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11 Plus Size Posing Tips in Woman Portrait

Many photographers and models have the same concerns about working with plus-sized models. It's important to find the right tips and poses for girls to help you look good and feel better. There are many things that don't work if you don't know how to pose. Nothing is worse than seeing a model feel uncomfortable with her photography. Poses are important and must be done correctly each time you pose for a photo shoot. Here are some plus size posing tips in woman portrait.

1. To effectively elongate your body and look slim.

The One Foot Forward pose is a variation of the classic Warrior pose for girls. Stretching one leg forward and having the other leg bent at the knee helps elongate the body, making it appear thinner than usual. It's great for plus size models who want to look more like their thin counterparts, as well as those who have trouble maintaining good posture due to their weight.

Keeping your shoulders square and close to your hips as you hold this pose will accentuate your waistline, making you look and feel slimmer. The ultimate effect is one of confidence and power for plus size models.

a standing pose to help woman look slim

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Tip 1: This pose for girl works by bringing the weight of your body over one leg, while the other leg is straight and extended behind you. The leg that's behind you should be bent at a right angle, with your toes facing forward or slightly turned inwards. By placing your weight on one leg, you'll be able to create a V-shaped line that slims any bulges on the sides of your body by highlighting the curve of your hips and buttocks.

Tip 2: The foot that's in front should be pointing straight ahead or slightly turned outwards. Your shoulders should be slightly hunched forward and down as well, to further create the slimming effect of this pose.

Tip 3: Make sure that nothing in this pose has a downward angle—your hand might naturally want to rest on your hip, for example, but if it's sloping downwards towards the ground, it could throw off the line of the pose and counteract any slimming effects it otherwise has.

2. To instantly make your arm look thinner.

This pose is a common posture for plus size models, and it is supposed to make the model look slimmer. Model should push elbows back to make the arm look slimmer. When the model's arm fingertips are positioned across the front of their torso, they appear thinner than they might otherwise.

a standing pose to help woman look slim

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The pose can also be used at other times in a photo shoot when the photographer wants to create an illusion of being slimmer than what would be perceived in real life.

Tip 1: The first thing you want to do is make sure your posture is straight and that you look directly at the camera. Hunching can make you look bigger while slouching tends to emphasize curves and make your body look more round. The more relaxed you are, the better your body will look—and it's always a good idea to practice this kind of healthy posture in everyday life.

Tip 2: By keeping your elbows close to the sides of your body—a shapely curve in its own right—you slim down your arms, reducing the width from elbow to wrist.

Tip 3: If you want to make them look even narrower, push your elbows back so that they're almost behind you. The fingers along the front torso create a slimming effect below the bust line, accentuating the waist and making it seem smaller in comparison.

3. Headshot Tips

When you're being photographed, a good headshot is a must. You won't get very far as an actor or in any other industry without one. If you're having yours taken professionally, you'll want to choose a photographer that can deliver the best results. If you're going to be taking your own headshot, here are some tips:

headshot portrait of a plus size woman

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Tip 1: Turn your head slightly towards the camera so that your profile is facing the lens. When you're looking directly straight at a lens, you're squaring your jawline towards it—the widest part of your face will be right in front of the camera, making it an instant "double chin" shot no matter how skinny you are!

Tip 2: Make sure that your neck is elongated and that your shot is never taken from a lower angle. This is to make sure that your photos are taken at an angle where your double-chin is not that obvious in the photos.

4. Full Body Sitting Pose

The full body sitting pose for girls is an effective way for plus-size models to make their bodies seem smaller and thinner in photographs. This technique can be used either with or without props, depending on how much weight the model wants to appear to have lost by using this method. When a model sits on the floor or in a chair, he or she can swivel and shift his or her hips and upper body toward or away from the camera to achieve a smaller and thinner appearance.

sitting pose photo of a plus size woman

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Tip 1: For plus-sized models, the first step in getting comfortable is to find a position in which they can sit for long periods of time. They must also keep their arms crossed over their stomachs so that their arms are curved toward each other.

Tip 2: To make a person appear taller and slimmer, one can sit at the edge of a chair and place a cushion behind one's back for added height. The model in this photo sits on one leg, extends the other leg in front of her at an angle from her waist, and places her hands on her knee, leaning forward toward them.

Tip 3: Do not sink to the back of the chair. Once you’re in position, elongate your legs, put one foot forward and cross at the ankle. Now you are set to appear taller and slimmer altogether.


There are several good posing tips here that women of all shapes can benefit from. What we most like about these tips is that they're grounded in realistic expectations and true to the model's anatomy. They don't require models to contort themselves into unrealistic positions. We've found that, by focusing on enhancing the model's best features and by using the correct poses, rather than hiding her flaws - it greatly improves the look of the model and how it translates into a great photo.

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