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Essential Guide to Picnic Photoshoot: 10 Preparation props | 15 Photo Ideas

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Picnic photoshoots are ideal for summer and fall pictures and are aesthetically pleasing. Picnic pictures are great for couples, friends, family, and even large groups. However, to get a fantastic picnic, there are tips, props, and different aspects you need to consider when selecting a location. Dive in to find information, props, food, and picnic photoshoot ideas you can try.

How to Pick the Site for Your Picnic Photoshoot

When choosing your picnic location, you need to pay attention to features which include:


To create a dreamy vibe for your picnic photoshoot, including open skies with various blue hues that make your photo enjoyable. An ideal background can be close to the water, and it should be simple to draw more focus to your picnic; you can even do it in the park.

 The general vibe

What you pack for your picnic photoshoot should be decided upon when you have a concept, vibe, or photographic objective. For instance, for a romantic vibe, you can include flowers like roses, an outfit that fits the vibe like a cute dress, and a background that will not divert attention from the set. However, for a fun vibe, you can opt for bright colors; for example, you can incorporate yellow flowers.

a girl reading photo when going picnic

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 Your choice of colors

A good color scheme is a crucial component of good picnic pictures; you should avoid many vibrant colors as they take away from the picnic setup. It is best to select three primary shades that blend well together. For instance, you can choose white, green, and tans with red highlights; your outfit should also be part of the three colors to avoid having too much going on in the photo.

10 Must-have Props for Picnic Photoshoot

1. Picnic basket

Picnic baskets are helpful and can be decorated differently to match the vibe and season. Picnic baskets with attractively textured interiors are a great option because they can be prominently displayed. Baskets can have two / four table settings based on how many people the picnic involves.

2. Candles

By their size, pillar candles are typically the best option for lanterns. Select the flameless LED variety for durability or the wax ones for a conventional appearance.

3. Picnic blankets

photo of picnic basket on the blanket

Photo by Evangelina Silina on Unsplash

Picnic blankets are suitable for picnic photography as they provide extra comfort and tidy the setting. It also clearly describes the picnic area and gives the surroundings more color, which makes it simpler to create good shots. Many blankets are made of water-resistant material to prevent moisture and come in varying hues, textures, and patterns.

4. Straw hat

For picnic pictures, hats are practically a requirement and are unarguably a good photo prop. When shot from behind, they immediately up the pictures drama, and they come in handy when you are having a bad hair day. They lessen the discomfort of wind, offer warmth on chilly days, and protect the skin on sunny days.

5. Blankets with chunky knit

The chunky knit kind is one of the greatest to photograph when it comes to blankets. These heavy, textured blankets immediately draw admiration with their exquisite weave design. You can add them to your picnic photoshoot set up as they can add to the photos.

6. Pillow with Texture

Pillows with different textures are various ways to incorporate visual appeal while enhancing comfort in the picnic setting. Choose a single cohesive look or play around with a few multiple surfaces, like faux fur.

7. Vintage camera

A photo of someone taking a photo always manages to capture attention. These vintage cameras come in the ideal pastel shades for dreamy summer and spring picnic pictures. They not only appear stunning in photographs, but they also have instant cameras. They are great for making photo collages or giving your photography a retro flair.

8. Serving Tray

picnic photo with food and wooden serving tray

Photo by Deval Parikh on Unsplash

If a shoot calls for a lot of food like in picnic photoshoots, serving trays is necessary. Choosing the right style with your setup will make displaying the food more accessible.

9. Bamboo bag

Bamboo bags are ideal for picnic photoshoots when posing is difficult for you and your hands need a task. Additionally, they can be loaded with makeup, a brush, and other shoot-related supplies that are required to be on hand. These bags are great for spring and summer picnic pictures.

10. Mugs or wine glasses

Mugs are ideal props if you have tea or coffee drinks in your photoshoot as they add to the photo. Authentic wine glasses are more elegant and make for good pictures because you can hold them and engage them in your picnic photoshoot.

How to Choose the Food for Your Picnic Pictures


✔  Go for food items that can be easily transported and are less messy.

✔  The meal should also be practical as you will eat them after taking your picnic pictures.

✔  Choose foods that go with your theme for a great picnic photoshoot.

✔  You can go for take-out food in case the shoot is extended.

friends toasting with drinks

Photo by Jojo Yuen (sharemyfoodd) on Unsplash


  • Infused water or cold tea
  • Wine bottle
  • Fruits. You can incorporate fruits like strawberries, grapes, watermelon, or any fruit you choose.
  • Cheese or crackers
  • loaf of bread
  • Pizza
  • Biscuits
  • Cold cuts like ham.

15 Photo Ideas and Tips for Fancy Picnic Pictures

1. Do matching outfits

This idea can apply to couples, friends, and even family. The subjects pick out outfits that match the theme, and they can choose to colour coordinate or even do matching outfits. It is best to go for styles that are comfortable for everyone.

2. Focus on the details

Make sure to include a variety of details in your picnic pictures. It will assist you in capturing the interest of your audience. You could capture lovely images of various foods, accessories, and surroundings. You can create a more exciting story about the subject or couple by taking lots of up-close pictures.

3. Picnic photoshoot during golden hour

 family picnic with little baby on grassland in golden hour

Photo by Natali Hordiiuk on Unsplash

The ideal time of day to take picnic pictures is generally regarded as being during the golden hour. which happens soon after sunrise and just before sunset. You can use various golden hour photography techniques to capture images with soft shadows and diffused light. Portrait pictures with warm, lovely tones are ideal at this time. Depending on the location and season, the golden hour lasts various times. Use specialised calculator applications like photographer's ephemeris or helios golden hour for Apple to figure it out.

4. Make an engaging session for a picnic.

Another fantastic idea for a picnic photoshoot is when you take pictures of an engagement session. It's simple to set a romantic mood while keeping things natural. Even better, you could use your photography to document a proposal story. Before the proposal, the couple should first enjoy the picnic food. You can conclude the photo session with the couple toasting champagne.

5. Snap Pics of the Group Picnic

Make sure to get several group shots, whether photographing a couple or a large group. Try various poses and incorporate everyone in the picnic pictures. Group pictures display the group's intimacy, connection, and companionship.

old friends' picnic in the forest

Photo by Boston Public Library on Unsplash

6. Flower field picnic idea

Consider experimenting with different locations when taking pictures of picnics. You can show a strong connection between the people in the image and capture the distinctive atmosphere of a particular place. You could take photos with a beautiful background in a flower field; they are ideal for mothers day pictures.

7. Pick a Picnic Color Scheme Based on the Season

You can fully capture the summer or fall mood using a coherent color scheme when taking photos during a specific season. Consider concentrating on purple, cream, and pink hues during the summer; use a richer color scheme with warm orange, red and brown hues for photos taken in the fall. You can choose the appropriate attire and props for your shooting with the aid of the picnic photoshoot idea.

8. Taking wine

Nothing beats the pleasure of sipping a fine wine. You can make a picture appear romantic by including a wine bottle in the frame. Additionally, it will make self-conscious people feel more at ease; they can pour the wine and hold the glasses.

a gril drinking wine on a picnic

Photo by Taisiia Shestopal on Unsplash

9. Take family photos

For a family picnic photoshoot, ensure the photos look natural, and you can incorporate board games and toys to make the images pop. Ensure that you ascertain the comfort levels of each member of the family. In that case, talking to them will help them unwind; they can engage in games, play with pets and enjoy food. The best moment to capture intimate images is when they stop focusing on you.

10. Incorporate pets

Ask the couple to bring their pets to enhance the cuteness of your picnic pictures. Though getting good shots of dogs and cats at first may be challenging, they will eventually settle down and pay attention to their owners. Pets will enhance the memories of family and sibling photos. In addition, some pet owners like to include their pets in their engagement photos. A pet will stop paying attention to you once it gets accustomed.

11. Lay on your belly

You can instruct the model to lie on her stomach while raising her legs behind her. She is free to take any relaxed-looking pose, including touching her face with her palms. You can also ask your model to hold a book or place it within the frame to make it more visually appealing. It will help you get a natural shot of someone having a good time on a gorgeous sunny day.

12. Beach picnic idea

Make sure to let your subjects know about nearby beaches as they are perfect for a picnic photoshoot. You could use pillows or tropical fruits as props. Additionally, bringing a small picnic table with you might be significant. Take great pictures of the couple enjoying their weekend while maintaining a wide-angle perspective to capture the gorgeous backdrop.

13. Lay down on the picnic blanket

a girl reading photo when going picnic

Photo by Joeyy Lee on Unsplash

To put this into practice, instruct your models to lie on the picnic blanket. They are free to engage in any activity that will put them at ease; they could discuss the area, admire the lovely flowers, or gaze at the sky. To prevent harsh shadows on the models' faces, taking pictures in a shaded spot is preferable, and you should include the background.

14. Picnic photoshoot enjoying food

If you enjoy taking pictures of food, you can add different dishes to the scene to make your picnic photoshoot remarkable. Those who love refreshingly candid photos will find this helpful idea. If you want to take candid shots without forcing your subjects to pose, use it. This concept benefits photographers specializing in couple photography because your models can begin feeding one another. Consequently, you will capture lovely images of happy individuals who enjoy one another's company.

15. Overhead angle idea

On the picnic blanket, instruct the couple or friends to lie down facing each other but apart from one another. Either of them may direct their gaze at the photographer or exchange glances. Avoid having your models face various directions when executing this picnic photoshoot idea unless you're going for a lonely feeling.


Taking picnic pictures is very enjoyable, and with the right tips, it is pretty straightforward. When choosing the site, you need to consider the location, colors, and general vibe. As for the props, you need to keep it simple to have a great shot, and there are many varying food ideas you can go for. I hope you have a great time trying the picnic photoshoot ideas above.

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