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30 Amazing DIY Photo Backdrop Ideas You Must Try: Easy and Affordable

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Whether you're a creative type or just starting to dabble in arts and crafts, the easiest and efficient way to set up an amazing backdrop is with a DIY project. If you are looking for inspiration or an alternative to shelling out cash from your wallet, then you'll love these amazing DIY photo backdrop ideas!

10 Simple DIY Photo Backdrop Ideas

If you’re a photographer, you know that a good backdrop can make or break a shoot. Sure, you can get some stunning shots with your natural surroundings, but if you’re looking for something a bit more elevated, it’s time to use some DIY photo backdrops.

These backdrop ideas are a great way to spice up your photos whether you’re shooting portraits, food or products. It’s also a great way to add your personal flair and save money in the process. You don’t have to be an expert crafter or photographer to create beautiful backgrounds for your photos. We’ve pulled together some awesome DIY photo backdrop ideas that will help you make beautiful images that pop.

a couple is taking photo with Geometric DIY Backdrop

1. Geometric DIY Backdro

If you don't want to spend a lot of money on decorations, I have the perfect idea for you! Create a geometric backdrop that is super easy and affordable. It is perfect for your next birthday party, wedding reception or baby shower! In order to make this design, you will need:  a geometric pattern, cardboard, tape, scissors, and paint.

  • Step 1: Cut cardboard into the shape of the backdrop you want.
  • Step 2: Tape or glue on any additional pieces that will make it more 3D.
  • Step 3: Paint! Try to use cool geometric shapes and bright colors.
Fa girl in front of a DIY Plate Photo Backdrop

2. DIY Plate Photo Backdrop

One of the most basic and simple backdrop DIY ideas one can make. This project is so simple, and yet so satisfying. It’s also incredibly cheap – you can get enough plates for a good sized backdrop for less than $10 or $15.

  • Step 1: Tape the paper plates to the wall with loops of gaffer’s tape. Make sure to aesthetically arrange your plates.
  • Step 2: You can now enjoy your colorful backdrop!
a photo of 3D Triangles DIY Photo Backdrop

3. 3D Triangles DIY Photo Backdrop

This triangle backdrop can be customized in any color you want and decorated with faux flowers, greenery, or other props. Customize this backdrop by using different colors and sizes to create a unique Instagram photo background.

Here are the things you need: triangles (you can use any viable materials), glue gun, scissors, ruler and hot glue sticks.

  • Step 1: Use a ruler to draw the lines on the back of the foam board and then cut them out with scissors.
  • Step 2: Use hot glue to assemble your triangles into whatever design you'd like.
a photo of a woman in front of Scalloped Paper DIY Backdrop

4. Scalloped Paper DIY Backdrop

I'm going to show you how to make a scalloped paper DIY backdrop for your next photoshoot. This is a great project to do with kids because it's easy and fun, and because it's so customizable! You can use any color of paper or any viable materials.

  • Step 1: First, gather your materials: scissors, tape, and paper (or any applicable material). Then, lay out the paper in a row and cut small triangles out of the top corners.
  • Step 2: Fold each piece over in half lengthwise and tape the two sides together, along the folded edge. Repeat this until all of your paper is folded into scalloped pieces.
  • Step 3: When you're done folding your paper and taping it together, start attaching each piece of folded scalloped paper to the wall with removable adhesive hooks.  
Ombre Tissue Paper backdrop

5. Ombre Tissue Paper

Your next shoot is near! Running out of ideas for a DIY backdrop? You can make an ombre tissue paper backdrop. This is a simple but fun DIY project. All you need is tissue paper (I used 4 different colors), scissors, tape, and string or twine.

  • Step 1: Cut the tissue paper into strips approximately 2" wide by the length of the tissue paper (approximately 20"). You should get 3 strips per color of tissue paper.
  • Step 2: Stack the strips on top of each other and fold them accordion-style so they are all creased together. Fold all the strips in half so they are folded in half vertically. Tie a piece of string around the center of the bundle. Make sure it is tight!
  • Step 3: Tape your ombre tassels to a wall or dowel rod for an easy backdrop for your next photoshoot.
Delicate Taped Flowers backdrop

6. Delicate Taped Flowers

To create a fresh look for your photos, why not use dried or paper flowers? These can be arranged in a way that looks absolutely stunning. You can add a touch of the exotic to your pictures by using branches, leaves or grass.

  • Step 1: If you're using real flowers, make sure they are freshly cut and conditioned the night before. When you are ready to tape the flowers on the wall, start from the bottom and work your way up. You don't want to be leaning over a bunch of taped flowers!
  • Step 2: Use short pieces of tape so it will be easier to pull it off the wall later. I used about 1/4-inch long pieces for each flower. Don't worry if you need to use a lot of tape! It's better than seeing a drooping flower in your photos.
Cut-Out Colorful Tissue Paper

7. Cut-Out Colorful Tissue Paper

We all love a good photo backdrop. It's almost like knowing you have this cute backdrop will make you want to take more pictures or put on a party just so you can use it!

Materials needed for this DIY photo backdrop are: tissue paper (as many colors as you need), scissors, glue, string and tape.

  • Step 1: Cut out shapes you want to use out of the tissue paper, cutting through all layers at once. You can do any shape, but triangles are easy!
  • Step 2: Make sure you leave some parts of the tissue paper intact so that there are multiple layers on those parts. Otherwise, your cut-outs will be see-through and not as colorful!
  • Step 3: Poke two holes in the top part of each tissue paper cut-out and thread string through them to create a garland effect.
a girl in front of Streamers Photo Backdrop

8. Streamers Photo Backdrop

This Streamers backdrop is a simple and inexpensive way to add bright colors to your party space. Here are the materials you need to make this backdrop: crepe paper streamers in 3 or 4 different colors, white poster board and a small amount of double-sided tape.

  • Step 1: Unroll the length of crepe paper you want for your backdrop and attach it to the top of your poster board with a couple pieces of double-sided tape. Repeat for each color.
  • Step 2: Continue adding streamers until the entire poster board is covered and you’ve achieved the look you want.
a girl in front of Creased Tin Foil backdrop

9. Creased Tin Foil

If you've ever tried to use a tin foil backdrop for your next photoshoot, you know that it can be tricky to work with. But if you get used to it, you can perfectly get that awesome shot!

  • Step 1: Gather all of the supplies needed. You'll need a roll of heavy duty aluminum foil (not regular kitchen foil), some tape or tacks, and scissors.
  • Step 2: Next, cut out two long strips of aluminum foil, each about three feet wide by five feet long. Then crumple up one strip into a ball shape and set aside because we'll only be working with the other strip.
  • Step 3: Crumple up this second piece into as tight of a ball as possible, then unfold it so that it looks like a wrinkled sheet again with creases all over its surface area.
Fairy Light Arrangement Backdrop

10. Fairy Light Arrangement Backdrop

It is a stunning handcrafted product and the perfect addition for your next photoshoot. The backdrop DIY idea is made entirely from high quality fairy lights that can make your photos - magical!

  • Step 1: First, lay out all the materials you will need. Lay out the fairy lights on the floor in a shape that you like.
  • Step 2: Secure the fairy lights with twist ties or fishing line to keep their shape.
  • Step 3: Now you can hang them from a stand or from a tree or whatever you want.

10 Crafty DIY Photo Backdrop Ideas You Can Try

A photo backdrop can be a great way to take your photos to the next level. Whether you use them to create a special atmosphere for portraits or to build an original background for product photography, these easy-to-make backdrops will help you get the job done.

These 10 crafty DIY photo backdrops are not only useful, they're also quite beautiful. They'll add color and texture to any photo, from portraits of newborns to closeups of jewelry and everything in between.

a girl taking photo in fron of Popsicle DIY Photo Backdrop

1. Popsicle DIY Photo Backdrop

Need a fun backdrop to use at your next shoot? Want to take some cute photos of the kids? I've got you covered with this quick and easy tutorial that gives you a great idea for a popsicle DIY backdrop. Here are the supplies you need: popsicle sticks (size and number depends on how big you want your backdrop), glue gun, a lot of glue sticks, wood stain of your choice, paint brush and paper towels.

  • Step 1: After gathering all of your supplies, the first step is to paint your popsicle sticks. You can use any color you like but I wanted something bright and colorful. Once all of your popsicles have been painted allow them to dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  • Step 2: Next attach your popsicle sticks together by gluing them across each other in a brick laying pattern. If you use tacky glue like I did, you need to let them dry for about 30 minutes before adding the next layer of popsicles.
  • Step 3: Continue adding layers until you've reached your desired height then add one final layer along the top edge if desired.
Coffee Filter Backdrop

2. Coffee Filter Backdrop

When you’re starting out in portrait photography, one thing that helps a lot is to have a simple and elegant background. This easy DIY will show you how to make a Coffee Filter Backdrop you can use for your next shoot. You can choose any color you like too!

Here are materials needed: about 80-100 coffee filters, a stapler, string, wire or yarn, a dowel rod or similar object.

  • Step 1: Fold each coffee filter in half, then half again. Staple the folded corner to the middle of the dowel rod. Continue until you have covered the length of the dowel rod with coffee filters.
  • Step 2: Tie string at either end of the dowel rod and hang up like a curtain.
Ribbon Flower Backdrop

3. Ribbon Flower Backdrop

Here is another backdrop DIY idea that is made out of something that would be easy to store and easy to customize. You can easily make this and have your own flower backdrop. You can put it up as-is, or attach little props or signs. The best part is that you can also change out the flowers with different colors/styles!

  • Step 1: Cut ribbon into 3" sections. Hold 2 pieces of ribbon together, fold them in half and then fold them in half again, so they are now all folded together into a 4 loop bow.
  • Step 2: Slide a 10" piece of wire through the center loops on the bow and twist ends together at bottom. Repeat until you have about 50-100 flowers, or as needed
  • Step 3: To hang: I just used finishing nails to hang mine (with the twisted wire part facing downwards), but you could use push pins, staples or whatever works for your wall.
Fabric Garland Backdrop

4. Fabric Garland Backdrop

I'm a big fan of garlands. They can be used for so many different things - parties, decor, and even as photography props! I've created a few fabric garlands and wanted to share with you how I make them. For this particular garland, I've cut out strips from different cloths with varieties in pattern, color and design.

  • Step 1: Cut the fabric into long strips. Feel free to choose whatever width of fabric you want to use. If you are using a sewing machine to sew the strips together, keep in mind that you'll need to leave room to run the fabric through at each end of the strip, so make sure your fabric is wide enough to accommodate that.
  • Step 2: Sew the strips together with a sewing machine or hand stitch them together. I used white thread so it wouldn't show as much but you could also use thread in a color that coordinates with your party decor for added whimsy.
  • Step 3: The last step is to hang your garland however you want! You can tie it around trees, wrap it around mantels or even string it from one end of your venue to another in an arched shape like I did.
a boy’s photo with Crepe Paper Photo Backdrop

5. Crepe Paper Photo Backdrop

It's inexpensive, easy to assemble and use, and durable. If you're a fan of taking pictures in your home, this is perfect for parties and special occasions. It's also portable — you can break it down easily and transport it to different locations!

  • Step 1: Unfold the crepe paper. Hold the crepe paper horizontally and taut. Twist the crepe paper very tightly in one hand until it starts to roll onto itself slightly, as if you were creating a rope out of it.
  • Step 2: Continue twisting until you reach the end of the length and can no longer twist anymore.
  • Step 3: Set aside and repeat with all colors. After repeating the process - hang in a large, open space. Now you can enjoy your shoot!
DIY Paper Floral Backdrop

6. DIY Paper Floral Backdrop

Hoping to have a photoshoot for your next pictorial? Add a touch of class with this beautiful DIY Paper Floral Backdrop. In just a short time, you'll have an elegant DIY backdrop for your next photoshoot. To make this, you will need: paper flowers, floral wire, floral tape, hot glue gun and scissors.

  • Step 1: Cut off two sides of the box so that it lays flat on the ground and then cut 4 holes in each corner, about 2" in from the edge. Make sure that all 4 holes are the same size and that they match up so that the wire will fit through them easily.
  • Step 2: Now you're ready to string your wires. String the wire through one hole, twist it around itself and then string it through the other hole in the same corner.
  • Step 3: Repeat this process for all four corners so that you have 4 wires hanging down evenly spaced along each side.
DIY Paper Chain Backdrop

7. DIY Paper Chain Backdrop

This is the perfect project if you want to make a show-stopping photo booth or party backdrop, and it can be customized to match any color scheme. It looks bright, fun and inviting.

  • Step 1: Supplies needed: colored crepe paper, scissors, glue dots. Cut various-length strips, 6 feet (1.8 m) long by 4 to 5 inches (10-12 cm) wide.
  • Step 2: Fold the first strip of paper in half, marking the halfway point, and cut a small, 1-inch slit at the fold. Repeat with the second strip of paper, so on and so forth.
  • Step 3: Start by folding the second strip in half and inserting one end of the folded strip through a slit on the first strip. Do not pull it all of the way through, as you will secure it with glue dots. Next, apply glue dots to each end of the second folded strip and secure it to itself so that it resembles an infinity symbol when hanging vertically.
Ombre Yarn Backdrops

8. Ombre Yarn Backdrops

Get creative photo backdrop ideas with the yarn to install an interesting backdrop for the party photo booths. This yarn backdrop comes with an enchanting design pattern. You will need the following materials to do this diy backdrop: fishing line, yarn in the colors of your choice, a frame or a large embroidery hoop.

  • Step 1: Start by tying a fishing line to your frame. We used a large embroidery hoop and tied several pieces of fishing line around the outside edge.
  • Step 2: This is where you will tie the yarn to hang from. If you don't have an embroidery hoop or something similar, you could just use nails in your wall or ceiling and tie it there instead.
DIY Pom Pom Backdrop

9. DIY Pom Pom Backdrop

I love this DIY! I've been wanting to make a pom pom backdrop for my photos and it's so easy. You don't need to buy expensive yarn - this is a great way to use up all those leftover yarns in your craft stash. I also like that you can make the pom poms any size you want and the fabric backing makes the pom poms easier to attach.

  • Step 1: Take the cardboard and fold it in half. Glue the two pieces together so they stay in place. Apply glue to one side of the cardboard and start wrapping the yarn around it until you have covered the entire surface.
  • Step 2:  Once finished, cut a long piece of yarn and tie it around the center of the wrapped cardboard, making sure to leave some excess on each side so that you can hang it up later.
  • Step 3: Cut along both edges (while holding down with your hand to prevent from flying everywhere) and there you have it.
Paper Fan backdrop

10. DIY Paper Fan Photo Backdrop

One of the best things you can do to set the mood for a celebration is to create a backdrop. If you're looking for an easy way to make a big impact on your party decor, making a photo backdrop is what you need.

Paper fans are a very popular item to use when creating backdrops and they have become so affordable that they are no longer limited to weddings and showers. They're great for birthday parties, proms and even baby showers! The trick is to layer them with other items like fabric and balloons to create an eye-catching focal point for your guests.

  • Step 1: Cut the cardstock into 4-inch strips. A paper cutter can make this job much easier, but if you don't have access to one, use a ruler and pencil to mark a line where you want to cut, then use scissors to cut along that line.
  • Step 2: To make paper fans, link two ends of your paper strips together to form a loop, securing them with double-sided tape or a glue stick. Repeat until you have enough loops to make a full fan. For templates of the fans we created, see the examples below; however, feel free to get creative!
  • Step 3: Once you connect the loops together with double-sided tape or glue stick, your fan is complete! Mount your completed fan to a wall or mounting board with poster putty or removable command strips. Adjust as necessary until you get your desired look.

10 Extra-useful DIY Photo Backdrop Ideas

When you're working with a limited budget, it's sometimes hard to find the best photography equipment. This is especially true if you like to take photos of people, as you will often need backdrops for an aesthetically pleasing photo.

But instead of spending money on professional backdrops that can be quite expensive, try these DIY photography backdrop ideas. You'll be surprised at how easy they are to make and how much money you'll save!

a baby’s photo with Woodsy Photo Backdrop

1. Woodsy Photo Backdrop Ideas

The next time you're planning a party, consider creating a woodsy photo backdrop. Photo backdrops are all the rage right now and they allow you to customize your event and make it one-of-a-kind. And there's no better theme for an outdoor party than woodsy!

  • Step 1: Gather all materials needed such as: wood pallet box, other rustic items, and most especially the collapsible woodsy backdrop.
  • Step 2:  Arrange all items in a most aesthetic manner or arrangement. Double check all items are completely in place.
  • Step 3: Pose and get those awesome shots!
Kate Blue Beach Themed collapsible Backdrop

2. Blue Beach Themed Backdrop

Bring the beach to any celebration. With this collapsible backdrop, you can create an instant photo booth for your next party. This is a great way to make memories with your friends and family. The blue side of the two-tone collapsible backdrop truly represents the ocean.

Kate collapsible backdrops assemble quickly in just a few minutes and are perfect for any occasion including weddings, tropical themed bridal showers, birthdays, school events, proms and so much more!

  • Step 1: Place your collapsible blue backdrop on a well-lit place in the venue or your studio.
  • Step 2: Grab your sunglasses. swimsuit and summer tropical drink.
  • Step 3: Strike a pose and feel the summer heat and take those gorgeous tropical shots.
baby's photo with a pink backdrop

3. Always, Pink!

When you’re in the market for a backdrop that doesn’t dominate your scene, but still adds to your aesthetics, consider one of our pink collapsible backdrops. We offer several different variations on this classic color, including pink muslin background and plain solid pink backdrop.

Pink is a favorite color for many people because it’s bright and friendly. It also adds an element of fun to your scene. That makes it ideal for situations where you need to bring out a warm feeling, such as Valentine’s Day portraits, newborn photoshoot or photos for a bridal shower.

  • Step 1: Please note that the setup requires a pink collapsible backdrop, black studio paper and a light source. A pair of hands would also help with posing your baby subject. For this particular setup, the backdrop was placed at 45 degrees facing the light source.
  • Step 2: We wanted to use a pink theme for this shoot and decided to use a pink collapsible backdrop as it is easy to transport and store. You can also stack 2 or more of these backdrops together to form a larger seamless background for more versatility in your shoots!
  • Step 3: A newborn baby should be posed on a nursery-like setting or any soft and baby-friendly item (such as a bean bag, basket adorned with flowers) used by many photographers especially for newborn shoots.
Kiddie Jungle DIY backdrop

4. Kiddie Jungle DIY Shoot

Let your little one be the "king of the jungle" in this super cute and easy-to-make kiddie jungle DIY shoot!

Here's what you need to complete this pictorial set: a Jungle-themed collapsible backdrop, cutouts made from brown paper, some plants that grow high.

  • Step 1: Hang a backdrop to serve as a background. You can use solid colored cloth like green or blue, tissue paper, pom poms or leaves.
  • Step 2: Make cutouts of zebras, giraffes and trees from brown paper, which you can easily purchase from any craft store. You can also make your own templates based on your child’s favorite animal characters.
  • Step 3: Just print out animal pictures and cut out the shapes using an X-acto knife. Place them on the backdrop at varying heights to make it look more interesting. Let your photography skills shine and take the shots while your kid isn’t crying yet.
Kate two colored bokeh collapsible backdrop

5. Two-colored Bokeh DIY Photoshoot Ideas

The two colored collapsible backdrop is the perfect accessory for your next shoot. Setting up in a matter of minutes, this is an easy and affordable way to create a professional look for your portraits or product photography. This collapsible backdrop has two colors: Pink Sequins Bokeh and Blue Sequins Bokeh.

The two colored collapsible backdrop is a sewn fabric backdrop that folds down into a compact circle no bigger than a dinner plate. It's absolutely perfect for locations that are tight on space or don't have room to set up traditional backdrops. The two colors of the backdrop allow you to create some amazing images, especially if you use them with some creative lighting techniques.

  • Step 1:  First, open the two-colored backdrop and lay it flat on the floor. Next, pull the top layer of material over the halo support frame and fasten it with the touch fastener closures on each side.
  • Step 2: Then, secure the bottom layer of material to the backdrop frame in the same way.
  • Step 3: Finally, your two-colored backdrop is ready for use! Try taking a photo with both colors showing at once or set up your shot so that you can take a photo with one color showing initially and then switch to the other color by simply flipping over the top layer of material!
a bride taking photo in front of Fabric Drape Backdrop

6. Fabric Drape Backdrops

Fabric Drape Backdrops are a great way to add some pizzazz to any shoot. If you have a white wall or thatch hut or black hole handy, you can hand a fabric backdrop over it to give your next shot some extra character.

If you want to make your own Fabric Drape Backdrop, it's pretty easy. You just need some fabrics of different colors, some wood and some glue.

  • Step 1: First, cut the wood into two. Cut the fabrics per color to your desired length for the backdrop.
  • Step 2: Next, attach the fabric to the wood or any applicable material. In this way, you have an aesthetic perfectly draped colorful backdrop.
Rainbow Clouds DIY Backdrop

7. Rainbow Clouds DIY Backdrop

Rainbows have been trending so I thought I would share a few ideas on how to make your own rainbow backdrop. It’s really easy, I promise. If you want to use white clouds, paint them with watered down white paint or use spray glue and sprinkle glitter on them. This is what we did in the picture above. You could also use cotton balls glued onto the clouds for a soft, fluffy look.

In order to complete this colorful backdrop, gather the following materials: card stock or construction paper (clouds), tissue paper (rainbow), glue stick and scissors.

  • Step 1: Cut out clouds. You can use balloons or any viable materials as you see fit.
  • Step 2: Glue them onto a wall or piece of cardboard that has been painted blue or covered in blue construction paper. You can also hang them from the ceiling if you want to make it look like they are floating.
  • Step 3: Cut out a bunch of strips of tissue paper about 2 inches wide and about 8-10 inches long in varying shades of blue and purple for the clouds to hold.
a bride taking photo in front of Origami Backdrop

8. Origami Backdrop

Origami backdrop is an easy and inexpensive way to decorate a room for a party. It can be used as a photo booth backdrop, a photo backdrop or just as plain paper decorations. It looks amazing in pictures and it has a stunning effect on the photos.

The DIY idea behind this origami backdrop is to create a background that is made up of different shapes with different colors. It can be used in any type of event, such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers and even anniversaries. To make this magical backdrop, make sure you have everything you need before you start: several pieces of card stock (with your preferred color), a pair of scissors, paperclips, glue, frame and thread / strings.

  • Step 1: First, you will need to buy a lot of paper. You can buy any color paper you want, but I recommend white. White will look best for the backdrop. Also, it is better for the environment to use white instead of colored because it uses less resources.
  • Step 2: Next, get some origami paper and start folding! Fold as many pieces of origami as you can make.
  • Step 3: After you are done folding origami, get a really big frame that fits all your origami on it, or glue them to a wall with tape or glue sticks.
  • Step 4:  Once the frame is ready (or the wall), hang it up and enjoy!
kids taking photo in front of Wrapping Paper Backdrop

9. Wrapping Paper Backdrop

The Wrapping Paper Backdrop is a great way to add a fun and festive touch to your event! The backdrop is a great alternative to traditional photo booth backdrops, since it can be customized to match your party theme.

The backdrop is made from wrapping paper and butcher paper. Butcher paper is extremely durable, so it will last for years! It’s also very easy to clean, so you can use the backdrop for multiple events without worrying about stains or other damage. The best part about this project is that it’s completely customizable! You will need: large rolls of wrapping paper (with your preferred designs), scissors  and painter's tape.

  • Step 1: Attach the wrapping paper to the wall using painter's tape. (You can also use masking tape, but it might not hold as well.) Make sure it's secure, especially if your backdrop is long.
  • Step 2: Tape a piece of wrapping paper to the floor directly in front of the wall covered with wrapping paper. This will help you avoid a "split floor" effect.
  • Step 3: Cover any remaining walls, door frames or other structures with wrapping paper. You want every surface to be covered with wrapping paper or whatever you chose to imitate a magical background.
  • Step 4: Roll up the edges of the wrapping paper at the bottom so that they don't look ragged and unfinished. If you do this right, you should have a seamless backdrop with no visible seams or splits between pieces of paper.
DIY Suspended Tassel Backdrop

10. DIY Suspended Tassel Backdrop

A suspended tassel backdrop is such a fun and whimsical statement for a wedding or event. It can be used as a photo booth backdrop, a ceremony backdrop, or even just to add some interest to your reception space. The best part about this tutorial is that you can customize it however works best for your project.

  • Step 1: Create your backdrop by hanging a large piece of white fabric onto the wall (you can also use a curtain rod or clamps to hang it). Make sure that the fabric is smoothed out at the bottom.
  • Step 2: Cut off strips of painter's tape and stick them onto the top edge of the fabric. The width of the strips should be equal to the length of each tassel.
  • Step 3: Hang up your tassels by sticking them onto the strips of painter’s tape.

Sometimes the difference between a good photo and a great one is simply finding the right way to frame your subject. A professional photographer might use a lot of props to make your photo stand out. There are many customizable options available, our versatile selection of DIY photo backdrop ideas will give you the edge you need to make any picture memorable. We hope you can use our selection to spice up your photos for your next big milestone!

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