Charity Backdrops from Kate Backdrop

How To Apply?

Kate Backdrop is donating backdrops to non-profit organizations or photographers working with non-profit organizations.

We also provide backdrops for free to orphanage, relief bases, etc.

If you are volunteering for photography for some non-profit organizations, orphanage, etc., and need a backdrop, don't hesitate to contact us through email:

Why Do We Do This?

We at Kate Backdrop always want to do something for the people who are suffering in this world. The photographer and Kate are in an alliance. Together, we can bring more happiness to the world, for example, by recording the smiles of children in the orphanage at Christmas.

Sales matter, but we are also mentally concerned about the world.

Could you imagine just how happy they would be when seeing their festive/heavenly pictures taken by you and Kate Backdrop?


Why are we here? To deliver love. Our charity program spreads memorable love to people who need it!


Photograhed by Manuel

Manuel help with the Fundación Hogar de Menores Verbo Divino. Offer the community mini sessions with a value of voluntary contribution which are collected and delivered to the foundation.
Backdrop in use:Kate Christmas Fireplace Room Set

Photograhed by Jessica Schreiner

The story behind the backdrop 2 Blondes All Breed Rescue has been in operation since 2015, during which time they have rescued, fostered, and adopted over 10,500 animals into loving homes. Adoption
Backdrop in use:Kate Abstract Rainbow Backdrop Neon Lights

Photographed by Tammy Fecht

The story behind the backdrop.These two was lived trapped outside. Finally, they were rescued. And their photos were put on the website to wait for adoption. Hopefully soon they will find their forever homes! Adoption
Backdrop in use:Kate Moon Surface Backdrop Earth Close-up

Photographed by Sandra Ferguson

Volunteer one week each month with rescue groups and shelters. They have received so many compliments on those photos which backdrop offter by Kate. The first few small dogs are part of 51 dogs from a horrendous hoarding case in West Tennessee. All of the dogs were in poor health and the rescues have vetted them, some had surgeries and they are in foster homes looking for forever homes. The rest of the photos are more rescue groups that I photograph for. Because of Kate donating this backdrop, it brings so much attention to those dogs!
Backdrop in use:Kate Abstract Orchid Purple Textured Backdrop

Photograhed by Jennie Spittle

Jennie did this beautiful shoot for a little child celebrating birthday since major heart surgery. The anniversary was perfectly marked and the scene was just lovely .
Backdrop in use:Kate white brick wall with red hearts Valentine's Day Backdrop

Photograhed by Chris Martin

An Artist Member of HeART's Speak, a Humane Society of the United States photographer.Make use of the background each week during these winter months to help improve the animal photos by hiding all of the clutter in the garage.

Photograhed by April Quesenberry

Working for a local animal rescue to earn money for the animals in need. With one of the other photo charity events he was able to raise 45 stuff animals and gift baskets for one of local nursing homes. That brought so many smiles to the residents heart in the nursing home.
Backdrop in use:Kate white brick wall with red hearts Valentine's Day Backdrop

Photograhed by Melissa Saxton

A volunteer fire department and help raise money for those in need, as well as volunteer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (Love this work). Those Photos was done to raise money for a local mom who was just diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.
Backdrop in use:Kate Valentine's day Backdrop Rose Manor Board

Photograhed by Janine Seeley

They did charity event for Lost Dog Search and Rescue with JS Photography. (5013c organization that searches in Ocean County NJ for Lost Dogs at no charge to the owners. )They have several Search dogs that track the scent of the missing pet. Founded by Matt and Debbie Geissinger. These pictures are from the Super Pet Expo held in January 2022 in Edison, NJ where they held a kissing booth to raise funds.

Backdrop in use:Kate Valentines Day Balloon Wall Backdrop

Photograhed by Elizabeth Turrubiates

This is her first donated session. There are a lot of moms who celebrate Mothers Day alone and she thought it would be nice to bless them with a makeup over and a free session.
Backdrop in use:Kate Spring/mother's Day Flowers Arch Floral Wall Backdrop

Photograhed by Karen Schroeder

Some behind the scenes time lapse and final photos of a couple Pooches during a fundraiser for MuttCare scholarships (assistance dog training scholarships).Their MuttCare scholarship fund provides scholarships to those who need a service dog but cannot afford the training costs.
Backdrop in use:Kate Light Blue Solid Color backdrop

Photograhed by Meghan Hughes

Working with Philadoptables, on an event called Pooch Playoffs. Last year They raised $1400 for their organization. This year they again start o be working with them again!
Backdrop in use:Kate Old Master Abstract Texture Light Brown Backdrop

Photograhed by Lainey Poelzer

They are for the annual Pooch Playoffs .This year the event will benefit Burien CARES, their local no-kill animal shelter.The photographer has 16 contestants for the event.
Backdrop in use:Kate Abstract Gradual Color Backdrop Green Fine Art

Photograhed by Pierre Cannon

The phtotographer regular support Northern Virginia Family Services They have multiple early head start programs for little one's. They provide photos for the low income families in the programs. They also provide professional training for adults to help them re-enter the workforce.
Backdrop in use:Kate Abstract Textured Dark Grey Brown Old Master Backdrop

Photograhed by Rayn Galloway

The photographer own ART Inspired Images and does several charity photoshoots each year. The non profit MOPS (mother's of preschoolers,a registered non profit with an outreach mission to help mothers now with children of all ages. ) is one of the sponsored recipients. They charge for the pictures then the $ gets donated back to the organization versus doing free pictures. Kate Backdrops created the set and we did two different set ups on the same day to advoid the unpredictable weather.Over 40 families benefited from the two events.
Backdrop in use:Kate Vintage Spring Veranda backdrop

Photograhed by Neely Bryanne Waring

The photographer is the president of a 501c3 rescue , Hoosier Bulldog Rescue. Thet specialize in French and English bulldogs, particularly those with a lot of medical conditions. The event was a huge success! They had a photoshoot with the easter bunny and an easter egg hunt - the event raised $400 for our rescue (Hoosier Bulldog Rescue)
Backdrop in use:Kate Easter Bunny Backdrop White Wall Barn Door

Photograhed by Megan Brumovsky

The photographer have Multiple Sclerosis and fundraise to help the MS Society of Canada by offering photo booths/mini sessions. They scheduled sessions at the end of March until Easter with 75% of proceeds being donated to the MS Society.
Backdrop in use:Kate Easter Bunny Backdrop White Wall Barn Door

Photograhed by Jessica

They run a non-profit dog rescue in Colorado & the photograoher is the sole photographers for this organization. The charity website is They are dedicated to rescuing dogs from overpopulated, high-kill shelters. By working with committed volunteers, accredited veterinarians, trainers, boarding facilities, and shelters they are trying to achieve a No-Kill Nation by placing dogs in their forever homes.They have rescued, fostered, and adopted over 10,500 animals into loving homes since 2015.

Backdrop in use:Kate Cake Smash Tacos Truck Diner Chef Backdrop

Photograhed by Christopher Heyl

The project in school and through this non-profit group is very meaningful. As the keeper of moments, the photographer wanted to give the children a reason to keep going and to be proud of their work on stage. It was fun capturing their moments on stage and for them to be happy with the photos took with the backdrop. They felt that the spirit of the group was uplifted with the pictures. The families involved were very appreciative of the pictures as well.
Backdrop in use:Kate Retro Wall Backdrop Gold And Black for Photography

Photograhed by Maggie Varney

The photographer has been a volunteer photographer for Maggie's Wigs4Kids of Michigan for over 10 years and serve on the Board of Directors. Maggie's Wigs 4 Kids Wellness Center and Salon is a local grassroots non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides wigs and support services at no charge to children and young adults experiencing hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns and other disorders. Their wig recipients, also known as Ambassadors, range in age from 3 to 18, and are located throughout Michigan.
Backdrop in use:Kate Balloon Fantasy Castle Backdrop Designed by Chain Photography

Photograhed by Jonathan Maricle

Jonathan run a small agency called Resonator helping nonprofits with fundraising, business strategy, and marketing. He was a VP of a major tech & marketing firm, and gave it all up to help the people who need it most: nonprofits and their beneficiaries. They schedule rolling portraits for Special Olympics in Florida. Even, they use the backdrop to photograph the photo and thumb drive packages that we hand-delivered to the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, DC—and one of these boxes was personally delivered to President Zelinskyy himself!
Backdrop in use:Kate 5x7ft Abstract Texture Dark Gray Color Hand Painted Canvas Backdrop

Photograhed by Felicia Baine

This year the Pooch Playoffs went to help support the Stewart County Faithful Friends Animal Rescue in Dover, TN. The SCFFAR helps homeless pets in the Stewart County and Houston County area. They were able to raise 70% of their goal for the rescue. We can find out about the competition, the charity, and how much they raised here at!
Backdrop in use:Kate Sweep Black Backdrop Abstract Texture for Photography

Photograhed by Kayla Macchione

The photographer offered complimentary sessions to those in the town who are on government assistance, disability, as well as low income. As she viewed photography has been turned into a luxury, and some simply can’t afford it, and she loved being able to help create memories thatll last a lifetime!
Backdrop in use:Kate Like Oil Painting Background Abstract Texture Backdrops For Photography

Photograhed by donna

Donna Watson is a board member for a nonprofit dog rescue, Wag Again Rescue. They also opened a nonprofit, low-cost veterinary clinic in Pearland to help the greater Houston area residents better afford pet care. They had an fundraiser and community event on April 9th and used a background for pictures with the Easter bunny for families and dogs. Additionally, They used the background to take pictures of their foster dogs to be used to post them for adoption.
Backdrop in use:Kate Wood Door Barn Backdrop Designed by Arica Kirby

Photograhed by Andrea Johnson

The photographer do volunteer photography for the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare (shelter). They set up studio equipment up in the shelter one month so that fosters can have there pictures done as well.
Backdrop in use:Kate Cold Black, Litter Green And Light Middle Gray Textured Backdrop+Black Wood rubber floor mat

Photograhed by Antje Rahman

The photographer work together with Bare Necessities Charity in Auckland New Zealand. They provide free shoots to them that they can use for their fundraising efforts. And they run a Mini Session event for them with profits going to this charity.
Backdrop in use:Kate Summer Boho Bohemian Tapestry Warm Tone Backdrop Designed by Emetselch

Photograhed by Debra Lawrence

It's a teen empowerment event where the session fees raise money for a local suicide prevention teen oriented charity and They have sponsors from all over donate money and goodies for swag bags for the teens getting thier pics taken.
Backdrop in use:Kate Sweep Forest Grass Scenery Backdrop for Photography

Photograhed by Jennifer Craven

They photographer start offer free sessions to families with chronic illness children or ones that have suffered a loss and are now having a rainbow baby. And extend to offer chronic illness children a Photoshoot.
Backdrop in use:Kate Cake Smash Bees and Honey Backdrop Designed by Arica Kirby

Photograhed by Jon Madison Photography

They photographer is the photographer for SNAP of Michigan. Those photos are from our Christmas event benefiting Spay Neuter Assistance Program of Michigan
Backdrop in use:Kate Christmas Winter Snow Window Backdrop Designed by Chain Photography

Photograhed by Angel Lehner

Angel worked for a small independent non-profit school in West Falls, NY. They were hosting their annual fundraising auction at the school this year for 30th anniversary. The fundraising auction website is
The backdrops was customized.

Photograhed by Karen Conrad

They photographer photographed local pets for a charity fundraising event to benefit Victory Service Dogs in Colorado Springs. They raised a total of $1,100 for the not for profit organization.
Backdrop in use:Kate Solid litter Deep Blue backdrop Fabric cloth Photography

Photograhed by Karen Dillabough

They photographer volunteer for a local humane society and do photos for them. It was a fundraiser for the Oakville Milton Humane Society and it was very successful. Their website is
Backdrop in use:Kate Christmas White Wall Backdrop for Photography

Photograhed by Silletti

Sillet is a board member for Sparkman High School Softball in Harvest Al. and a hobby photographer. They volunteered to do holiday photos of the children and giving to their parents free of charge.
Backdrop in use:Kate Christmas Room Retro White Backdrop Designed By JS Photography

Photograhed by Kathy Miskokomon

The photographer have been doing some work with our nonprofit church offering professional photos for our community. As this is all volunteer work for they and their community doesn't pay for the campain. The response they received from their congregation was overwhelming and everyone captured pictures that will be cherished forever.
Backdrop in use:Kate Christmas Trees Out Door Room Set

Photograhed by Linda Mcnally

Linda do fundraising events for a local animal shelter several times a year, and have also done free family portrait sessions as well for The Helping Hand Rescue Mission in my town that serves families in need in our community. They did a three day fundraising event with collected circus themed props to support their local animal shelter which has had a difficult time during covid.
Backdrop in use:Kate Vintage Circus Stripes Backdrop Designed by Mandy Ringe Photography

Photograhed by marlene palamarek

The photographer offer Charity Santa sessions yearly, with proceeds going to thier local community, usually the food bank. And they used Kate Backdrop to switch up thier backdrop for two days of Charity Santa sessions.
Backdrop in use:Kate Christmas Tree Fireplace Room Set

Photograhed by Olivia Jean Williams

The photographer started this Halloween toy drive off 5 years ago. The school nurse matched toys and clothing items for Christmas for her daugher who couldn't shake the cold. It ended up being a blessing. And the photographer learn how she could donate toys to the school for the next year's toy drive. The toy drive was a success with the larger backdrop! 30 families attended her event and each donated 3 or more items. Books, clothing, and toys. The elementary school that sponsors families for the holiday was very excited to have the toys.
Backdrop in use:Kate Vintage Backdrop Retro Wall Black Gold Phnom Penh for Photography

Photograhed by President

They are registered charity animal rescue group based in Cairns, Qld. On average they rehome 200-250 dogs every year. They held their Santa Paws photoshoot back in late November and it was a great success.
Backdrop in use:Kate Christmas Wreath Backdrop Brick Wall Designed By Jerry_Sina

Photograhed by Reina Ortiz

Here are three images from a family they did a free session for. The photograher do volunteer work with adoption events for pets and extend for new adoptive parents/children/foster children.
Backdrop in use:Kate Christmas Pine Tree Farm Path Backdrop for Photography

Photograhed by Keri Hicks

They do community service throughout the year and give back to our community by providing free eye exams to our school-age students, and donating for seeing eye-dogs. This event gives back to the City of Gillett by offering this day-long event full of activities at no cost to the participants.
Backdrop in use:Kate Christmas Winter Snow Backdrop Designed by Chain Photography

Photograhed by Larocque photography

They company will be the official photographer for the Sun Life JDRF walk to cure junior diabetes in Ottawa, Canada, for the second year in a row. This year, they are emphasizing the theme to BUILD awareness.
Backdrop in use:Kate Red Vintage Wall Backdrop for Photography

Photograhed by SecondShot

Second Shot provided a superhero photobooth for Caped Canine Assistance Academy's 2023 Ultimutt Track and Field Day Fundraiser on Sunday. Their event raised $4,279.00 (gross) for their nonprofit!
Backdrop in use:Kate Superhero City Backdrop Designed by Mandy Ringe Photography

Photograhed by Pics & Tweaks Photography

The photographer had a hospital fundraiser photo-booth event in November to help out the charity and donated a photography session for their auction. More than $400,000 was raised at their ‘Boots and Bling’.
Backdrop in use:Kate White Wood Floor Backdrop for Photography

Photograhed by Martin Wood

They hold charity event in one of local Residential Centres. With Kate Backdrop it really easy to create a scene with a few extra items and all the people in the residential centre had a great day. It was so touching when they were presented with their packs of pictures. 
Backdrop in use:Kate Winter Christmas Fireplace Gifts for Pictures

Photograhed by Maggie Varney

Kate donated he beautiful princess castle banner background to Maggie’s Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan. They featured it in the princess tea party area at their 20th Anniversary Gala for their wig recipients & families to enjoy! The charity event is a local grassroots non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides wigs and support services at no charge to children and young adults experiencing hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns and other disorders.
Backdrop in use:Kate Pink Fantasy Castle Backdrop Designed by Emetselch

Photograhed by Josh and Jamie Photography

They have partnered with an organization called Humans For Good for the last 7 years. They hold an event twice a year called Mom Prom which raises money for the Children’s Hospital of Richmond and the Children's Hospital of the King’s Daughters.
Backdrop in use:Kate Retro Abstract Green Backdrop Designed by Chain Photography

Photograhed by Holly Todd

They runned a photo charity event to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.They are so glad to support charity events and making it possible to provide a high-end experience for families supporting wonderful causes.
Backdrop in use:Kate Fine Art Green Abstract Backdrop designed by Veronika Gant

Photograhed by Jason Machen

The event is to benefit the Athens Area Humane Society, located in Athens Georgia, USA. The event is held in late October and thus far she and her staff have raised over $20,000 for the Humane Society.
Backdrop in use:Kate Halloween Castle Backdrop Designed by Chain Photography

Photograhed by Hanna Boydell

They just wanted to share some photos from the session! The rescue loved the drop, and they were excited to see Madge find her forever family with the help of photos and Kate's drop! The photographer is a pet photography who works with rescues, and provided no cost sessions and photos for any adoptable dog looking for their forever home.