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Selfie Poses for Girls: 16 Tricks and Poses for Stunning Selfies

Selfies are a girl's go-to for capturing life's moments and showcasing her style. But, finding the perfect pose can be a challenge. Should you smile or pout? Raise your arm or keep it down?

In this article, we'll share 9 trending and aesthetic selfie poses for girls, along with tips and tricks to help you master the art of the selfie. Whether you're looking for a serious or sultry vibe, these poses are versatile and perfect for any occasion. So, get ready to snap some stunning selfies with our expert advice!

6 Tricks to Get Better Selfie

1. Find the Right Angle

The most important thing when taking a good selfie is finding the right angle. You can play around with different angles until you find the best angle you like. Some people prefer to take their selfies from above, while others like to take them from the side.

Besides, you can use a selfie stick to get more available angles. You can even make a mirror selfie by posing in front of a mirror.

girl selfie

Photo by Dmitriy Zub on Unsplash

Experiment and see what works best for you.

2. Wear Tops That Are a Different Color from the Color of Your Hair

If you want your selfie to stand out, try wearing a top that is a different color from the color of your hairstyle. This will create a nice contrast and make your facial features pop. For example, try wearing a light-colored top if you have dark hair.

3. Use Light Lip Colors

When it comes to your lips, it's best to go for light colors or glosses. Dark colors can make your lips look thinner and smaller, which is not what you want in a selfie. Instead, try a light pink color. This will give your lips a fuller look and highlight their shape.

4. Hide Your Facial Asymmetry Using Your Hair or Hands

One thing that many people don't realize is that everyone's face is asymmetrical. This means that one side of your face is slightly different. While this may not be noticeable to you, it can be quite apparent in photos.

selfie of girl hiding her half face with hair

Photo by Dmitriy Zub on Unsplash

Try using your hair or hands to cover up the asymmetry. For example, you can sweep your hair over one side of your face or put your hand up to your cheek.

5. Use Your Preferred Tricks to Get Your Most Natural Smile

Getting a natural look when smiling is important in any selfie, but it can be difficult. If you have trouble smiling naturally, there are a few tricks you can try. One is to think of something that makes you happy for a smiling facial expression.

Another is to say words like "cheese" or "honey" before taking the photo. This will help to relax your facial muscles and produce a more natural smile.

6. Always Close Your Eyes before Smiling

This is a selfie game tip that many people don't know about, but it makes a huge difference. Smiling while your eyes are open can make you look like you're trying too hard. Instead, close your eyes and then smile. This will help relax your whole face and give you a much more genuine-looking smile.

9 Best Selfie Poses for Girls

For most of us, posing for a selfie is always a struggle. What do I do with my hands? Should I tilt my head? Do I smile or not?

All these questions go through our minds every time we take a selfie. And even when we think we've finally figured it out, we still end up with a less than perfect selfie.

But don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are the 9 best selfie poses for girls that go viral on social media like FB and Insta.

1. The Sophisticated Pull Back

pull-back pose for girl selfie

This is a great pose if you want to look elegant and put together. It is very simple. Just place your right or left hand on the side of your face while looking into the camera and then pull before taking the picture.

This pose gives a vibe of "I am a fabulous and confident woman." Make sure you stand at a spot in your house with good lighting, as this will help give warmer tones to the picture.

2. Lying on a Bed

selfie photo of lying on bed

This is a great pose idea if you want to show off your outfit in a full-body selfie or take a picture of yourself in a relaxed setting. For this pose to look good, ensure you do not lie completely flat on your back, which will definitely results in a double chin.. Instead, use a pillow to prop yourself up slightly. This elevates your head and neck and will make you look more graceful.

Moreover,be aware of the lighting and ensure no harsh shadows on your face. You can do this by looking towards the window.

3. The Boring Pose

Boring selfie pose

If you choose to do The Boring Pose, make sure you do not look too bored. It would be best if you touch your face slowly and softly to keep your features on point and not ruin your makeup.

One helpful trick of going about this pose is avoiding pressing your body very hard, which makes you look unnatural and tense. Having just a soft touch will make a huge difference and make your pose look more aesthetic and attractive.

4. Pointing Your Lips

selfie pose of pointing lips

This is one of the most used selfie poses for girls, but that does not make it less good. It makes it more relatable as it is a pose we all have done once. All you need to do is put your index finger near the center of your lips and then slightly part them before  taking the picture. This pose makes your lips look fuller and gives a sultry look.

5. Playing Your Sweater

selfie post of playing with sweater

Playing with your sweater is another efforetless and cute selfie pose for girls.

If you want to achieve this look, while using a tripod to take your photo, put on a little baggy sweater and then put your hands in the sleeves. You then have to put your hands close to your face, with one raised a little higher than the other one.

However, if you are using one hand to hold the camera, ensure the other hand is still in the sleeve and close to your face. Going about this pose correctly can give you an adorable look that you will be proud of.

6. The Silent Girl Selfie

 silent selfie pose

While this pose can look good on you with big lips, it can also look not so good depending on how you execute it. What you need to do is make a sure gesture of "shh" with your index finger and then practice conscious breathing.

Breathing out before taking the picture will give you the best results as there will be a nice gap between your lips  hat will give you a sultry look.

7. Triangles

selfie pose by making triangles

Triangles are always a great way to make your photos look more aesthetic and give you a guide on what to do with your hands. This pose is an easy one to do with your hair up in a ponytail or half-pony. Just grab it and press it a little bit, and then slightly tilt your head before taking the picture.

Use this pose when you want to look natural but want to add a bit of personality to your picture as well.

The cool thing about this is that you can make triangles with your hands by putting your arms together above the head. This will help give some structure to your selfie and make it look more intentional.

8. The Nerdy Selfie

nerdy selfie pose

This pose entails adding props to your selfie. You can use anything from books to glasses to a coffee mug. Adding props helps you pause and tell a story which is one of the goals of taking photos.

What you are doing with the props is communicating what you are doing at that moment, for example, reading a book or drinking coffee. Do not forget to hold the object close to your face.

If it is a book, open it, look into the camera, and take a picture. If it is a mug of coffee, take a sip before taking the picture.

9. The Coffee Selfie

coffee selfie

Posing with props can be a great way to help you pose, especially if the camera is your accomplice. One of these schemes involves adding something like a coffee mug in front of yourself so that when we look at it or take photos, our eye gets drawn into its depths. 

This is a fantastic portrait pose, especially in the mornings. If you're like me and you've not started your makeup, sipping your coffee while attempting to get into focus is the perfect way to start your day and for a great selfie photo..


How you pose for a selfie can make a big difference in how you look in the photo. Having known these photo ideas and tricks you can use to make sure you look your best; you can be sure to take some amazing selfies that will make all your friends jealous. Also, don't forget to try these different poses with friends, as they can help you get some really great photoshoots, neither with your iPhone or digital camera.


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