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15 Creative Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas to Try at Home

woman in bathtub Photo by Anna Om on shutterstock

One of the most underrated places in our homes is bathtubs. They offer great moments to relax and unwind from our daily hustles. But do you know they can also be great photo shoot spots

Are you unsure of where to start? Here's 15 creative bathtub photoshoot ideas:

1. Date Night For Couples 

So, what could be more romantic than a photoshoot in a bathtub, especially if you are with your loving partner? Whether for an anniversary, a birthday, the couple's bathtub shoot is a new and fun way to capture your love.

couple in the flower-scattered bathtub

Photo by yurakrasil on shutterstock

Fill the tub with bubbles, pour in some champagne, line the bathroom with candles and rose petals, and just take the pose.

For a fun variation on the classic couples bathtub shoot, do a "Then and Now" photo to compare what's changed between you and your honey over time.

2. Soapy Weather

This can be the best photoshoot ever, for anyone to get in touch with their playful and fun side. All you need are a few bottles of bubble bath, some fun props, a camera, and you're good to go.

a mum is playing soapy bubbles with little son

Photo by PH888 on shutterstock

This is the best way to do it. Fill the tub with water and bubble bath soap, then get in. Have fun catching the bubbles with your hands and then blow them into the air. Have photos when "raining bubbles".

Use other props, such as goggles, hats, and umbrellas, among others, for a more personalized effect in photos.

3. Bathtub Party

You have a few friends over and feel like taking dope photos? Why not make it a bathtub party?

party time of three girls aside bathtub

Photo by fotoliza on shutterstock

Here's how you can get it done:

  • Ask staff to appear in swimsuits (or their birthday suits—hailed, just kidding.)
  • Fill the tub with bubbles and have a couple of great bath toys.
  • Pour everyone a glass of champagne or your choice of beverage.
  • Put on some music and get the party started.
  • Take multiple pictures and enjoy yourselves.
  • Once you're finished, be sure to drain the tub.

This is an ideal way to capture memorable moments with your friends.

4. Nature's Girl

This concept of a photoshoot is perfect for anyone who would like to feel close to nature. Find a great spot in your backyard or near your house, and set up the bathtub there.

back of a girl looking far in bathtub

Photo by Margo Basarab on shutterstock

Fill it with some fresh flowers and leaves, along with branches, for a natural look. Then get inside, and allow the photographer to do his thing. This is very effective with relaxation simultaneously, and the photos will come out just right.

5. Milk Bath

A milk bath is a photographic technique in which a person is submerged in milk to be photographed. This brings out an unreal and otherworldly look suitable for clients who wish to capture something different but unique.

woman milk bath

Photo by Dmytro Zinkevych on shutterstock

Just fill up the tub with milk, whatever sort you have, and add a drop of food coloring to get just the right feel.

If you want it to be eccentric, you can put in petals, herbs, or added accessories for additional luxury. Stand in and start taking those fabulous pictures.

6. Take Blurry Photos

Blurry photos bring out an aspect of mystery and curiosity in your bathtub photoshoot.  Focus your camera on something in particular and blur the background intentionally. This will give it a dreamy, ethereal look that will surely turn heads.

blurry photo of a woman resting in bathtub

Photo by Prostock-studio on shutterstock

Not sure about achieving this effect? Try different shutter speeds and find the sweet setting for your shot. Thed rule of thumb is that a slower shutter speed will yield a more blurry background.

7. Fruit Bath

A fruit bath is another very entertaining and creative way to execute a photoshoot. Simply fill your tub with water and throw in some bright-colored fruits like oranges, lemons, or grapefruits.

milk bath full of fruit

Photo by Roman Chazov on shutterstock

You can even add a few blossoms for added whimsy. Let your imagination run wild, and enjoy shooting in and around your fruity bathtub.

8. Bookworm

If you like reading, why not create a unique, cozy reading corner in the bathroom? Fill in the tub with warm water, grab your favorite book, and relax while your photographer takes shots.

girl reading book in bathtub

Photo by Alena Ozerova on shutterstock

You can even go a step further and add some props to match whatever theme your book might be. If you're reading a detective novel, that might mean a magnifying glass and some fake blood.For a romance novel use some roses, and candles.

9. Trapped Underwater

a girl trapped in the bathtub

Photo by L.F on shutterstock

Give an illusion that you are trapped underwater by laying one's body down horizontally in the tub and dipping your head and shoulders below the water line.

To do this, fill your bath with water and get in. Take a deep breath and sink under the surface of the water. Try to stay there for at least 30 seconds. This will give the photographer ample time to snap great photos.

Make sure there is someone who may help you if something goes wrong. Besides, don't stay too long underwater. You might pass out due to a lack of oxygen.

10. Family Time

That family bathtub photo session is perfect for capturing those favorite family moments.

Set up a camera on a tripod and capture all those moments as everybody takes their turn in front of the camera.

a mum taking bath with her baby in soapy bathtub

 Photo by Mariia Korneeva on shutterstock

Photograph the children playing in the bath. You can take some fun candid shots or go all out with a posed shot with everyone smiling and looking at the camera. In either case, have fun and enjoy this particular time with your family.

11. Maternity Shoots

Maternity photo shoots always come out so beautiful and unique. They are markers of an incredible journey through life and into new beginnings. A bathtub could be a proper place for a maternity shoot. It's at once intimate, peaceful, and calm.

maternity milk bath

Photo by LightField Studios on shutterstock

The water can be a beautiful prop for showing off your baby bump. Be creative with your poses and props.

12. Recreate Childhood Bathtub Photos

If you are fortunate enough to have childhood photos of yourself in the tub, why not re-enact them as an adult? It will be fun to reminisce about childhood and see how you've grown. Furthermore, if you want to make it nostalgic, use the same soap, bubble bath, or toys you happened to use in the original photos.

It will be a great chance to flashback to childhood memories with much fun.

13. Dress Up

charming women with a mermaid tail in bathtub

Photo by TreesTons on shutterstock

One of the most fun and imaginative ideas could be dressing up for a bathtime photoshoot. Dressing up identically with your friends as your best-loved celebrities—be they from any movie—ensures you all look glamorous on a cozy girls' night in.

Dressing up for a bathtub photo shoot is so much fun. Do not forget to take many pictures, maybe this time, you'll finally catch some perfect shots.

14. Use Reflections

Reflections will add an entirely new dimension to your photographs. For instance, try capturing an image from the bathtub.

You can capture the reflection of the bathtub off the water, making a fascinating photograph. This also helps in taking the subject from different angles.

woman with reflection in bathtube

Photo by Dzagoeva Ilona on shutterstock

Reflections can add a new dimension to your photograph. Well, when you bath, try to get in such a way that you will be able to see some reflections of the tub itself in the water. This will create an exciting and unique composition. You can take shots from various angles this way.

15. Indoor Bathtub Spa Day

Did you know can elevate your at-home spa day by turning it into a photo shoot? You just need a bit of creativity and some props.

This is perfect for a spa day photo at home, with a tub full of bubbles and rose petals, candles, and champagne. You could use bath bombs, face masks, and salts, among other props.


Next time you need a new and exhilarating location for your photo assignment, never forget your humble bathtub. With creativity and imagination, turn your bathroom into a photography studio.

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