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31 Best Group Poses to Power your Group Photography

Have you ever found yourself in a mass gathering, and people point you out to take a picture of them? It is the most annoying thing that you have had in your photography business if you do not have the skills. A basic skill like arranging the participants is very essential in portrait photography. The arrangement is key for it is through how you have arranged your participants that will help you determine the right focal length and the right aperture you will use. The pose for a photograph is as also important as the photograph itself. It helps to create the mood of the picture and it is the mood and the expression that people are interested in.

Classic Group Photos

1. A compact together group pose

This pose is among the best when you are shooting a group portrait with a lot of participants. For such photoshoots posing ideas, as a photographer you have little power or control over the expression of the people, and neither can you spend all your time arranging them in a certain pattern.

You just tell the people to stand together, cross their arms across their chest, (to create some uniformity), tell them to stand close to get with her such they will have no spaces left between them, and finally, look forward towards the camera. The most essential thing is to make sure that everyone in the group is within the frame of focus.

A compact together group pose
Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

2. Full body shot in C-shape

It is a perfect pose for formal photography, maybe for the profile of an organization. Such images are placed on the index page of organizational websites.

As a portrait photographer, you arrange the participants in a C-shaped pattern. They should look as if they are converging. The participants at the sides should face inwards like they are facing each other. The tall people in the group should appear at the furthest end of the C-shaped pattern and the height to gradually reduce to the center. The shortest person should be at the center. Tell the people to face the camera. When you are shooting, make sure that everyone is within the frame and in focus.

3. A declined view of the participants

Photography is an art, so you must be creative and do things differently. After arranging the participants in the photo, go up to a higher point, above your participants. This can be a balcony near you, the top of a car, or even on a roof. The declined photo will give a different perspective from the ordinary group photos, which will make it interesting.

group photo with A declined view of the participants

Photo by Church of the King on Unsplash

4. Spaced team poses

If you are shooting a photo to be used as a profile of a creative TV show, a band, or even an official organization staff, think of this group photo pose. It works well for a photo including a small number of people.

Arrange the participants at different positions with some even spaces between them. If there is a leader or a dominant person, place them in front at the center. All the other individuals are placed on either side equally. Their bodies may overlap, from the camera eye. Just ensure that every individual has enough space and is within the frame.

group photo with Spaced team poses

Photo by Jed Villejo on Unsplash

5. The shoulder to shoulder

If you want a pose for three to four people, with a friendly expression, this is among the best and easiest photography poses. Arrange all the participants together. You can start with the tallest at the center and the height to gradually decrease to either side. Have their shoulders locked together and their arms around each other? Have them wear smiley faces and shoot your photo.

The shoulder to shoulder group photo
Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

6. Heads leaning in

This is also a great option for a group of friends’ pictures. Same as the above shoulder to shoulder, have the participants stand close together with their shoulders locking.

The participants can also hold each other shoulders and then curve inside to form a C-shape. Professional photographers will always try to shoot the photo from a lower angle and you will have an amazing photo.

group photo with Heads leaning in

Photo by Olena Yakobchuk on shutterstock

7. Headlock at the center

It is another friendly photograph, mostly used for outdoor photography. It can be most appropriate for hiking and can be used with a small group of people.

Ask the participants to form a circle around you as you lay on the ground. Tell them to hold each other shoulders and then lock their heads at the center as they are looking at the camera on the ground. You can try different angles to shoot the group shots; directly at the center, from both sides, and from a vantage point.

group photo with Headlock at the center

 Photo by FernandoMadeira on shutterstock

8. Popping out from behind

It only works for a small group of people and is appropriate for an informal purpose. For the arrangement of the participants, the group leader or the dominant person is in front and then the others. You can arrange them by their heights, from the shortest to the tallest.

As the participants are getting into the scene, make sure they stand behind the person in front and peek towards the camera over the shoulder of the person in front to make it more informal.

group photo of Popping out from behind

 Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

9. Forming a V-shape

This big group pose is similar to the above process, you arrange your participants from the dominant and then the subsidiaries follow from the back. Arrange the participants in a way that their bodies overlap but they still have enough space within the frame. You should not use this pose for a large group of participants for it will give you a hard time putting the participants within the frame and they will not have ample space. This will create a great depth of field for the photo.

group photo by Forming a V-shape

 Photo by Olena Yakobchuk on shutterstock

10. Group jumps into the air

If you want to have fun in group photography or on a wedding day, this is one of the most engaging and interesting photos to take. It involves accuracy in timing. Make your participants run for a short race with their hands held together and at the same time jump up in the air. For uniformity of the jump, give them a count. As a photographer, you should be very keen and accurate in timing to catch them in the air.

photo of Group jumps into the air
Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash

11. Heading in heads in a row

Arrange your participants in a row that is moving into the scene and help them to bring their heads in. arranging them at an ascending height will make your family picture to be even more organized and interesting. Before taking the image, make sure that each participant is visible. The photographer should stand at their side. The participants should look like they are popping in.

Family Poses

1. Family sitting on a couch

It might not be one of the most creative poses for a family photo but at least it serves the purpose. You ask the family members to sit on a couch, maybe in their living room. Arrange the family members to sit very close to each other to make the photo compact. When shooting the photo, try as much as possible not to include the coach in the frame or even the house furniture. Fill the frame when taking this family portrait.

family photo by sitting on a couch with Kate Christmas Door Front Snow Backdrop for Photography

 Kate Christmas Door Front Snow Backdrop for Photography

2. A family seating on the ground

You can take the family out and let them sit on the grass. They can hold each other shoulders and sit very close to each other. It will give the photo the perspective of unity. Remember as a photographer when the family members sit, you should not shoot the photo while standing, go down to their eye level.

3. Family lying on the ground

Let the family members lie on the ground together with their upper bodies high with the support of their hands. At their eye level take the picture.

4. Piling up

It is a funny and interesting photo pose for a family. Ask the strongest person to lie down, it can be either on the ground or the bed. Then the other family members pile upon them. This pose cannot be limited by the number of kids in the extended family.

family photo by pilling up with Kate Fine Art Gray Blue Florals Texture Backdrop Designed by GQ

Kate Fine Art Gray Blue Florals Texture Backdrop Designed by GQ

5. A family cuddle pose

Before you proceed to engage the participants, ask for their consent and they are going to be comfortable. The family members should seat tightly with the dominant person at the center who will hold the others tight to him.

6. What about behind the couch

Have the family members sitting on the couch but facing the backside. A cameraman should take the picture from the back of the coach and have less part of the coach in the frame.

couple photo behind the couch

 Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash

7. Separated in the coach

The posing tip to make the difference from the above pose is to let the family members sit separately in the coach while facing the backside. Make them peep over the coach.

8. Piggy back posing

It creates a great sense of cohesion in the photo. you can have the adults in the family carrying the kids on their backs. Then make them stand close to one another to make the photo compact.

photo of father holding kids on his back

 Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

9. Whole-body staggered

In a family, the father usually is the tallest member of the family. Have the smallest kid stand in front, followed by the elder, according to their height. Take advantage of that variation of heights.

10. Walking together

Have the family members hold hands as they move forward towards the camera. They should be evenly spaced out to facilitate easy movement. The smaller kids can be carried in one hand. You should shoot the photos in continuous mode and then select the best photos.

family photo by walking together hand in hand

 Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Comic group photos

11. Use a drone for aerial images

If you want to capture a photo of a large number of people, use drones to include the entire group. For the use of drones, you don't have to bring the group members together. You just take a photo of them in their normal lives. It's ideal for beach photos, and open places.

aerial image of groups on the beach
Photo by Dominik Pearce on Unsplash

12. The Ninja mode

Let the people have fun in the photograph. Give the participants a count and make them jump uniformly. Be cautious enough to capture them in the air.

jumping group photo

Photo by Husna Miskandar on Unsplash

13. You can't see me

Control a larger group sometimes can be hard, you can use this phrase to arrange them. If they cannot see you, you cannot see them. Tell everyone to be in that position so that they can see you.

group photo of people on the ground

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

14. Use the stairs

It can work for a small group of people by arranging them on the stair. Everyone in the photo will be visible. you can see it in most wedding photography

group photo of girls on the stairs

 Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

15. Have a backdrop

If you are looking forward to having an interesting and great group photo, look around for an interesting backdrop. Have your participants in Infront of it.

kids photo together with Kate Christmas Bed Backdrop Headboard Designed by Emetselch

 Kate Christmas Bed Backdrop Headboard Designed by Emetselch

16. Look for perfect lighting

When choosing a pose and a location for a pose, especially in the open, consider using natural light. Lighting is very important for any photography. When shooting indoors, it becomes even more challenging for you to be forced to use the flash and the ceiling reflects the light.

17. Supporting pose

For a children's photo pose, you can get wild by creating a temporary structure of rooms such it will appear like a story building. The people in the bottom room can support those in the top rooms.

18. The exploded group photos

It is among the best pose, in a victorious celebration, for example, graduation. You can have your participants throw their crowns high in an explosive background. The background can be a printed flyer to create a scene of explosiveness.

group photo of  students throw their crowns

Photo by Pang Yuhao on Unsplash

19. A bicycle pictures

People are interested in other people, in what they are doing, instead of having your participants just stand in front of the camera, get them into action. Have them ride the bicycles, close to each other so it becomes easy to capture them within the frame.

20. Make it childish

It is interesting to make photos special, and have the participants childish manner, with the paints on their faces.


Group photos can be very challenging but with the right knowledge, you will always find a way to maneuver through the challenge. The above ideas in poses will help you out if you get into that situation.

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