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11 Tips to Get the Cutest Holiday Pet Photos

Taking a shot of a pet is one of the best ways to create enjoyable fond memories in addition to being fun. This can also make you preserve your good memories with your pet. Therefore, pet photography is a type of photography everyone will desire to know. This article focuses on some of the best tips you may consider to make you take the best shots of your pet. These tips will make the photos of your pet perfect as you will desire; 

1. Have a good timing

Unlike other types of photography where you choose session time and the shooting location depending on the climatic factors such as weather forecast and light conditions, pet photography requires you to have effective planning as another factor to consider after considering the other factors. When planning to take a shot for a pet, you will need to consider their mood changes, especially during the day, and think about how they will affect your shots. For instance, you might consider taking a dog for a walk before taking a shot, as they tend to "smile" mostly when tired.

2. Be patient and practice

Patience is very important when dealing with pets. Unlike human beings who will understand what is happening and cooperate, pets cannot afford to do so. Therefore, you will not expect them to follow the instruction as required. Rather it will be your persistent practice and patience that will make you be able to cooperate with them, especially cats and dogs. For instance, to make your dog smile, you will have to be patient for the expression to come out naturally. In addition, the more you will practice taking the shots of the dog, the more you will learn and understand how to deal with it.

3. Choose the right camera lens

dog's Easter photo with Kate Easter Eggs Bunny Tent Backdrop Designed by Emetselch

Kate Easter Eggs Bunny Tent Backdrop Designed by Emetselch

Although no lens can be considered the best lens for pet photography, the unique needs of the photoshoot will be determined by the gear you choose. Each camera lens does have its unique situation to come with. Therefore, a 50mm lens can be the best choice for you as they are known to produce stunning bokeh results and are fast in their operations.

4. Take great advantage of the pet's Curiosity

Because Curiosity is an inquisitive nature found in both dogs and cats, you may take advantage of it as a good asset during your compositions. As you are trying to direct the pet's focus to the camera, let the pet be and find a way of catching its attention for them to show some natural expressions. You can catch the attention of the pet by the use of treats. In his case, you will have to grab a treat, search for a toy that seems to be the pet's favorite, and try holding it beside or above the camera lens. 

5. Descend to their level and dress them up

Viewers are always more attracted to images shot majorly from eye level. This is usually more essential when taking shots of subjects that have smaller sizes, such as pets. However, this should not make you take all the pictures of a single pet from one common perspective. In addition, when you go low to their level, you can make them more adorable by dressing them up as most viewers love customers and will be attracted more when the photo of the pet is adorable.

6. Nail your Focus

Dogs' spring photo with Kate Green Magic Forest Easter Spring Backdrop photography

Kate Green Magic Forest Easter Spring Backdrop photography

The eye will always be the main focus as it is the key used to determine the greatness of a photo. For instance, when taking a shot of a puppy, the eyes will come out cuter than any other body part. For this reason, maintaining eye focus is crucial in any portrait picture. However, it is not always an easy task in the case of pet photography. This is because your pet will not be willing to stay long enough in the same position for you to find its perfect focus.

In addition, the long snouts may also make you encounter some troubles when focusing as their nose and eyes may be left unfocused, especially when you are using low apertures. To improve the focus further, you can also use props. For instance, you can decide to put the puppy inside a bowl and take your shot.

7. Take good control of Light

Even though photography is all about light, you will need to take good control of the Light. For instance, it is not a good practice to use flash when taking a pet's shots as your subject. The flashlights can startle the pet enough to hurt the eye vision of the animal or even ruin your shot. On the other hand, making your Light set up in the absence of natural light when dealing with pets is always trickier than dealing with human beings. The choice of Light you can use is the window light, as it will offer you the best shot of the pet.

8. Master your Exposure

dog's Christmas photo with Kate Christmas Decorations Brick Room Backdrop Designed By Pine Park Collection

Kate Christmas Decorations Brick Room Backdrop Designed By Pine Park Collection

It is essential to always be in the right exposure when dealing with pet Photography. In most cases, you may only have one chance to nail your focus on the exact target. However, you can also save some imperfect shots by shooting in a RAW.

9. Vary the shooting angles and other perspectives

Always try to explore new things that can make your shooting more successful. You can focus more on some specific details of the subject rather than considering the eyes alone. You can as well try using different lenses and view the results. Don't be afraid to change your shooting angles to make a perfect shot.

10. Be more attentive to the background

When taking the shots, never ignore the background of the subject. The subject's background will be an essential factor to consider when viewing the still image. However, when taking the shot of the pet, ensure you remove any element that may ruin the background of your picture.

11. Avoid destructions

Dog's St.Patrick's Day photo with Kate St.Patrick's Day Backdrop Rainbow Green Lucky Clover Designed by GQ

Kate St.Patrick's Day Backdrop Rainbow Green Lucky Clover Designed by GQ

Even though it may not be practically possible to eliminate all the destruction, you can try to make them be as minimum as possible. You can manage this by removing the unnecessary equipment from the room or locating a place far from crowds. 


When taking your pet's shots, you will always desire to have the best shots. However, you will need to consider the tips presented in this write-up to achieve this. They are dedicated to giving you the best knowledge and skills you need to have when taking shots of your favorite pet.

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