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A Beginner’s Guide to Light and Airy Presets: Where to Download | How to Install

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Do you want to take your photography skills up a notch? One of the best ways to do this is by using light and airy presets. These presets will help you create beautiful, ethereal photos with ease. This article will discuss where to find light and airy presets and how to install them on your computer. Let's get started.

What are Light and Airy Presets?

Light and airy presets are a type of Lightroom preset that you can use to edit photos to make them look brighter and more ethereal. Typically, these presets increase the brightness and contrast of a photo while also increasing the whites and highlights.

This can give photos a softer, dreamier look that is perfect for weddings, engagement photos, and other romantic occasions. In addition to increasing the brightness and contrast, light and airy presets also add a vignette effect, which can further soften the look of a photo.

10 Best Websites to Find Free Light and Airy Presets

There are a few great places to start if you're looking for free Light and Airy Presets. Here are ten of the best websites where you can find free Light and Airy Presets:

1. Be Art Presets

Bert Presets understands that some days, your photograph doesn't look as good as it could. But with their collection of 20 Lightroom Presets, you can improve any photograph recognition and overall quality for free! You only need to download the presets once, and you can begin enhancing your photographs in a matter of minutes.

2. Presetlove

Presetlove lets you download the best Lightroom preset collection for mobile and PC. You can obtain free presets. Save time by having all of the presets you'll need for any style of photography.

3. PhotoTraces

You can practice photo editing without spending any money by visiting PhotoTraces, where you can get free Lightroom presets in zip or dng.

4. Photonify

Photonify, provides a section of freebies. Essentially, each of their packs includes one free preset. It's a terrific method to try out your Instagram or Facebook presets.

5. Presets Galore

Presets Galore Using presets from Presets Galore can help you take your photography to the next level. The presets are designed to give beautiful results with a variety of photos.

6. Hootsuite

Hootsuite provides a free collection of ten presets. You may also use the tool for free to plan and post your images to social media.

7. Adobe Free Presets

Adobe provides a library of free presets available for download. Because there isn't an obvious download option, their download page can be a little difficult. There are presets for portraits, food, pets, and architecture.

8. Northlandscapes

Northern Landscape is well-known for its dark and melancholy effects. It has many fine-art landscape images, and its website contains many enigmatic and melancholy photos. It includes ten free dark and moody presets. If you are a landscape photographer who enjoys creating dark landscapes, you should try Northern Landscape presets.

9. Shuttersweets

Shuttersweets website settings are high-quality and extremely attractive. It provides a free selection of 20 presets.

10. Fix the Photo

Fix the Photo offers image editing services. But it also provides a sizable selection of Lightroom presets for various categories. The presets you can acquire for free will help you discover that Instagram-worthy aesthetic.

How to Install Presets in Lightroom?

Step 1:

Go to lightroom preference which is found in the edit menu for pc users and lightroom menu for mac users. 

Step 2:

Click on the preference, which will open up libraries' preferences.You will click on the preset preferences.

Step 3:

The preferences are stored in a folder deep within the operating system to make them easily accessible in Lightroom. You should click on the Show lightroom present folder.

Step 4:

This will open it out, and you can see all of the folder of presets that Lightroom can use.

Step 5:

If you have downloaded your preset, it will come down as a zipped folder, so you will unzip it and make a copy and paste or drag it to the develop presets folder. Close all the folders and preferences. The presets will not automatically appear inside the presets panel.

Step 6:

You will have to quit Lightroom and restart. When you log back into Lightroom, your presets will appear inside the presets panel. You can use any of the presets.

How to Make Light and Airy Photography in Lightroom 

Step 1: Keeping Some Contrast in Your Image

First, go over the temperature and slide it a bit more into the blues to counteract that orange.

And then you're going to put a little bit of pink into the tint to get rid of that green.

The next thing that you're going go to the exposure and bring it up a little bit to brighten the whole image. And then, for the contrast, you're going to bring it down a little.

Bring the Shadows Up, don't go overboard with this, or you will lose all the contrast in your image.

But still, you want it to be quite bright and then bring the highlights down to even out both those ends of the spectrum.

You're also going to bring the whites down a little bit because you're going to do some more work with that over in the tone curve. And then you're just going to bring the blacks up.

The last thing you'll do in the basic panel brings the clarity down. This is a similar idea to bringing down the contrast. It just gives more of that dream-like quality to the whole image.  

Tone Curve

Next, you're going to go over the tone curve. But basically, what you're doing is working with the shadows, the mid-tones, and the highlights in your image. So you're going to press the option and make three points onto your tone curve.

Then bring up the shadows. And then what you're going to do is you're going to bring up those mid-tones and the highlights to brighten up the whole thing.

Take the top point of the highlights down a little bit to soften the whole image.  

Step 2: HSL Panel

Now, with HSL, you can edit every color in your image.

So what you need to do is look at your specific image and figure out which color is distracting from what should appear white. So in this image, it's the yellows there. So you're going to take the saturation down on the yellow. And as you can see, that white is turning into a pretty white instead of a muddled white.

You could do this in the temperature, but the value of HSL is you can pinpoint the exact hue that you want. So, instead of all the warm colors, you're just focusing on yellow.

Step 3: Lens Correction

Now, this isn't something you have to do, but it fixes the lens distortion slightly. Make sure you click Constrain crop if you ever do that, just so it always crops correctly.

Step 4: Vignette

Now usually, when people use vignettes. They're bringing it way down. They're adding that kind of black, contrasting look to their image. For this kind of photo, we don't want to do that. We want to do the opposite. We want to add more bright white areas to the photo's edges. So bring that up a little bit. You don't want to do this too much, but you're just trying to counteract the lens's natural vignette so you can see the difference it makes.

Step 5: Add Grain

The last thing you're going to do is you're going to add a bit of grain. Since there's still a slight green tinge in the camera calibration, you will move that tint slightly to pink. It doesn't need much at all.


We hope this article helped introduce you to the world of light and airy presets. We also provided a list of websites where you can find free light, and airy presets for your editing needs. Finally, we walked you through the installation process so you can start using these presets immediately. Have fun with them.

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