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How to Photograph Milk Bath for Maternity: Guides | Tips

Photograph milk bath for maternity is definitely a perfect way to add a creative and unique touch to your maternity sessions. However, how to make a milk bath for pregnancy photoshoot? How to take the elegant and charming milk bath photos? What should be keep in mind when photograph milk bath for maternity? Here are the answers.

What Is Milk Bath Photography?

Milk bath photography is a type of portraiture involving submerging a subject in milk diluted with water to create a dreamy, ethereal look. Flowers or pearls are some photography props that you can add to the milk bath to create a more romantic or whimsical scene.

The subjects involved in milk bath photoshoot are typically pregnant women or newborn babies, as the milk is thought to be beneficial for both groups.

Usually, milk bath photography is done in an intimate setting, such as at home, to make the subject feel comfortable and relaxed.

Why to Take Milk Bath Photography?

There are many reasons to take milk bath photography. Some of them include:

  • It gives expectant mothers a beautiful and unique way to showcase their baby bump in a safe environment.
  • It enables photographers to add props to make the photos look more creative and stylish.

maternity milk bath photo

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  • Milk is known to be very good for the skin, so it can be an excellent way to relax and pamper yourself while getting some great photos.
  • The translucent mixture of milk and water adds a beautiful and ethereal quality to the photos making them look very dreamy.

How to Make a Milk Bath for Maternity?

Milk bath maternity photos are all the rage these days, and for a good reason. They are beautiful, unique, and a great way to show off your baby bump. Making your milk bath is easy and requires only a few ingredients you likely already have in your home or can easily find at your local grocery store.

To make a milk bath, you will need:

  • Warm water
  • Milk (cow, goat, or vegan are all fine)
  • Some flowers or fruits for decoration

Steps to Make a Milk Bath for Maternity

  1. Fill your tub with warm water. You don't want it to be too hot, as that can be dangerous to the expectant mother’s skin
  2. Add in the milk. Your amount will depend on how translucent you want the water to be.
  3. Leave the mixture for a few minutes so the milk can properly mix in with the water.
  4. Add in some flowers or fruits for decoration. This is optional but can make your bath look and smell nice. Do not forget to leave about 3cm of stem on the flowers so that they can float better.

Tips for Photographing Milk Bath for Maternity

Taking perfect milk bath maternity photos of the expectant mother can sometimes be challenging. This is because you must ensure that the mother is safe and comfortable while also getting the perfect shot.

maternity milk bath photo

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Here are some tips on taking milk bath maternity pictures while ensuring the safety and comfort of the mother.

Safety Tips

1. Use fresh milk.

Make sure that the milk is fresh and within the expiration date. You don't want the mother to be ingesting expired milk. Moreover, do not use milk that has been used with another person.

2. Know your client's health status.

Be sure to ask the mother about any allergies she may have. You don't want the mother to have an allergic reaction to the milk, which can be dangerous.

3. Avoid hot milk.

The milk should be at room temperature or cooler. Avoid using hot milk as this can scald the mother, making her have a negative experience.

4. Take the photos quickly.

Make sure to take the pregnancy photos quickly so that the mother is not in the milk bath for too long. You don't want the milk to go bad and the mother to start feeling uncomfortable.

maternity milk photo with flowers

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5. Keep wires away from the milk bath.

Water is a conductor of electricity, and you don't want the mother to get electrocuted. Be sure to keep all wires away from the milk bath.

    Photography Tips

    1. Plan the shoot.

    Have a vision for the maternity photoshoot and plan accordingly. This includes deciding on the mother's best location, props, and outfit. You also check if the props can float on the milk and if the area has good lighting.

    2. Offer various milk varieties.

    Offer the mother multiple types of milk to choose from. This can include whole milk, almond milk, oat milk, etc. This will allow the mother to select the type of milk she is most comfortable with.

    3. Add some oil to the milk.

    Add essential oil to the milk to give it a pleasant smell. This will make the experience more relaxing for the mother.

    4. Use different focal lengths.

    Use a variety of focal lengths to get various shots. This can include closeups, wide shots, and shots from different angles. This will give your client a variety of photos to choose from.

    5. Movement is key.

    Encourage the mother to move around in the milk bath. This will create exciting shots and also help the mother relax.

    maternity milk photo with flowers

    Photo by Kayla Maurais on Unsplash

    6. Modify the extent your subject is under the milk.

    You can have the mother's face completely under the milk or just partially under. This will create different looks and various photos for the mother.
    Try nude photography: You can try it with the mother if she is comfortable. Nude photography can emphasize the smoothness of the mother's skin and the curves of her body.

    7. Use color.

    ou can use colored milk or add food coloring to the milk to create interesting shots. This can add a unique touch to the photos.

    8. Try innovating.

    Be creative and try to innovate. This can include asking the mother to eat or drink while in the milk bath. This will create exciting and unique photos.

    9. Use different points of view.

    Most photographers like using a bird's eye view when shooting milk baths. However, you can try using other points of view to get different shots. This can include using a ground-level view or using a side view. This also gives the mother a variety of photos to choose from.

    10. Bring an additional quantity of everything.

    It's always better to bring an extra amount of everything. This includes warm water, towels, milk, etc. This will allow you to shoot for extended periods and be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. For example, you can add warm water to the milk bath if the mother starts feeling cold.

    maternity milk photo with flowers

    Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

    11. Try playing with the light.

    You can try playing with the light to create different effects. This can include using natural light or using artificial light. You can also try using other colored lights to create different looks.


      Milk bath photography is a perfect way to capture the beauty and serenity of maternity. When done correctly, these maternity photos can be incredibly stunning and moving.

      Knowing how to set up and execute a milk bath shoot properly, you are now well on your way to creating your beautiful maternity photos. It only takes a little planning and preparation to get the perfect shot, so go out and experiment with this unique and beautiful maternity photoshoot.

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