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35 Creative and Heartwarming Couple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

A baby in your life is God’s blessing shining upon you. It is the ultimate experience to become a parent and then watch your tiny bundle of joy grow big to take giant strides in life. Every moment of that journey is special. But the run up to the big day when your child is born is something that is extra special. 

It is only natural that couples want to capture every moment of that journey. This is where the expertise and skills of a couple maternity photographer comes in the picture. A maternity photographer not only has to have the skills that define a good photographer, but they should also have excellent interpersonal skills and the sensitivity to handle a shoot that documents the first steps of becoming a parent.

1. Hug the Pregnant Belly

maternity pose for couple maternity photo-hug belly

Photo by Daria Kopylova on Unsplash

The role of the dad is often an afterthought in a maternity shot. He often ends up being used like a prop and therefore the photographer misses out on the key ingredient that can spice up the photo. One of the ways this can be corrected is by asking the father-to-be to hug the mum’s belly with his palms supporting them from behind. It’s a simple and an effective way to introduce an additional point of interest in the frame.

2.  Get Creative with Props

couple maternity photo by holding a written board

Photo by b-finity on shutterstock

I always recommend experimenting with as many props as you can. Props are a great way to accentuate your photos and add that extra bit of spice. In my experience I have seen that a few of the props that I use in baby photoshoots can also be useful when shooting couple maternity photos.

3. Incorporate Your Other Children

maternity photo with big brother

 Kate Fine Art Gray Blue Florals Texture Backdrop Designed by GQ

Just like the dad-to-be, if there is a sibling in the family, he or she can be a great addition to the family photo. A brother-to-be or a sister-to-be can hold the mum’s belly with their tiny hands as if trying to feel their unborn brother or sister. The frame can also project a brother-to-be prepared to become the guardian angel to his baby sister or a sister-to-be expecting her bundle of joy and baby brother to be born.

4.  Matching Outfit

couple mertanity photo with the same color outfit

 Photo by btchrs on shutterstock

A happy family dresses-up in matching outfits. You can create a theme around a favorite color of the mum and then ask the whole family to dress up in matching outfits. This can be a fun little way to spice things up and create a photoshoot around a color theme.

5. Capture Intimate Moments

couple maternity photo by looking into each other's eyes

Photo by dr.D on shutterstock 

The creation of life is an outcome of love and affection that two people share for each other. It’s a great way to demonstrate that love by capturing a few intimate moments between the parents. Perhaps a kiss, a hug, or even a macro shot of them holding hands can contribute to a beautiful composition.

6. Colored Smoke

maternity photo with light pink smoke

Photo by Tatiana Chekryzhova on shutterstock

This is a slightly gray technique. Why? Because I am always wary of using anything that can be difficult to manage. Colored smoke is a great way to spruce things up when you are shooting experimental concepts. E.g, when you are shooting fashion and themed portraits. What I would not recommend is to use colored glitter. These can catch fire easily and injure someone. Always ensure that you adopt a safety-first approach when shooting maternity and baby photos.

7. Get Close to Each Other

couple maternity photo by lying together and closely

 Photo by ARTO SURAJ on Unsplash

Maternity photos are all about capturing the happiness of expecting parents and the love and the bond they share between them. There is no better way to capture that but some intimate shots of the couple. So, make sure to egg them close to each other and show off that love! You as the photographer can do this by encouraging them to hug, hold hands, or stand close together.

8. Share a Kiss

couple maternity photo of husband kissing the wife's forehead

Photo by Sandeep Kashyap on Unsplash

A sweet kiss is always a nice touch in any photo, but it can become extra special in a couple’s maternity photoshoot. After all, you’re about to become parents and start a new chapter in your lives together.

9. Experiment with Different Maternity Couple Poses

couple maternity photo of holding the waist

Photo by Shahin Alkhazov on shutterstock 

When it comes to maternity photo shoots there is no limit to what and how much you can experiment. It all boils down to the couple being photographed, how comfortable they are in front of the camera and of course the photographer. 

There are lots of different belly art styles a couple can try. From the simple standing side by side, to the father-to-be holding the mum’s belly, to kneeling down and kissing the belly, there is no limit to your creativity. I love the backlit shot where their bodies form a heart sign and the sun sparkles through.

10. In the Nursery

couple maternity photo in the nursery room

Photo by Andrii Medvediuk on shutterstock 

Not every couple would like to hire a professional photographer for their couple maternity shoot. Many prefer to keep it simple and private between them. For those parents-to-be, this is a creative tip you can try out. 

This is where the nursery can come into good use. There is a ton of material laying around in the nursery that you can use as props. Simply hold the baby’s dress or its pillow or a pair of shoes and that becomes the focus of the photo while the parents are slightly out of focus.

11. With Your Pets

couple maternity photo by holding lovely pet

Photo by Yiistocking on shutterstock

If yours is a family that has pets you are definitely blessed. They make great company and not to mention a fantastic addition to the family photo. You can even add the family pet in your newborn photography sessions afterwards.

12. In the Kitchen

couple maternity photo of cooking in your kitchen

Photo by Foxy burrow on shutterstock

Every pregnant belly craves food, and lots of it! So why not associate the two and create a theme that revolves around the food you crave for during your pregnancy? The kitchen is the place where you can shoot this. Or if you have a small kitchen garden or even a terrace where there is abundant sunshine you can use that as well. If you are the designated maternity photographer you can use this theme in your compositions.

13. Cozy by the Window

couple maternity photo of  standing and holding each other by the window

Photo by Africa Studio on shutterstock

A large window and abundant sunshine are something that can cheer up any person. And I am not speaking from the perspective of a photographer alone. But then that same window can serve in so many different ways. There's something so cozy and romantic about snuggling up by a window. Perhaps on a cold and rainy evening. Need more photography ideas by the window?

14. In the Bathtub

maternity photo of milk bath

Photo by DementevaJulia on shutterstock 

The bathtub is a nice, relaxing and intimate way to photograph a couple's maternity photo session. As the photographer, you may have to convince the couple to agree to this shoot because this is like intruding in their privacy. Not every couple will readily agree to this idea. But for the ones that do, this can be a great opportunity to shoot some romantic and cozy photos of the couple.

15. Black and white

black and white maternity photo by putting a hear-shape on the belly

Photo by Alina Koval on shutterstock 

When you deprive a canvas of colors you shift the focus towards the lighting, the texture, and the composition. It can accentuate any composition and render it a completely different level. Maternity photos are no exception.

16. In a Field of Flowers

couple maternity photo by standing in the field of flowers

Photo by lucrezia senserini88 on shutterstock

If you live closeby to a field of flowers or it’s springtime and you can drive to a palace that has a field of flowers, you should definitely try this next idea. The fresh vibrant flowers can add a lot of color to your maternity shoot. Plus you can experiment with the many options when outdoors. You can ask the couple to lay down on the grass, the mum-to-be resting her head on the lap of the dad-to-be. Or perhaps he can pour flowers over her head to elicit a surprised reaction.

17. At the Beach

couple maternity photo by holding hands up at the beach

Photo by GaudiLab on shutterstock

The beach is a great place for family photo sessions. I have always had great results every time I have taken a family. The sparkling water, the white sand and the beautiful sun they all bring the best out of everyone. You get a lot of smiling faces and funny expressions from your subjects.

18. In the Snow

couple maternity photo by standing and holding each other in the snow

 Photo by Gorynvd on shutterstock

A snowy landscape is a dull environment to shoot in, except when you spice things up with color. Try using vibrant colors like red, yellow, baby pink and fuchsia. Ask the mum-to-be to wear appropriate cold weather clothing in any of the above tones. Keep a few extra pieces of clothing and accessories in different colors. You can also try and use a vibrant-colored prop to pop the image.

19. With Christmas Lights

couple maternity photo by standing  with Christmas lights

Photo by Roman Samborskyi on shutterstock

A great way to incorporate Christmas vibes in your maternity shoots is to bring in the symbols that represent this festive time of the year. Christmas decorations, the christmas tree, the bells and the lights add to the overall charm of maternity shoots around Christmas.

20. Paint Your Belly

couple maternity photo with a painted belly

Photo by Angyalosi Beata on shutterstock

If you are the lucky mum-to-be this is a nice way to celebrate your child. Painting your belly with vibrant colors that revolve around the overall theme and the dress adds to the value of the composition.You can ask your partner to paint your belly, or alternatively you can ask a professional painter to do it.

21. With Balloons

couple maternity photo with balloons

Photo by Alisa Haneli on shutterstock

There are a ton of different ways to incorporate balloons in your shoot. One where the dad-to-be appears to be lifted off the ground! But that’s just one way of having fun with balloons.

22. Take a Stroll

couple maternity photo of walking together by holding hands

Photo by Halfpoint on shutterstock 

One of the best things about pregnancy is that you get to take a lot of walks. So, why not take advantage of that and take some photos while you’re out on a walk? You can have your partner walk with you.

23. Sunrise and Sunset

couple maternity photo in the sunset

Photo by Falcona on shutterstock 

Whether you're capturing the golden hour of sunrise or the romantic glow of sunset, these photos look breathtaking because of the lighting. You can coincide your daily walks with sunset and sunrise and that will allow you to use the beautiful hues and take stunning maternity photos. Ask your partner to come along to share your routine and also to help you take some gorgeous pictures.

24.  In Front of a Waterfall

couple maternity photo in front of a waterfall

Photo by Olya Lytvyn on shutterstock

This is one of those photo-ops where you can be really creative. Pull out the ND filter from you]r camera bag and screw it onto your lens. Ask the couple to pose in front of the waterfall and then use the rear-curtain sync technique while firing the flash. The result will be a smooth misty water effect with the couple perfectly sharp and well-lit.

25. At an Amusement Park

couple maternity photo of wispering in a amusement park

Photo by Chamomile_Olya on shutterstock

An amusement park is a great place to experiment with some interesting image ideas. There is a lot that you can experiment with including the water parks, the theme parks and so on. The major challenge of working inside an amusement park is to shoot in a crowded place. At all times keep the mum-to-be safe.

26. With Your Baby's Name

maternity photo by holding a baby cap with name on

Photo by Diana0403 on shutterstock

Incorporating the name of the baby in the shoot is a no-brainer. Holding your baby’s name written on a giant card or written with flowers on the grass are some of the creative ways.

27. Showing Your Hobby

couple maternity photo by doing yoga together

Photo by New Africa on shutterstock

If you have a hobby that you love, you can incorporate it into your maternity photos. This is such a fun and personal way to show off your personality, and it’s a great way to document your pregnancy. Whether you love reading, knitting, or playing an instrument, find a way to incorporate your hobby into your photos.

28. Holding Tiny Shoes for the Baby

couple maternity photo by holding the baby's tiny shoes

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

This is a spin-off of the maternity shoot ideas that I discussed in the point “In the Nursery.” I am sure you have already picked up several pairs of cute-looking shoes for the baby. It is a great idea to now incorporate them into the photos. A great way to mix things up would be to place the cute little pair of shoes right next to the giant pairs of the mommy and the daddy.

29. With Family Members

maternity photo with whole family members

Photo by Roman Samborskyi on shutterstock

It would be great to have the extended family join the shoot. Grandparents from both sides, elder brothers, uncles and aunts joining in the frame and making one composite shoot would be a great way to complete the frame.

30. Gender Reveal

couple maternity photo by putting gender sigh on the belly

Photo by Flotsam on shutterstock

If you are planning on a gender reveal you can create a theme that revolves around special colors and props. Special colors like purple and pink would go great if it’s a little princess. Bold colors like red and blue would go well if it’s a boy.  Don’t forget to have a giant card placed somewhere in the frame that says “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a girl.”

31. With Ultrasound Picture

maternity photo by holding an ultrasound picture

Photo by fizkes on shutterstock

A spin-off of the above idea. If you have an ultrasound picture, you can incorporate it into your maternity photos. This is a great way to document your pregnancy and reveal the big news to your family and friends.

32. Silhouette Photoshoot

maternity photo of a black silhouette

Photo by Dan Kirk Formentera on Unsplash

Silhouette photos are one of my favorites and I have often tried this when working with models in an outdoor setup. For a truly unique maternity photo, try this silhouette technique. This involves taking photos of you and your partner backlit by natural light of the sun or another light source. Also creates a beautiful silhouette effect that captures the essence of a maternity portrait/couple shoot in a unique and stylish way.

33. Maternity Milk Bath

maternity milk bath photo

Photo by Olesia Bilkei on shutterstock

Another interesting and unique way to create a beautiful maternity shot is to take a maternity milk bath. This can be quite an unique experience for the expecting mother. It’s also a perfect way to show a close-up of the pregnant body and especially the belly. As always, do take care to ensure that the mum is safe at all times.

34. A Snap in the Woods

couple maternity photos in the woods

 Photo by marinasealovers on shutterstock

A snap in the woods can result in an ethereal photo, provided you use the right props and spend some time post-processing the image. The dark beautiful green, interspersed with the browns and the speckles of blue sky and the streams of golden light streaking in makes for an otherworldly experience that can be craftily captured in your maternity photo.  

35. Mommy in a Traditional Outfit

Kate Like Oil Painting Background Abstract Texture Backdrops For Photography 

There’s nothing purer than an expecting mum in a traditional flowing dress. White is synonymous with purity and is a great color to use if you are looking to incorporate this look in your photos. If you don’t have a flowing dress try a skirt that can capture the essence just as well.


Pregnancy is a blissful and blessed journey that is full of happiness, but at the same time full of challenges. It's a miracle that you as parents-to-be get to experience and rightly want to record so you can relive those memories. 

There is no better way to capture those memories than photography. Whether you are a maternity photographer looking for ideas to explore or you are a mum-to-be looking to self-document your pregnancy journey, these ideas will help you capture some heartwarming couple maternity photos and document your journey.

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