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15 Essential Tips for Fall Family Photo Outfits

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Family photography is beautiful and such a great way of keeping memories. And most people, prefer taking them with a fall look at this time of year. The timing is just right-cooler weather and eye-catching leaves to spice up the session. So, if you already have booked sessions, you have to prepare well. Apart from ensuring the equipment is right, you need to think about the family photo outfit ideas. Here are some incredible 15 tips for fall family photo outfit inspirations to help you get prepared:

1. Settle on the Location

Before anything else, you have to select the fall family photoshoot location. Which options do you have in place? What does the client prefer? For instance, the outfits you will need for a beach session will be different from the ones suitable for a park or streets. Also, what is the theme? Does the client prefer casual, downtown wear? Choosing the right outfit will depend on the location and the kind of vibe you want to bring forth.

2. Start with One Outfit

It's usually hard to settle on fall outfits, especially when you're working with new clients. To ease your work, consider starting by picking one outfit, and then building the rest from it. For example, in a family set-up, you can start by settling on the mom/daughter's little boy or baby girl’s outfit. Women, tend to be picky about how they want to look, and they will even help you come up with their preferred outfits. Plus, they have many color and print options to choose from.

3. Go for Light Layers

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Kate Christmas Door Front Snow Backdrop for Photography

Fall generally has great weather. So, you would want to pick outdoor fall family picture outfits that are not too warm. The secret is ensuring your clients feel like fashionistas in them, even with light layers. Toddlers, for instance, are likely to be in great spirits and easy to work with when they are comfortable. Therefore, think of getting a light jacket, some leg warmers, or even a light jacket for some amazing layering and texture.

4. Focus on Two Favorite Colors

For perfect layering, you need to work with color palettes that are easy to complement. While your supplementary color schemes may vary from session to session, you need a favorite color, which is usually a pop of color or a neutral color. Let your client help you identify which colors they would like highlighted. However, ensure you mix and match the colors well among the whole family members to avoid being too matchy-matchy. Everyone doesn't have to dress in the same outfit, but there has to be a correlation between all the outfits.

For example, if the family settles for navy blue as their main color, the mom's skirt, the little one's T-shirt or pants and the dad's button-down shirt could have a stripe in a similar color. Here, sparingly is the keyword.

5. Consider the Texture and Shape

Fall color photoshoot outfits need to have some texture and shape. The texture you use in the session can easily communicate feelings. Family members have to show oneness by being dressed in matching textures, like corduroy or cardigans. Therefore, if you're working with velvets, for instance, you can mix them up with knits and plaids to communicate warmth.

family taking photo by wearing pajama with Kate Christmas Fireplace Winter Room Set

Kate Christmas Fireplace Winter Room Set

Also, ensure the shape structures complement each other. If a member adorns a flowy vibe, when everyone else is in structured outfits, it won't come out as a family unit.

6. Choose Fitted Clothing

Yes, the flowy dresses and shirts might be the trend out there, but they might not be a great choice when it comes to photo sessions. Why? They can easily hide your shape and give you less flattering family portraits. The best bet is to go for clothes that are neither too tight nor too baggy. Also, as you pick, get to know your models well, and ensure you achieve a good balance between their upper and lower halves.

So if the mom prefers a flowing skirt, a fitted top will complete the look. But if they go for skinny jeans, a loose top will do. You just need to know how to strike balance.

7. Coordinate with the Interiors

If your family photo session will be taking place indoors, like for a Christmas card, consider getting fall photoshoot outfits that will easily complement the interior décor. At all costs, ensure the background does not outshine the models. Also, let the family consider their home's interior décor, especially the walls. After all, they will be displaying the photos on their walls. If their house theme is a white muted tone, it will not be ideal for them to wear bold and bright outfits.

8. Go Classic Instead of Trendy

kids taking photo by wearing classic Christams cloth with Kate Christmas Bed Backdrop Headboard Designed by Emetselch

Kate Christmas Bed Backdrop Headboard Designed by Emetselch

The good thing about trendy outfits is the vibe they bring at the moment. However, their relevancy tends to fade over time, which might make the photos less preferred by the family in a couple of years. Because of this, go for classic fall photo outfits. They will still be relevant in years to come, and you can comfortably display them with pride. No cringing!

9. Don't Overlook Accessories

When choosing the accessories for the family photo session, keep the season in mind. Remember, you will be keeping these photos for generations to come. Most probably you will even hang them on the walls for all to see. Therefore, the kind of accessories you wear should reflect who you truly are as a family. For outdoor fall family outfits, you can add a pair of boots. The little ones and mom would look great in ankle boots, the dad in cowboy or suede boots if that is their preference. Other useful accessories include bow ties, headbands, suspenders, light scarves, and much more. They can also add watches, necklaces, earrings, etc.

10. Try Something New

You don't have to go with what everyone else wants. If you love trying a mixture of new textures and colors, go for it. There is always someone setting trends out there, and you can be the first one to set one in the photography sector. However, ensure your models are comfortable with the out fits you choose. For instance, if the models want to wear something short, but still remain warm, you can add a warm cover-up on the top to keep them comfortable, and then take photos from a specific angle to reveal their gorgeous underneath outfits.

11. Ensure Everyone is Comfortable in Their Look

family photo of baby's birthday with Kate Cake Smash Donut Balloon Backdrop Designed by Emetselch

Kate Cake Smash Donut Balloon Backdrop Designed by Emetselch

Apart from fall photoshoot outfits, ensure everyone is comfortable with their final look. If as a mom you opt for makeup, at least go for something you have done/tested before. You need to recognize yourself. Also, as a family photographer, if any of your models is self-conscious about a specific part of their body, encourage them to speak out for guidance on what will be flattering. For instance, if you love your arms more than your legs, , a maxi dress will come in handy. You can also do a sleeveless floral dress and draw attention to your hands.

12. Understand your Client's Goals

Working with a family means helping them fulfill their photography objectives. It could be they want to use the photos for official use, or simply hang them at home or share them with some family members living far away. Understanding your client's goals will help you dress them well, and according to expectations while capturing the right emotions. Some families have a culture they need to adhere to when taking photos, pay attention to that.

13. Dress the Feet Well

Yes, a little show-off of toes and feet is great in photos, but this isn't possible in the fall. Remember, as mentioned earlier, the more comfortable everyone feels, the more success you will have at the photoshoot. So, for the feet, ensure you find some amazing footwear that will also complement the family's clothing style. If the look is casual, some high-quality sneakers, boots, or closed casual shoes will complete the look.

14. Find some Online Inspiration

mom and kids' photo with Kate Boho Macrame Floor Pillows with Plants Spring/mother's Day Backdrop Designed By Mandy Ringe Photography

Kate Boho Macrame Floor Pillows with Plants Spring/mother's Day Backdrop Designed By Mandy Ringe Photography

The amazing thing about working and living in a digital world is the easy access you get to many things. A simple search on the internet, like Amazon, can comfortably reveal some incredible outdoor fall family photo outfits. You even get a sneak pick of some trending and classic themes to choose from. You can get some inspiration from Pinterest, and social media, especially Instagram. There are also numerous photo studios displaying their works online. Borrow some ideas, and add a touch of uniqueness and you will be ready to roll!

15. Avoid Bringing Multiple Outfits

Bringing multiple fall family photo outfits for every one case easily complicates the session. Kids for instance hate changing clothes and can end up cranky than ever. Also, the multiple breaks you will need to change and even soothe the kids can take a lot of your session time. So, if you must carry extra outfits, let it be two at most, especially for children. If your child drools a lot, a bib will help to keep their outfit dry and clean until right before the shooting session.


Family photo sessions cannot be complete without outfits. Therefore, as a photographer, always ensure you work with your clients in selecting their fall photoshoot outfits. Remember, having everyone as comfortable as possible is the only way to achieve a successful session.

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