How to Hang a Backdrop on a Wall Without a Stand?

How to Hang a Backdrop on a Wall Without a Stand?

Don't want to show off your piles of laundry and dirty dishes to your boss during your next video call? Or do not have a professional backdrop stand when go out for on location photography?

Setting up a professional backdrop behind your desk or at shooting scenes is a simple fix. But that's easier said than done if you don't have a way to hold the backdrop in place.

We've put together this guide to show you how to hang a photo backdrop without a stand or on the wall in a few easy steps. So make sure you keep reading below!

  1. Curtain Rod 

One of the quickest and easiest ways to hang a backdrop without stand is with a curtain rod. You can find cheap curtain rods in your local department store or online. Then all you have to do is secure the rod to the wall behind your desk. 

After that, drape your backdrop over the curtain rod or, if you'd rather, hang it from the rod on clips like a shower curtain. This will create a smooth background for your video calls that looks professional

  1. Frame 

By building a frame for your backdrop, you can create a professional backdrop that's light and easy to move from room to room. However, it does take a bit more effort (and money) than the other options on this list. 

Start by buying four pieces of wood to build the frame. Then glue or nail those pieces of wood together in a square. Stretch the backdrop over the frame so the material is tight and staple it in place on the back of the frame. 

After this, simply hang the backdrop on the wall like a normal picture frame. 

  1. Pins 

If you need a quick way to hang a backdrop on wall, you can pull out some thumb tacks and pin it straight to the wall. This method, though, should only be a temporary fix. 

When pinned to the wall, the backdrop can sag or wrinkle, which doesn't give off a professional appearance. The pins can also damage the backdrop, and if the backdrop is too heavy, it might fall down in the middle of your meeting. 

  1. Staples 

If you can't figure out how to hang a fabric backdrop without stand and need a last resort, you can also use staples to hang the backdrop on the wall. However, the staples may damage your photo backdrop and your wall. The backdrop may be left with wrinkles if not torn properly. 

Only use this backdrop-hanging-on-wall tip if you have a strong wall and if you aren't planning to move it any time soon. Or you can search some wall-safe staples to hang backdrop on the wall when necessary.

How to Hang a Backdrop Without a Stand 

Figuring out how to hang a backdrop without a stand or on wall takes a bit of planning and DIY skills, but you can still put together a professional image for your next work meeting or on location photography. 

Do you want to learn other money-saving tips for setting up a home office? 

We've got you covered! Make sure you take a look at these hacks!


How do you put a backdrop on a wall without a stand?

You can use the super easily found hooks in grocery store. Put the hooks on your wall according to the width of your backdrop. Make a tiny hole on the corner of your backdrop. Hang your backdrop on the hook.

What can I use if I don't have a backdrop stand?

Curtain rod, frame, pins,tape, staples

Do I need a backdrop stand?

A backdrop stand can make the most of your backdrop and give your photography more creativity and stability.You definitely do not want to ruin your awesome photos with a sudden backdrop falling.

How do you use backdrop clamps?

1.Figure out how many clamps you may need for your backdrop. The wider your backdrops are, the more you need.
2.Just distribute the clamps equally based on the width and strap them upright the backdrop.
3. Make an adjustment to the clamps so that there is no wrinkles on the backdrop.

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