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21 Great Mom and Son Photoshoot Ideas for Your 2024 Family Photoshoot

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Are you looking for some inspiration for your next family photoshoot? Check out these 21 mother and son photography ideas. These photo ideas are perfect for any age and can be tailored to fit any style or location. So grab your camera and get ready to capture amazing memories with your loved ones.

21 Mom and Son Photoshoot Ideas

1. Splash Around in a Kiddie Pool

mom and son Splash Around in a Kiddie Pool

Photo by Ixepop on shutterstock

Summer is the perfect time to get out of the kiddie pool and have some fun in the sun. Not only is it a great way to beat the heat, but it also makes for a great baby photoshoot, even for newborn babies.

Whether you want to capture some silly moments or create something more sentimental, a kiddie pool is a perfect backdrop. And if you're feeling creative, you can add some props, like beach balls or inflatable toys.

2. Play Dress Up

mom and son playing together

Photo by Evgeny Atamanenko on shutterstock 

Dressing up is a great way to add fun and creativity to mother and son photography. You can use props and accessories to create various looks, from laid-back casual to formal wear. Adding a little bit of color can make your photos pop.

3. Go for a Bike Ride

mom and son riding bike

Photo by Evgeny Atamanenko on shutterstock 

Pick a scenic route that you'll both enjoy. A beautiful landscape will make for some stunning photos. Coordinate your outfits so that you complement each other - mom in a pretty sundress and son in his sharpest jeans and T-shirt.

4. Visit a Local Farm

mom and son having fun with goats

Photo by SviatlanaLaza on shutterstock 

Consider visiting a local farm if you want a unique photoshoot idea. You can capture the beauty of the countryside and the bond between mother and child, even baby boys or girls. Many farms offer family tours and activities so that you can make a day of it. Just be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable shoes for the family portrait.

5. Go on a Hike

mom and son go hiking

Photo by zhukovvvlad on shutterstock

One of the best things about motherhood is sharing your love of nature with your children. If you're an outdoorsy mom, consider going on a hike with your son for your next photo shoot. It's the perfect opportunity to capture the beautiful scenery and great photos.

6. Play in the Leaves

mom and son playing yellow leaves in the forest

Photo by Da Antipina on shutterstock 

Autumn is the perfect time to take advantage of all the beautiful leaves falling from the trees. So go ahead and have some fun. Jump in a pile of leaves, rake them up, or enjoy the colorful scenery.

7. Go Camping

mom and son go camping on the hill

Photo by Elisabeth Wales on Unsplash  

There's no better way to bond with your son than by spending time together in nature. Camping is the perfect activity for this and provides an opportunity for a great mom-son photo shoot. Not only will you be able to get some great shots of the two of you to interact in the outdoors, but you'll also create lasting memories that you can both look back on fondly.

8. Visit the Zoo

mom and son play with giraffe in the  zoo

Photo by Elizaveta Galitckaia on shutterstock 

If you're looking for a fun and unique photo shoot idea, consider visiting your local zoo. You can get some great shots of you and your son surrounded by all sorts of animals. Plus, it's a great opportunity to teach your son about different species and habitats.

9. Before and After

A before and after the photoshoot is a great way to capture the special bond between mother and son. You can take photos of the two of you together and then separately. This is a great idea for moms who have sons that are grown up and out of the house. It's a way to show how much they've grown and how proud you are of them.

10. Walking While Holding Hands

mom and son walking in the autumn forest

Photo by Iuliia Fadeeva on shutterstock 

This will create a natural, relaxed feel to the photos and allow the photographer to capture both the mother's and son's expressions. Walking allows photographers to experiment with different perspectives and backgrounds, resulting in more interesting and creative photos.

11. Hug Each Other

mom and som hugging each other

Photo by fizkes on shutterstock

A hug between a mother and son is always a special moment, so why not capture it in a photo? This is a great way to show the love and affection between you. It's sure to be a cherished photo for years to come, which also works perfectly for Valentine’s Day.

12. Make Some Art

mom and son drawing art together

Photo by Evgeny Atamanenko on shutterstock 

Whether you paint, draw, or create something else, making DIY art is a great way to spend time together. And you can even hang up your artwork in your home, so you can never forget the fun times you had making it.

13. Dance

mom and som dancing in the room

Photo by Pixel-Shot on shutterstock 

Dancing is a great way to have fun and get some exercise, and it's even more fun when you do it together. So put on your favorite tunes and start dancing. You will surely get adorable photos of you and your kiddo dancing together.

14. Cycling

mom taking cycling with son

Photo by Da Antipina on shutterstock  

This type of shoot can be done in a variety of locations, but a particularly stunning backdrop is provided by nature. A mother and son shooting while cycling together against a backdrop of mountains or forests make for an incredibly beautiful image, especially for mother’s day. Not only does this type of shoot showcase the love between a mother and her son, but it also highlights their adventurous spirits.

15. Jumping

mom and son jumping in the living room

Photo by Evgeny Atamanenko on shutterstock  

This photo shoot is easy to set up and can be done indoors or outdoors. To get started, choose a location with plenty of natural light and clear the space of any obstacles. Next, have the mother and son stand side by side and count to three before jumping into the air.

As they jump, they should smile and laugh for the camera. The resulting photos will be full of energy and perfectly capture the special bond between mother and son.

16. Mother Reading Bedtime Story

mom and son reading in bed

Photo by Hryshchyshen Serhii on shutterstock

Whether you're a professional photographer looking for fresh and creative ideas or a mom simply wanting to capture a special moment with her son, a mother-son bedtime photoshoot is a great way to create lasting memories. When planning your shoot, consider using props such as a favorite stuffed animal or blanket to add an extra element of nostalgia.

Be sure to capture the look of concentration on your son's face as he listens to his mother's soothing voice. With some planning and creativity, you can create beautiful images that will be cherished for years.

17. Piggy Ride

piggy-ride of little baby on mom's back

Photo by shurkin_son on shutterstock  

This type of shoot is informal and relaxed and captures the unique relationship between mother and son. To get started, have the mother sit on a chair or stool with her son on her back. Then, capture a variety of shots from different angles. You can even have the son wrap his arms around his mother's neck for an adorable shot.

18. Have a Picnic

mom and son going picnic on grassland in golden hour

Photo by Alik Mulikov on shutterstock 

A picnic is a great way to spend quality time with your son and get some great photos. Pick a scenic spot that you both enjoy, such as a local park or nature preserve. Spread out a blanket and unpack your picnic lunch. Be sure to include some of your son's favorite foods.

Take photos of your son playing in the grass, climbing on trees, or running through fields of wildflowers. The natural setting will provide a beautiful backdrop for your photos and create memories you'll cherish for years to come.

19. Grocery Shopping

mom and son go shopping in the supermarket

Photo by Hryshchyshen Serhii on shutterstock 

Grocery shopping is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your son and get cute photos. Choose a grocery store that has bright, natural lighting. This will help you avoid any harsh shadows in your photos.

Search for some mom-and-son matching or coordinating outfit ideas. This will add to the cuteness factor of the photos. Get creative with your poses and try to make each photo session unique.

20. Doing Homework

mom and son doing homework together

Photo by Alexander_Safonov on shutterstock 

Consider turning the experience into a photo shoot to make it even more fun. Set up a makeshift studio in your home, and help your son pose with his homework. You can even turn it into a game, seeing who can create the most creative poses. With your photos, you'll be able to reflect on this special time together and see how much your son has grown.

21. Cooking

mom and son cooking together

Photo by Valery Sidelnykov on shutterstock 

Cooking is a great way to bond with your son and get some great photographs. Working together in the kitchen can teach your son valuable skills while creating cherished memories. And, when it comes to choosing a photoshoot location, your kitchen offers a unique and personal setting that is sure to capture his personality.


Whether you’re looking for a creative way to document your son’s growth or want some new picture ideas for your photo album, these photoshoot ideas are sure to inspire you. Have fun with your son and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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