel Backdrop Dreams Designed by Mandy Ringe Photography

Dreamy and fantastic backdrop for a girl who loves unicorns. This will be a transformational experience for your daughter, giving her the feeling of royalty, fantasy and awe. It's also great for parents who want to give their little princess an incredible gift. This background will be a dream come true for any unicorn-loving young lady!

Step 1: Gather the materials you need for the backdrop: golden stars, cotton for clouds, horse, gift boxes, fairy lights and gold garlands. You may add other decorations that can complement your theme.

Step 2: Attach the black long cloth to the wooden frame, add the pom poms on the top portion, and attach the balloons on each side. Attach the garland on top as well.

Step 3: Secure everything in place and make sure that the arrangement can withstand any external factors and has structural integrity. 

4. Pastel-themed Newborn Backdrop

Kate Boho Rainbow Backdrop Designed by Mandy Ringe Photograph

With the holiday season in full swing, we're already thinking about springtime and all of the adorable newborn shoots that will be taking place. The most critical aspect of a newborn shoot is, of course, the baby, but sometimes spending so much time with an angelic little one can get a little boring. 

That's why it's always nice to have some additional elements in the background to make your photos more interesting. A lot of photographers have been doing this by creating a pastel-themed backdrop using colored paper or cloths and draping them over a neutral background to match the pastel tones.

Step 1: For an amazing shoot, gather the following materials: newborn baby basket, pastel colored blanket, fairy lights, baby’s clothes and other props you deem necessary that would complement the theme.

Step 2: Create a balloon garland that fits well in height and width. Make sure to mound it firmly to avoid any mishap during the debut party.

Step 3: Make sure you have everything you need to complete your grand debut backdrop that will surely look good in your photos!

5. St. Patrick’s Day Backdrop

Kate Boho Macrame Floor Pillows with Plants Spring/mother's Day Backdrop Designed By Mandy Ringe Photography

One of our basics, a leaf backdrop is a great way to add to the feel of your photos. It can give them an organic and natural touch, especially if you're taking photos of a landscape or outdoors. This backdrop is absolutely great for St. Patrick’s Day. Surely, your guests will be blown away!

Step 1: First, gather leaves from trees and bushes in season. Remove stems, then shape the leaves into the desired size and shape. Secure your backdrop in a wall.

Step 2: Attach leaves to thin boards or poster boards with hot glue or twine around each leaf at the top and bottom of the stem. And attach any items / decorations as you see fit.

6. Christmas Backdrop

Kate Christmas Brick Wall Door Backdrop+Vintage Dark Wood Rubber Floor Mat

It's not just the tree that makes Christmas perfect, it's also the backdrop. Christmas Backdrop has become a necessity for families, couples and singles. They are not just for decoration but to make your Christmas day an extra spark. Not just your Christmas tree will be the focal point of your Christmas but also the backdrop. Your photos will surely transcend through the years.

Step 1: Setting up the perfect holiday backdrop can be a fun and memorable experience—especially when adding a Santa Claus outfit to the mix. You can also prepare your Christmas lights, gift boxes and reindeers or even a sleigh!

Step 2: Make sure to organize the props that make your set - the epitome of a perfect Christmas Backdrop! Arrange each piece as you see fit. Secure the backdrop on a flat surface.

Step 3: Double-check the lighting in your studio / venue. Check your props and if everything is in place. You can now enjoy a Merry and creative Christmas shoot!

7. Maternity Backdrop

Kate Fine Art Textured Pink / Light Grey Collapsible Backdrop Photography

You've heard that the best way to create a beautiful picture is to use natural light, but what happens when you're out in the field and the light's not cooperating? That's where a collapsible backdrop comes in. The backdrop is easy to transport and set up, making it ideal for capturing your entire family on those days you can't all meet at once.

The Maternity Backdrop has two sides: Textured Pink with white polka dots, perfect for creating a vintage feel and complimenting pink-hued maternity dresses; and Light Grey for an airier feel with a more modern look. This versatile piece can be used as a seamless background or even as a floor covering, allowing you to capture your maternity photos any time of year.

Step 1: Find the right space to create a stylish backdrop for your maternity photos is just as important as finding the right props. Gather all the props you need:  a floral crown, a gorgeous dress, other props that complements the backdrop and the entire theme.

Step 2: If you can't find a bare wall in the house, you may have to make do with whatever you've got. Make sure to set up the backdrop in a flat surface that is also exposed to great natural light.

Step 3: When working on a film set, it is imperative to secure all equipment in place with cable ties and tape before making any adjustments. Start the shoot and be creative as you can.

8. Graduation Backdrop

Kate Graduation Ceremony Golden Doctor Cap with Golden Stars Backdrop

We'd like to help you celebrate your loved one's graduation by providing you with a backdrop for photos that will make your loved one stand out from the crowd. To do so, we've put together a backdrop that's both easy and inexpensive to set up and will give your grad photos a new spin without denting the bank.

Step 1: Prepare your toga, graduation cap and your greatest smile! This is a very special day that could use a very special backdrop.

Step 2: All you need is a backdrop that has golden stars and a greeting “Happy Graduation”. Make sure to put up the backdrop in a secure place and grab those picture smiles!  

9. Back To School Backdrop

Kate Back To School Backdrop Designed by Emetselch+Dark Brown Wood Rubber Floor Mat

Back to school season is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. A Back To School Backdrop is the perfect way to commemorate the first day of school for your child. You can set this up in your child's bedroom, or hang it in your child's classroom or on the wall of your child's favorite hang-out spot.

Step 1: First, set up your backdrop to a location with great location and natural lighting. Grab some books, toys, monobloc chairs and other props that complement the “Back to School” theme.

Step 2: Next, make sure to put up the backdrop on a flat surface and attach it securely. Kids surely love to play, hence, the backdrop should be able to withstand any external force or action.

Step 3: Double-check the backdrop and the props are arranged accordingly. Now get the kids’ ready for their first day of school!

10. Independence Day Backdrop

Kate 4th of July US Flag Retro Backdrop Designed by Kate Image

Independence Day is a special occasion with many traditions. From pool parties to rooftop cookouts, there are countless ways to celebrate the birthday of our great nation. One decoration that can make even the smallest party feel like a national event is our Americana Stars and Stripes Backdrop. It's just like the one you see behind the president on television during his many press conferences. You can use it as the centerpiece of your party, or you can place it in the background for an added bit of patriotic flair that will be sure to impress all your guests.

Step 1: To design a backdrop, gather the necessary materials: one large star cut out of red vinyl and other items that fit with your theme.

Step 2: Consider carefully where you place the props to make your event backdrop more lively.

Step 3: Make sure to secure everything in place so it stays out of view—make sure that the backdrop is strong and durable.

All the tips above will help you create the perfect theme backdrop for your event. However, there is one more critical thing to keep in mind as you plan your design: a great theme backdrop must look good both in person and in pictures. To achieve a design that looks fantastic no matter where it's being viewed from, invest in top notch materials and take the time to set up and light your backdrop properly.

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