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Top 10 Camera Lens Cleaning Kits You Must Have in 2022


What are the best camera lens cleaning kits? Working with the right lens cleaning kit will help keep your lenses safe and clean. Here’s an ultimate guide to the top 10 camera lens cleaning kits you must have!

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Top 20 Female Poses for Portrait Photography You Must Know


What are some amazing photo poses for girls? Want to level up your portrait photography RIGHT NOW? Here's a list of the 20 best photo poses for girls that every photographyer should know.

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2022 Hottest Photography Trends: What Will Be the Next Big Thing?


If you are involved in the photography industry, then it is important to keep up with the latest trends. Here are a few of 2022's hottest photography trends.

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What are The Best Lenses for Your Studio Photography?

15 OCT, 2020 | BY DYLAN

This infographic is a DSLR Camera Lenses Guide for portraits. How to choose the right lenses for Indoor portraits? Working with the right lenses will ensure amazing photos, help you win trust from clients and promote your portrait photography business.

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Submit your work TODAY!

01 JAN, 2021 | BY Katebackdrop

Katebackdrop is looking for photographers who can provide photography tutorials, ideas, reviews, buying guide, etc. Both videos & articles are welcomed. Want to get sponsored by Katebackdrop?Then Get in Touch!

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Handbook of Photography Backdrops: Everything You Want to Know

07 MAY, 2020 | BY DYLAN YU

A Complete Handbook on How to Choose & Use Backdrops! Size, material, type, setup, clean & store... Here you will get everything you've ever wanted to know about backdrops step by step!

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Get Wrinkles Out Of Your Backdrops

07 FEB, 2020 | BY DYLAN YU

Your backdrops get wrinkled? Don't worry! Here are 5 nice & easy tips for you to get wrinkles out of your backdrops! Hope you can make the most of your backdrops and enjoy your sessions!

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