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30 Amazing DIY Photo Backdrop Ideas You Must Try: Easy and Affordable

a woman's photo with Kate Solid Gray Cloth Photography Backdrop Portrait Photo

Photo backdrops are an excellent way to improve your picture results and are handy for professionals or beginners. Various DIY photo backdrop ideas can fit multiple photoshoot genres thus, it is important to design or pick your prop wisely. 

If you are looking for inspiration or a cheap but quality option, the following article reviews amazing DIY photo backdrop ideas. We’ve categorized the choices into different categories, read on to discover your preferred choice.

10 Simple DIY Photo Backdrop Ideas

You can use simple DIY backdrops if handling urgent photoshoots and when using natural surroundings. Various DIY backdrop ideas offer cheap and simple to construct options to achieve stunning shots. Check out the following simple DIY photo backdrop ideas for your next photoshoot: 

a couple is taking photo with Geometric DIY Backdrop

1. Geometric DIY Backdrop

First on the list is a geometric backdrop, an easy-to-create and affordable decoration. It is a diverse option, handy for weddings or baby showers. Equipment required to craft the design includes a geometric pattern, cardboard, paint, tape/glue, and a cutting tool. 

Here are the steps to create a geometric backdrop: 

  • Step 1: Cut the cardboard into your preferred shape and size.
  • Step 2: Use tape to attach a material to create a 3D illusion. 
  • Step 3: Use different color paints to bring out the created geometric shapes. 
Fa girl in front of a DIY Plate Photo Backdrop

2. DIY Plate Photo Backdrop

Worry no more if you have a kid's birthday shoot upcoming with a plate photo backdrop offering the best background. Also, the design is diverse and can provide a solution when baby bump photos. All you need is different colored plastic or paper plates. 

Follow the following steps to make a DIY plate photo backdrop:

  • Step 1: Aesthetically tape the paper plates to the wall with loops of gaffer’s tape.
  • Step 2: Creatively Arrange the colored plates to get an authentic and stunning background.
    a photo of 3D Triangles DIY Photo Backdrop

    3. 3D Triangles DIY Photo Backdrop

    Another simple DIY photo backdrop is the triangle backdrop. It is ideal for social media post-shoots and helps achieve aesthetic quality. The items required include triangles, a glue gun, scissors, a ruler, and hot glue sticks. 

    These are the steps to get the DIY backdrop: 

    • Step 1: Draw triangular lines on the back of the foam board and then cut them out.
    • Step 2: Assemble your triangles in your preferred design using hot glue.
      a photo of a woman in front of Scalloped Paper DIY Backdrop

      4. Scalloped Paper DIY Backdrop

      Do you have an upcoming model photoshoot? Well, a Scalloped paper DIY backdrop is your answer to get stunning and crisp results. It is also a great solution when working with kids. It is easy to make and conveniently customizable while on the shooting scene. 

      You can use any color of paper or any viable materials. Here’s the process to create the DIY backdrop option: 

      • Step 1: Lay out your colored paper in a row and cut small triangles from the top corners.
      • Step 2: Fold each piece's length in half and tape the two sides along the folded edge.
      • Step 3: Use removable adhesive hooks to attach the folded scalloped paper to the wall.
      Ombre Tissue Paper backdrop

      5. Ombre Tissue Paper

      Yes, tissues can help you create an amazing DIY photo backdrop. You can use differently colored Ombre tissue paper and tools like scissors, string and tape for the following process. 

      • Step 1: Cut the tissue paper into equal-sized strips, approximately 2" wide. You should get 3 strips per tissue paper color.
      • Step 2: Stack the strips on each other and fold to crease them together. 
      • Step 3: Fold the strips in half to achieve a vertical half-size. Tie a piece of string around the center of the bundle and ensure it’s tight.
      • Step 4: Tape your ombre tassels to a wall or dowel rod.
        Delicate Taped Flowers backdrop

        6. Delicate Taped Flowers

        Delicate taped flowers can help you get a cute backdrop for your model or baby photoshoot. They can help add an exotic touch through aesthetic factors like branches, leaves, or grass. Remember to cut and condition your flowers overnight if they are real. 

        Here are steps to create quality delicate taped flowers: 

        • Step 1: Start taping the flowers on the wall from bottom to top. This helps prevent your photo subject from leaning on flower brunches. 
        •  Step 2: Use short pieces of tape so it will be easier to pull it off the wall later. However, no worries if you need to use a lot of tape. This prevents your flower props from dropping off.
          Cut-Out Colorful Tissue Paper

          7. Cut-out Colorful Tissue Paper

          Another excellent tissue DIY backdrop design is cut-out tissue paper. Similar to the Ombre design, use differently colored tissue to get the best result. Follow the process below to create this stunning backdrop idea: 

          • Step 1: Cut out through all layers to attain the preferred shapes from the tissue paper.
          • Step 2: Ensure you leave some parts of the tissue paper intact to get multiple to avoid see-through results. 
          • Step 3: Poke two holes in the top part of the cut-out and thread a string through them to create a garland effect.
            a girl in front of Streamers Photo Backdrop

            8. Streamers' Photo Backdrop

            Are you looking to create a party theme for your photoshoot? You can create a streamer backdrop using materials like crepe paper streamers (in 3 or 4 different colors), white poster board, and a small amount of double-sided tape. Here’s how to create the DIY backdrop idea: 

            • Step 1: Unroll the length of crepe paper you want for your backdrop and attach it to the top of your poster board using double-sided tape. Mix up the colors.
            • Step 2: Continue adding streamers to cover the poster board entirely.
              a girl in front of Creased Tin Foil backdrop

              9. Creased Tin Foil

              If you've ever tried to use a tin foil backdrop for your next photoshoot, you know that it can be tricky to work with. However, consistent practice will help you get used to it and achieve great shots. You’ll need heavy-duty aluminum foil, tape or tacks, and scissors. 

              Follow the following steps to create the crease tin foil design: 

              • Step 1: Cut out two long strips of aluminum foil (3ft by 5ft). 
              • Step 2: Crumple one strip into a ball shape and set it aside (you’ll only be using the second strip). 
              • Step 3: Crumple up this second piece into as tight of a ball as possible, then unfold to get wrinkled creases.
                Fairy Light Arrangement Backdrop

                10. Fairy Light Arrangement Backdrop

                Lat on the simple options is a handcrafted product made from high-quality fairy lights. They can help create a magical feeling for subjects thus achieving stunning photo results.

                Here are steps to get the DIY backdrop:

                • Step 1: Lay the fairy lights on the floor in the preferred shape.
                • Step 2: Secure the fairy lights with twist ties or fishing to maintain their shape.
                • Step 3: Hang them from a stand or a tree.

                  10 Crafty DIY Photo Backdrop Ideas

                  If you’re looking for some sophistication in your set, various DIY photo backdrops can help you reach the next level. The following are additional 10 crafty backdrops that are not only unique but also beautiful. Read on to discover more. 

                  a girl taking photo in fron of Popsicle DIY Photo Backdrop

                  1. Popsicle DIY Photo Backdrop

                  You can make your next kids' photoshoot fun through a popsicle DIY backdrop. The design excites the young ones, helping them maintain a smile for stunning photo results. Supplies include popsicle sticks, your preferred wood stain, a glue gun, glue sticks, a paintbrush, and paper towels.

                  Here are steps to create a popsicle DIY backdrop: 

                  • Step 1: Paint the popsicle sticks using your color of choice, preferably a bright type. Allow them to dry completely before proceeding.
                  • Step 2: Glue your popsicle sticks together in a brick-laying pattern. Let each layer dry for about 30 minutes before adding the next layer of popsicles.
                  • Step 3: Continue adding layers until you've achieved your desired height.
                    Coffee Filter Backdrop

                    2. Coffee Filter Backdrop

                    A coffee filter backdrop is excellent if you are planning to have a portrait shoot. It is a great solution for amateur photographers, offering a simple yet sophisticated background. That said, let’s see how you can design this quality photo backdrop. 

                    You’ll require about 80-100 coffee filters, a stapler, string, wire or yarn, a dowel rod or a similar object.

                    • Step 1: Fold each coffee filter in two halves and staple the folded corner to the middle of the dowel rod. 
                    • Step 2: Continue until you have covered the length of the dowel rod with coffee filters.
                    • Step 3: Tie string at either end of the dowel rod and hang it like a curtain.
                      Ribbon Flower Backdrop

                      3. Ribbon Flower Backdrop

                      Another unique DIY backdrop idea is the ribbon flower, a conveniently customizable option. You can switch out the flowers with different colors/styles to get diverse options for different clients. Also, it's easy to store and reuse for future shoots. 

                      • Step 1: Cut the ribbon into 3" sections. Hold 2 pieces of ribbon together, and fold them into halves, to get a 4 loop bow.
                      • Step 2: Slide a 10" piece of wire through the center loops on the bow and twist the ends together at the bottom. Repeat until you’ve achieved the desired number of flowers.
                      • Step 3: Hang the flowers facing downwards using push pins, staples, or whatever works for your wall.
                        Fabric Garland Backdrop

                        4. Fabric Garland Backdrop

                        If you’re a fan of garlands, you can integrate them as photography backdrops. Designing them involves selecting various fabric garlands with different colors.

                        • Step 1: Cut the fabric into long, random strip sizes and ensure they are wide enough to accommodate the sewing process.
                        • Step 2: Sew the strips with a sewing machine or hand-stitch them together. Preferably, use a white thread to avoid overshadowing your colorful fabric threads.
                        • Step 3: Hang your garland around trees or mantels or even string it from one end of your venue to another in an arched shape.
                          a boy’s photo with Crepe Paper Photo Backdrop

                          5. Crepe Paper Photo Backdrop

                          Are you looking for a quick DIY photo backdrop solution? You can assemble crepe paper materials for a durable and inexpensive background. It is a perfect option if you're a fan of taking pictures at your home parties and special occasions. Additionally, it’s portable if you need to change your locations on your shoot day. 

                          Here’s how to make a crepe paper DIY backdrop: 

                          • Step 1: Unfold the crepe paper and hold it horizontally and taut. Twist the paper very tightly in one hand until it starts to roll onto itself slightly.
                          • Step 2: Continue twisting until you reach the end of the length.
                          • Step 3: Repeat with differently colored crepe papers. 
                          • Step 4: Hang in a large, open space.
                            DIY Paper Floral Backdrop

                            6. DIY Paper Floral Backdrop

                            You can customize a touch of class using a beautiful DIY Paper Floral Backdrop. To create it, you’ll need paper flowers, floral wire, floral tape, a hot glue gun, and scissors. Follow the steps below to complete the process:

                            • Step 1: Cut off two sides of the box so it lays flat on the ground. 
                            • Step 2: Cut 4 holes in each corner, about 2" from the edge. Ensure the holes are equal in size to the wire to fit them easily.
                            • Step 3: String the wire through one hole, twist it around itself, and then string it through the other hole in the same corner.
                            • Step 4: Repeat step 3 for all four corners to get the 4 wires hanging down evenly spaced along each side.
                              DIY Paper Chain Backdrop

                              7. DIY Paper Chain Backdrop

                              A DIY paper chain backdrop is a perfect project if you want to make a show-stopping photo booth or party backdrop. Like our previous picks, it’s customizable to match any color scheme. Materials required include colored crepe paper, scissors, and glue dots. 

                              • Step 1: Cut various-length strips, 6 feet by 4 to 5 inches.
                              • Step 2: Fold the first strip of paper in half, marking the halfway point, and cut a small, 1-inch slit at the fold. Repeat the process with the other strips.
                              • Step 3: Fold the second strip in half and insert one end through a slit on the first strip. Do not pull it all of the way through, as you will secure it with glue dots. 
                              • Step 4: Use glue on each end of the second folded strip and secure it to itself to attain an infinity symbol when hanging vertically.
                                Ombre Yarn Backdrops

                                8. Ombre Yarn Backdrops

                                Are handling a photo booth and looking for a flexible and stylish option? Installing an ombre yarn can offer an enchanting design pattern, helping take professional and beautiful shots. Supplies required are a fishing line, a yarn, a frame, or a large embroidery hoop.

                                Here’s how to make this quality DIY backdrop: 

                                • Step 1: Tie a fishing line to your frame or the large embroidery hoop. Tie several pieces around the outside edge.
                                • Step 2: Use nails if you don't have an embroidery hoop to hang them on your wall or ceiling.
                                  DIY Pom Pom Backdrop

                                  9. DIY Pom Pom Backdrop

                                  Making a Pom Pom backdrop for your photos is easy and affordable. Also, it is a great way to use leftover yarns in your craft stash. You can experiment with different sizes and the fabric backing makes the pom poms easier to attach. 

                                  Follow the following steps to make your pom pom backdrop: 

                                  • Step 1: Fold the cardboard in half and glue the pieces together. 
                                  • Step 2: Apply glue to one side of the cardboard and entirely wrap yarn around its surface.
                                  • Step 3: Cut a long piece of yarn and tie it around the center of the wrapped cardboard. Ensure to leave some excess on each side for hanging purposes.
                                  • Step 4: Cut along both edges.
                                    Paper Fan backdrop

                                    10. DIY Paper Fan Photo Backdrop

                                    Here’s yet another easy-to-make paper-related backdrop, excellent for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, or proms. The trick is to layer the papers with items like fabric and balloons to create an eye-catching focal point for your guests.

                                    Here are steps to create the DIY paper fan photo backdrop: 

                                    • Step 1: Use a paper cutter to get 4-inch strips from the cardstock. You can also use a ruler and pencil to mark where you want to cut, then use scissors to cut along that line.
                                    • Step 2: To make paper fans, link two ends of your paper strips together to form a loop. Secure them with a double-sided tape or a glue stick. Repeat until you have enough loops to make a full fan. 
                                    • Step 3: Mount your completed fan to a wall or mounting board with poster putty or removable command strips. Adjust to get the desired look.

                                      10 Extra-useful DIY Photo Backdrop Ideas

                                      Working on a limited budget limits you from purchasing professional and quality backdrops for big photoshoot events. Various DIY photo backdrop options allow us to achieve excellent picture quality. Importantly, they are inexpensive and offer diverse solutions for multiple professional shoots.  Read on to learn how to make these options: 

                                      a baby’s photo with Woodsy Photo Backdrop

                                      1. Woodsy Photo Backdrop Ideas

                                      Making a woodsy backdrop comes in handy for your next party photoshoot. The design is helpful for outdoor party events, giving off a fun and classy experience. You’ll need a wood pallet box, rustic items, and a collapsible woodsy backdrop. 

                                      Here’s how you can make the great DIY backdrop design: 

                                      • Step 1:  Arrange all items in the most aesthetic manner. 
                                      • Step 2: Double-check your arrangement and pose to get awesome shots.
                                        Kate Blue Beach Themed collapsible Backdrop

                                        2. Blue Beach Themed Backdrop

                                        Yes, you can bring the beach closer regardless of the context of the photoshoot. The blue side of the two-tone collapsible backdrop truly represents the ocean. Like the woodsy variety, the blue theme backdrop is perfect for party pictures, helping create great memories for friends and family. 

                                        You can quickly assemble the Kate collapsible backdrop during events like weddings, tropical-themed bridal showers, birthdays, or school events. Here’s how to go about it:

                                        • Step 1: Place your collapsible blue backdrop in a well-lit setting.
                                        • Step 2: Include additional props like swimsuits, sunglasses, or a summer tropical drink.
                                          baby's photo with a pink backdrop

                                          3. Always, Pink!

                                          Another excellent Kate backdrop is the pink collapsible version. It comes in classic colors, including a pink muslin background and a plain solid pink backdrop. With pink’s vibrant nature, you can perfectly fit the backdrop for Valentine’s Day portraits, newborn photoshoots, or photos for a bridal shower. 

                                          Here’s how you can set up the quality backdrop:

                                          • Step 1: Ensure a light source and a pair of hands when taking baby photos. Avoid overexposing your light source to capture the pink color appropriately. Alternatively, place the baby in a bean bag, or basket adorned with flowers.
                                          • Step 2: Stack 2 or more of these backdrops together when dealing with adults or large settings. 
                                            Kiddie Jungle DIY backdrop

                                            4. Kiddie Jungle DIY Shoot

                                            Excite your kids' subjects using the Kiddie Jungle DIY Kate backdrop. Let them feel the "king of the jungle" creating an opportunity for cute and happy shots. You can create the Jungle-themed collapsible backdrop from cutouts made from brown paper and some plants growing high.

                                            • Step 1: Use a solid-colored cloth like green or blue, tissue paper, pom poms, or leaves for your background.
                                            • Step 2: Make templates based on the child’s favorite animal characters.
                                            • Step 3: Print animal pictures and cut out the shapes using an X-acto knife. Arrange them on the backdrop at varying heights.Kate two colored bokeh collapsible backdrop

                                            5. Two-colored Bokeh DIY Photoshoot Ideas

                                            A two-colored collapsible backdrop is easy to set up and an affordable way to create a professional look for your portraits or product photography. 

                                            A Pink Sequins Bokeh and Blue Sequins Bokeh is a great combination, readily available at Kate backdrop selections. The two colors of the backdrop allow you to create some amazing images, especially if you use them with some creative lighting techniques.

                                            So, how can you get the most from the background option? You can use both colors for a specific photo before using each individually. 

                                            Check below on how to set it up:

                                            • Step 1:  Open the two-colored backdrop and lay them flat. Next, pull the top material layer over the halo support frame and fasten it with the touch fastener closures on each side.
                                            • Step 2: Secure the bottom material layer to the backdrop frame similarly to complete the setup.
                                              a bride taking photo in front of Fabric Drape Backdrop

                                              6. Fabric Drape Backdrops

                                              Fabric Drape Backdrops are a great way to add some pizzazz to any shoot. They fit well with a white wall, a thatch hut, or a black hole handy. Gather fabrics of different colors, wood, and glue to create this colorful backdrop. 

                                              • Step 1: Cut the wood into two and the fabrics per color.
                                              • Step 2: Attach the fabric to the wood or any applicable material.
                                                Rainbow Clouds DIY Backdrop

                                                7. Rainbow Clouds DIY Backdrop

                                                What explains beauty more than a rainbow aspect in photos? You can integrate a DIY Rainbow cloud DIY backdrop to get the effect during colorful events like baby shoots, bridal and wedding photoshoots. It allows for customizations on props like the clouds. For instance, use watered-down white paint or sprinkle glitter on the cloud props. 

                                                To complete this colorful backdrop, gather the following: card stock or construction paper (clouds), tissue paper (rainbow), glue stick, and scissors.

                                                • Step 1: Cut out clouds. You can use balloons.
                                                • Step 2: Glue them onto a painted wall, cardboard, or construction paper. You can also hang them from the ceiling to get a realistic effect.
                                                • Step 3: To create the clouds, cut out a bunch of strips of tissue paper about 2 inches by 8-10 inches and have them in varying shades of blue and purple.
                                                  a bride taking photo in front of Origami Backdrop

                                                  8. Origami Backdrop

                                                  Origami backdrops are easy and affordable decorations for parties, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and anniversary photoshoots. Everything you need to make the extra-useful backdrop includes several pieces of card stock, scissors, paper clips, glue, a frame, and thread/strings.

                                                  • Step 1: Get a lot of white paper, preferably white. This color will automatically blend with your surroundings. 
                                                  • Step 2: Fold several Origami papers. 
                                                  • Step 3: Fit your origami on a frame using tape or glue sticks.
                                                  • Step 4:  Hang it up and enjoy.
                                                    kids taking photo in front of Wrapping Paper Backdrop

                                                    9. Wrapping Paper Backdrop

                                                    The Wrapping Paper Backdrop is a fun and festive touch to your event. It is a customizable version and an alternative to traditional photo booth backdrops. Therefore, it can match diverse photoshoot themes. The make is from durable butcher paper, ensuring an extensive consistent service.  

                                                    You will need large rolls of wrapping paper (with your preferred designs), scissors, and painter's tape for the design. Here’s how to make the DIY backdrop: 

                                                    • Step 1: Attach the wrapping paper to the wall using tape. Ensure it's secure, especially if your backdrop is long.
                                                    • Step 2: Tape a piece of wrapping paper to the floor directly in front of the wall covered with wrapping paper. This will help you avoid a "split floor" effect.
                                                    • Step 3: Use wrapping paper to cover any remaining visible walls or door frames. 
                                                    • Step 4: Roll up the edges of the wrapping paper at the bottom so that they don't look ragged and unfinished.
                                                    DIY Suspended Tassel Backdrop

                                                    10. DIY Suspended Tassel Backdrop

                                                    A suspended tassel backdrop is perfect for a wedding assignment or reception space event. Luckily, you can customize it however works best for your project.

                                                    Follow the steps to make your suspended tassel backdrop:

                                                    • Step 1: Hang a large piece of white fabric onto the wall (use a curtain rod or clamps to hang it). Ensure that the fabric is smoothed out at the bottom.
                                                    • Step 2: Cut off strips of painter's tape and stick them onto the fabric’s top edge of the fabric. The strips' width should equal the length of each tassel.
                                                    • Step 3: Hang up your tassels by sticking them onto the strips of painter’s tape.


                                                      Designing the perfect DIY photo backdrop can be the difference between getting a quality or a professional photo result. The write-up reviews enough ideas to get you started with your next photoshoot. You can also check out Kate's backdrops to acquire excellent backdrop equipment and props.

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