glamour shot with Kate Like Oil Painting Background Abstract Texture Backdrops For Photography

Glamour Photography: How to Take Stunning Glamour Shots

Photography is a really important way to save memories like graduation, birthdays, weddings, and more. It is also a way to make people feel beautiful and appreciate themselves more. Different types of photography suit our various needs like fashion photography, portrait photography, glamour photography, and more. In this article, we will focus on glamour photography.

What is Glamour photography?

Glamour photography is a type of photography that puts more focus on the models and the photographer tries to show their attractive features in a method that is attractive and artistic. Glamour photographers look at their work as an artistic way to explore human nature. They use many styles to ensure that the model is highlighted properly and captures the best images. The photographer tries to bring out other sides of the model by implementing the use of enhanced lighting and composition. The professional models are supposed to have various poses that will bring out the real nature of their physical beauty.

The glamour images can be black and white or colored depending on the post-processing techniques in photoshop or lightroom. Backdrops are often used by professional photographers in a photography studio which gives them a chance to shoot the best shots and control the mode of lighting. The photographers also set a mood where they ensure that the model is comfortable and relaxed. When the model is comfortable, they can do their best poses.

glamour woman shot with Kate Sepia Abstract Brown Textured Backdrop Designed by Kate Image

Kate Sepia Abstract Brown Textured Backdrop Designed by Kate Image

Glamour photography centers on the appeal of the person in the frame. Even though it is an independent genre, you can incorporate it into other genres like fashion and portrait shoots. It is a misunderstood genre since it can appreciate the sexual appeal. Due to this, it may make photographers uneasy at times.

Glamour Photography vs. Boudoir Photography

Glamour and boudoir seem alike and many people tend to confuse the two. In most cases, the boudoir involves women taking sexy photos that are mostly shot when they are in lingerie. The photos are mostly taken in a setting where women are enjoying themselves. Glamour photography is taken from paid models. The photography happens in a specific location or studio. In most cases, the models are paid to advertise a brand for an organization to create brand awareness among the customers.

There are several factors that differentiate glamour and boudoir photography. Here are some key differences;

1. Inner beauty and outer beauty

Glamour photography focuses more on inner and outer beauty. The photographer tries to bring out the model as they are on the outside and the inside. Glamour photography can capture any beauty depending on the model and what they require. Boudoir focuses on the physical parts of the woman. The shoot involves lingerie wear mostly which may be a commercial way of advertising the items.

2. Sexual vs. non-sexual

Glamour photography is more on non-sexual images. The main purpose of the shoot is not to bring out the sexual aspects of a model. The photographer does not emphasize the sexual part. However, humans are sexual beings and the sexual part may come out unwillingly. Boudoir is mainly sexual photography with some nudity. The main aim of the photographer is to bring out the sexiness of the model.

3. Scantily and clothed

In glamour photography, the model is mostly fully dressed. The model wears fashionable clothes that are maybe been marketed. Glamour photography involves marketing brands and products thus the model is dressed professionally. The main aim is to show beauty, not a sexy body.

glamour woman shot with Kate Retro Wall Backdrop Old Blue Designed by Chain Photography

Kate Retro Wall Backdrop Old Blue Designed by Chain Photography

Boudoir photography is nuder where women wear lingerie and other types of clothes that are intimate.  The intimate clothes should not be vulgar but should be erotica.

4. Whole-body and face

Glamour photography focuses more on the face of the model to bring out the beauty of the model. The model should do her makeup fully and hair as the focus is on the face. There are no necessary methods of posing. Boudoir photography involves shooting the whole body. The parts need to be featured completely to show sexiness. The way the model poses matters a lot as it shows how this type of image will come out.

Essential Equipment for Glamour Shots

1. Telephone zoom lens

A telephone zoom lens is perfect for headshots and portraiture, so in glamour photography. The most recommended telephone zooms the wide aperture lens though it is quite expensive. You can get 70 to 200 millimeters f/4 second-hand lenses to cut costs. An affordable alternative is the kit lens telephone zoom with millimeters between 55 and 200 f/4 to 5.6.

2.  Light modifiers.

glamour woman shot with Kate Abstract Gold Backdrop for Photography

Kate Abstract Gold Backdrop for Photography

Light modifiers aid in directing light and even allow you to adjust quality. Glamour photographers use it to rectify their back strobes; softboxes are perfect for this. The snoot light modifiers focus light while umbrellas focus light in all directions. A beauty dish is very important for glamour shoots. The recommended light modifier is the softbox, which is versatile and gives the lit window look. Light modifiers are quite affordable.

3. A single fast prime, at least.

The prime fast lens provides a wide aperture, for instance, a focal length of 1.8 or 1.2. These lenses are very affordable, plus they give very clear optics. Their only backside is that they are not as flexible as zoom lenses. The recommended fast prime is the 85-millimeter lens, and only one is enough since it can be used for half-body, head, and full-body shots. It would help if you went for the ones with a focal length of 1.8 since they can blur backgrounds. With this lens, you can use low light that you can hand hold, but for professionals, a very efficient bokeh.

4. Tripod

A tripod is great for glamour photography since you can use it to hold your camera, change lights, and more. They come in handy when taking glamour shoots in natural light since it prevents camera movements and assists in capturing sharp shots in lower light. For glamour shots that focus on headshots, it is important to get a portable tripod that is also sturdy. For outdoor glamour shots, you need a tripod that can clutch the whole rig, making it easy to move them from one location to another. 

black and white glamour shot with Kate Abstract texture beige a little green color Maternity/family photo Backdrop

Kate Abstract texture beige a little green color Maternity/family photo Backdrop

5. A basic zoom lenses

It is essential for glamour photographers since they need to focus on features, and this lens is very versatile. When set between 35 and 50 millimeters, it slows headshots plus full or half body shots; at seventy millimeters, you can take amazing headshots, and at 25 to 35 millimeters, you can take group photos and special portraits of the environment.

6. Artificial lighting

It is necessary for glamour shoots that do not use natural lights since it allows you to shoot anytime. Avoid using cameras with flashlights. Use off-light ones and incorporate speed lights, light stands, and studio strobes. You can choose to use both natural and artificial lights at times.

7. Five in one reflector

They are perfect for adjusting the light till your glamour photos look amazing. They also come in multiple colors, allowing you to get photos with varying effects. Five in one reflectors are also portable. Thus, you can carry them with you everywhere. They can help in softening shadows.

Tips for Glamour Photography

1.  Pick the correct gear.

To get great glamour shots requires the right lens and camera since it focuses on details. Get a camera with amazing resolution and quality; for the lens, get one with sharpness; prime lenses are perfect.

2. Make sure your subject is comfortable.

glamour woman shot with Kate Abstract Backdrop Pink for Photography

Kate Abstract Backdrop Pink for Photography

It is essential to connect with the subject; you need to talk to them to make them feel comfortable. The beginning shots are often slightly stiff. Thus, they can be a warm-up to introduce your client to the set and help them familiarize themselves with the setting.

3.  Direct your client

As a glamorous, it is key to have posed before the set; you can try practicing them tom to guide them better. When directing them, be clear and patient with them when you walk them through poses. If your subject still looks stiff in photos, you can play music or take a break.

4. Try various angles

Try different positions with the camera and get shots of your subject from various angles. You can take other photos directly straight to your client and take as many photos as possible to have options to choose from.

glamour woman shot with Kate Light Blue/Brown Abstract Texture Mixed Round Collapsible Backdrop for Photography

Kate Light Blue/Brown Abstract Texture Mixed Round Collapsible Backdrop for Photography

5. Do dramatic shots

To make glamorous photos pop, you can use vintage looks and be dramatic with the makeover or the hair. You can have a makeup artist for this. Make sure your client is okay with the hair and makeup.

6.  Get the perfect lighting.

You can use natural, window, or artificial light for perfect glamour photos. For artificial light, use soft ones. Reflectors and softboxes are perfect for this.

7.  Apply contrasts

Trying to use contrasts in photos makes them look amazing. For instance, fair skin cn be made better using a textured and grungy background.


Glamour photoshoots require you to understand the equipment you need, get in touch with your model, and understand your locations to get amazing photos. Boudoir photography is an example of glamour photography though they differ in many aspects. To get great glamour, shoot photos to focus on the tips above. Hopefully, this will help you up to your game in the glamour shoot.

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