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How to Find Great Outdoor Headshot Background near Neighborhood

If you want to succeed in photography, you must have a creative mind to overcome the challenge that comes on your way. Shooting outdoor photographs can be challenging, especially when it comes to portrait photography. Unlike in the studio, you do not have much power to control the environment and the lighting. However, you can still have an amazing photo if you have the right skills and knowledge to apply them. Most of the amazing photos are a result of outdoor photography. There is nothing as powerful as natural lighting in the field of photography. In this article, we got you covered with the features of outdoor headshot photography and the ideas of how you can do it to have amazing headshots.

Which features should a great outdoor headshot have?

A good background of a photo should not steal the viewer's attention; instead, it should complement the main subject. The eye is attracted by the most colorful object in the photo, so always make sure that your primary subject stands out from the background. The features you should try to achieve in your photography are:

a)Area in the shade or with dark color  

The eyes of the viewer are always attracted by the brightest part of a photo. People will first see what is more colorful. Shadows and the dark backgrounds are good complements to the model, as they are not bright. And so, the model will be able to stand out, and they will be the first thing that the viewer will see.

b)Solid background without too many details  

man's photo with Kate Hot Sale Solid Blue Cloth Backdrop Portrait Photography

Kate Hot Sale Solid Blue Cloth Backdrop Portrait Photography

In some cases, a colorful wall works well in photography, but not with portrait photographs. In portraits, you want the model to be the main character and the point of interest in the picture. A colorful background will steal the attention of the viewer. It's therefore not advisable to have graffiti drawings as your background. But if you cannot find a solid background, you can blur the colorful background to appear like a solid background. This can be done by placing the model far away from the background and using a wide aperture.

c) Background with texture and depth  

woman's photo with Kate 5x7ft Abstract Texture Atlantic Blue Hand Painted Backdrop

Kate 5x7ft Abstract Texture Atlantic Blue Hand Painted Backdrop

The greatest goal in the portrait is to separate the model from the background. Walls are ideal for portrait photography as they give you a range of textures to work with. Depth gives a photo the 3D feeling that you can differentiate the model from the background. Depth is achieved when the camera can notice the difference in distance between the objects within the frame.

7 Great ideas for your outdoor headshot background

There is no specific way of doing photography; it is all about getting creative and trying your ideas out. Outdoor photography presents you with a wide range of things to work with. While still present challenges to overcome. To have a stunning and unique photo, you must get weird. Here are some ideas you can try out with an assurance of great photos.

1. Using cars as the background  

a man is taking photo in front of a car

Photo by Brooke Winters on Unsplash

Are you in an angry street and cannot find a background to shoot a headshot? There are many cars on the streets; that is an opportunity. Find a car that has a similar color to your model. It could be similar to the cloth they are wearing or the color of their eyes. If you use a short-range lens, move close to the model and then use a wide aperture of about f2.8. There should be some distance between the model and the car. Before shooting, makes sure that the car is blurred to give a solid color. Blurring the background can also work with using a telephoto lens by blurring the surrounding.

2. Use the doorway 

Before choosing a doorway to use, consider what is on the other side of the door. Most preferably, pick a door that is opposite an open window. The window will reflect the light hence blurring all the background. What makes a doorway a beautiful scene to have a portrait photo of is that you have the interior light on the outside. Place your model between the flames of the door and use f2.8 to blur the background and capture a nice headshot.

3. Use a wall for texture

Placing your model close to the wall and taking a picture directly in front of them will have them attached to the background. The best way to have a stunning headshot of them is by placing them sideways against the wall and then using the long run of the wall as the background. It will create a sense of depth in the photo. You can use a telephoto lens of 200mm with f2.8. A telephoto lens is good for blurring the background, focusing on a small area of the background.

4. Taking advantage of the weather and the sky  

a man's photo with sky background

Photo by micah. on Unsplash

If you are looking forward to having a stunning white background, take advantage of the humid weather outside. Place your model of a place brighter than the background. Use a wide aperture to blur the surroundings and take a photo of the5m. You will have a pure white natural background. To take advantage of the sky, take the shot when it is overcast; a sunny day will ruin your photo with shadows. In the evening, during the sunset, when you have the golden sky, you can opt to shoot a silhouette or a headshot with a golden background.

5. Using the solid building as a background for a headshot 

It works well with a wide-angle lens of either 28mm or 50mm, f2.8, and ISO between 150-160. Go on the roof of a building, and look for a building with glass windows facing your direction. The glass windows will reflect the light to blur the background, while the solid building will give the photo a solid color background.

6. Use arts available as the background

Sometimes graffiti painting on the concrete wall can create a beautiful background. But you should be concerned with their density. Do not allow them to be more colorful than the model. You can control their density by blurring them, a moderate blur.

woman's headshot with Kate Like Oil Painting Background Abstract Texture Backdrops For Photography

Kate Like Oil Painting Background Abstract Texture Backdrops For Photography

7. Cave walls and forest backgrounds 

The cave walls have an ideal texture that makes an amazing background. For the forest and the woods, watch out for the weather. It cannot work well on a sunny day as the sun's rays will be penetrating through the leaves. Watch out for a cloudy day; it will give you an amazing headshot background.


Outdoor photography is just like being presented with all the ingredients available; you choose for yourself which ones to use. The wrong mixture of ingredients will spoil the meals, and using the right ones will make an amazing meal. Take advantage of what you have around you to detail your photography.

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