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30 Decorations and Costumes You may Need for Vintage Halloween

February 23, 2023

A vintage Halloween theme allows you to explore different decors and costume designs for your event. Additionally, you can experiment with various styles in different settings and subjects.

According to author Mark B. Ledenbach, older Halloween accessories are scarier, thus perfectly fitting the general theme of one of the most celebrated times.

We’ll look at these designs to try with your event or subject and how you can style and use them further. With that said, here are the most stylish/creative vintage Halloween decorations and costume designs.

Top Vintage Halloween Decorations

1. Witch Hat on a Pumpkin

witch hat on curved pumpkins

Photo by Eyestetix Studio on Unsplash 

You can always go right with a pumpkin decoration. You can use a pointed-top witch hat on your pumpkin to explore further. You can hang these pumpkins on your doorstep to interest your trick-or-treat guests.

2. Classic Table Set Up

vintage halloween table set-up with candles, pumpkins, and mirror

Photo by enchanted_fairy on shutterstock 

If you’ve watched enough classic movies, you’ll notice the table’s setup included significant covering. Place a few scary accessories like magic wands, lanterns, and 2-3 pumpkins, then partly cover with a white transparent sheet.

3. Haunted Portraits on the Walls

horror portrait hanging on the wall

Photo by breakermaximus on shutterstock

Black and white scary pictures are on another level of spooky. Having them on a specific part of your wall is a perfect vintage Halloween look.

4. Old Telephone Style

Old Telephone with curved pumpkin

Photo by OGI75 on shutterstock 

Nothing says vintage better than an old-school landline telephone. It might not be spooky, but the accessory is guaranteed to add vintage touches to Halloween events.

5. Haunted Doll Decoration

spider, dressed Skeleton, and animals in Halloween costumes

Photo by Iryna Kuznetsova on shutterstock 

A haunted doll is popular, but there are endless ways to utilize the vintage accessory. For aesthetic purposes, buy one that glows in the dark. Also, place the doll strategically to achieve the spooky aspect on your subjects.

6. Using Mini Lanterns

pumpkins with huge spider on the door

Kate Halloween Pumpkin Spider Thanksgiving Backdrop Designed by Emetselch

You can acquire these lanterns and place them strategically, inside or outside your setting. Placing them near other decors is a plus, as well as dimming your primary lighting.

7. Bucilla Vintage Halloween Accessories

 Bucilla Vintage Halloween Accessories

Image Credit: 

These ornaments are ideal if you are in the market for child-friendly decorations. A complete package includes;

  • Stamped felts
  • Beads
  • Sequins
  • Cotton floss

8. Spooky Pillow Covers

Spooky Halloween Pillow Covers

Image Credit:  

For instance, pillowcases with skull art or spooky cats and Owls are perfect if you are short on ideas or looking for a unique vintage Halloween decoration. Avoid extreme art if you have kids around.

9. Animatronic Witch Mannequin

nimatronic Witch Mannequin

Photo by Wirestock Creators on shutterstock 

A glowing witch mannequin will ensure your vintage Halloween decorations stand out. You can customize the witch’s outfit with additional aspects like tissues for authenticity.

10. Spooky Chained Toy Cat

Spooky Toy Cat in the forest

Photo by ju_see on shutterstock

This deco type was popular before the 20th and 21st centuries, mostly syncing with most Witch decorations. You can hang the spooky cat or creatively place it on your entrance.

11. Haunted House

Halloween haunted house in picture

Kate Halloween Cute Haunted House Backdrop Designed by Candice Compton

Scary condors or abandoned homesteads characterize spooky scenarios. Acquiring a representation of either in crucial areas like the fireplace will give you a complete vintage look.

12. Old School Music Box

Old School Music Box

Image Credit:  

You can acquire a Pursuestar version, whose different features will give multiple vintage Halloween styles. Also, it is a perfect gift for kids, with extras like the ‘Ghost of Christmas’ accessory included. 

13. Haunted Yard: Graveyard Setting

boy and girl fighting in the grave yard

Kate Halloween Night Scene Grave Backdrop Light Photo Background

A couple of tombstones will do if you want a graveyard style. Spice this decoration with several glowing spooky dolls, or use lanterns for the complete vintage Halloween setup. 

14. Scary Art Printouts

Scary Art Printouts of Halloween

Photo by Nika Benedictova on Unsplash 

You can design your scary art and place it accordingly. Also, most stores have great selections for a vintage Halloween theme. This option also allows you to consider all ages.

15 Use Gurley CandlesHalloween-themed Gurley Candles

Image Credit:   

Gurley candles will pass both the scary and vintage tests. There are different designs that all enhance the general theme, guaranteeing a successful Halloween party. 

Top Vintage Halloween Costumes

1. Clown Outfit

girl in Clown Outfit girl in Clown Outfit with balloons in hand

Image Credit: 

The circus was a popular form of entertainment in the 19th and 20th centuries, and interestingly, it doesn’t have to be scary. To style the outfit, tear up some parts or add a bit of tomato paste for a terrifying look.

2. Classic Jail Costumewoman in Classic Jail Costume


Image Credit:  

Simple research on the jail outfit used in the 18th or 20th century will help you with the exact costume and also get an idea of how to style. You can use your birthdate as your ‘inmate’ code number.

3. Farm Girl Outfit

Farm Girl Outfit

Image Credit:   

A farm costume is arguably the best way to bring out the vintage Halloween. You can style it with accessories like baskets, a white head wrapper, and farm boots.

4. Horse Rider Costume for Men

Horse Rider Costume for Men

Image Credit:   

Any vintage ranch costume is a classy way to rock a Halloween event. Different accessories like a gun patch (fake gun) and a cigar (real one if you smoke) will significantly add to your style. 

5. Bunny Wear for Kids

 girl in Halloween Carnival Animal Kid Jumpsuit

Image Credit:    

With costumes from old-school shows like Mickey Mouse, your kids can be involved in the action with various selections. Depending on their age, you can use different scary renditions.

6. Overall Outfit for the Family

two girls pulling pumpkin on the ground

Photo by Podlesnyak Nina on shutterstock 

Dressing the whole family in the same outfit is a great way to grace a vintage Halloween event. For instance, a family can dress up in rugged overalls with additional complementary clothing and footwear.

7. Witch Costume 

witch girl's photo with pumpkins

Kate Halloween Pumpkins Lights Backdrop Designed by Jia Chan Photography

Witch costumes are always overused in October, but there are countless ways to make them unique as vintage Halloween costumes. For instance, you can wear something on top or explore various colors without changing the general theme.

8. Royal Wear

little girl in queen costume

Image Credit:     

You can choose royal outfits from any kingdom or family ruler. Also, these types include clothing worn by respective castle/kingdom workers. 

9. Pirate Plus Princess Outfit for Kids

Pirate Plus Princess Outfit for Kids

Image Credit:      

A pirate outfit, in addition to accessories like swords and a map, is a typical but creative vintage Halloween costume. Utilizing this on a male kid allows you to dress a girl in a princess style to complete a ‘kidnapping’ situation.

10. Classic Skeleton Clothing

Classic Skeleton Clothing

Image Credit:     

Skeleton clothing is also among the popular vintage Halloween costumes, and you can also use it creatively to fit kids and adults. Adults can use fitting outfits, while kids can wear relatively baggy skeleton costumes.

11. Scary Bride

scary wedding couple

Photo by Dean Drobot on shutterstock 

You are lucky if you own a pure white dress in your wardrobe and are willing to put on some unique makeup. Something close to the vixens in Michael Jackson’s Thriller song is enough to bring out the vintage Halloween theme.

12. Pumpkin Outfit

little boy in animal costume

Image Credit:   

There might not be more enormous pumpkins to fit an adult, but you can still wear them as a hat. Nonetheless, pumpkin outfits are excellent for toddlers. For more creativity, try some glowing aspects of the respective pumpkin designs.

13. Frankenstein and his Bride Costumes

Frankenstein and his Bride Costumes

Image Credit:    

Frankenstein is a definite classic and can work for couples looking for matching Halloween costumes. Like most makeup aspects required in our mentions, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

14. Vintage Charlie Chaplin Outfit

Vintage Charlie Chaplin Outfit

Image Credit:   

Interestingly both genders can rock the famous character’s style. All you need is an official vest and the classic hat if you already own a suit.

15. Fortune Teller Costume

Fortune Teller Costume

Image Credit:  

Fortune teller’s baggy old-school dress is unique when it includes accessories like custom necklaces, bracelets, and head wrap. A pair of old-school heels or boots will help add the final touches to your style.


There you have it on the tips you need to style vintage Halloween decorations and costumes. With the general theme catered for with each design, you can get an ideal outfit or decor to fit different Halloween contexts. Feel free to experiment with these tips for optimum results.

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