How to Get Wrinkles Out Of Your Backdrop

How to Get Wrinkles Out Of Your Backdrop

 07 FEB, 2024 | BY DYLAN YU

Photographers always search for durable and wrinkle-resistant professional photography backdrops with high-definition printing technique, for they hope to use the backdrops they pick out as long as possible. However, long-term use, being folded in a closet for a while or lack of maintenance can still occasionally get backdrops inevitably squished or creased.

How to get wrinkels out of backdrop, like polyester backdrop, microfiber backdrop or muslin backdrop? It is highly important to understand how to properly get wrinkles out of photo backdrops of different materials. Here are several easy options for you about how to remove the wrinkles from backdrop!

Wash the Backdrop According To The Care Instructions

Most of the photography backdrops made of microfiber, polyester or muslin are soft, washable safe, and it is important to clean your backdrops regularly (do not wash too often). For fabric backdrops, you can check the care label (care instructions) on the backdrop or email for consulting if you are still not sure before putting it into a washing machine. You will know whether it is ‘machine washable’ and it can be tumble dried with medium heat. This is very important for removing the wrinkles from backdrop appropriately without harming the material.

Hang Up the Backdrop to Remove the Wrinkles

If you do not want to wash the backdrops every time there are wrinkles or stains  on it, hanging up the backdrop to remove the wrinkles is a better choice. Use a [spray bottle] (can be filled with cool water) to spray the wrinkles until they’re damp. The water of spray will get wrinkles out of backdrop. Also, you can choose a [hand-held steamer] to treat the wrinkles with steam (Low temperature).

Wrinkle Free Spray

But before that, you need to pay attention to how to hang up the backdrop correctly.

Stands and Clamps are Good Assistants 

A microfiber fabric backdrop is foldable but should not be rolled up to store.  Rolling it up may do harm to the wrinkle-resistance of a backdrop and then its’ overall appearance.

A stand and clamps are correct choices when you clean or use your delicate backdrops, which can keep your backdrop smooth and prevent creases and dents on it.

Try to Avoid Frequent Ironing

Pay attention to the temperature of steam ironing. The heat of the iron may do harm to the fabric and then the backdrop. If it is necessary, please set a low temperature to remove wrinkles from backdrop. Use the iron slowly over the wrinkles and shouldn’t last too long. If necessary, go find the tips on how to iron without an iron.

Allow the Backdrop to Air Dry

After cleaning the backdrop or geting wrinkles out of backdrop, it is always a good choice to hang the backdrop up and allow it to air dry naturally if there is enough time. This operation will help dry the backdrop evenly and remove the remaining wrinkles. It may need 24 hours.

If you want to dry your backdrops with a dryer, please remember to set the dryer on low heat. Dry for approximately 20 minutes and then hang up.

(Notice: Fabric Background vs Paper Backdrop)

For the paper backdrop, it can easily get scratches or wrinkles, and its durability is relatively poor and difficult to return to normal, so sometimes there is no need to figure out 'How to get wrinkles out of paper backdrop', but only need to buy a new one. But for backdrops made from fabric, the high-quality fabric can be nicely foldaway while wrinkle-resistant, like canvas, muslin backdrops, and polyester backdrops. However, long-term use, being folded in a linen closet for a while or lack of maintenance can still occasionally get backdrops squished or wrinkled.



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How do you Unwrinkle a backdrop?

A backdrop may get wrinkles when you get and unfold it for the first time. If your backdrop is safe to be ironed. place your backdrop on the iron board with the backdrop facing down. Set your iron to the lowest heat and iron the wrinkles away.

How do you smooth out a backdrop?

If there’re stil inevitable wrinkles when photoshooting, try the brush tool in Photoshop. Make the brush smaller, and paint along the wrinkles in the photo carefully.

How do you keep backdrops wrinkle free?

Instead of folding backdrops, you can roll them up by using different tubes like mailing tubes and PVC pipes. Roll your backdrop around the tube, and keep it as tight as possible. Next time you want to use your backdrop, there will be nearly no wrinkle.

Can you put a backdrop in the dryer?

If you have to dry a backdrop ASAP, please remember to put the backdrop in the dryer on low heat for 10 minutes. Never, never set the dryer on high heat, or keep your backdrop in the dryer for too long.

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