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Selfie Poses for Girls: 16 Tricks and Poses for Stunning Selfies

Selfies are the biggest trend going around all over social media. Want to hop on this trend as well? The best aspect of selfie photographs is that you control everything about the photo; it’s basically just a huge DIY project!

Although taking an incredible selfie can be quite daunting especially to an amateur, it is still not rocket science! All it takes is playing around with the different angles, poses and lighting to bring out the best features of your selfie.

You can achieve whatever look you want to pull off from the classic laid back look to the serious, sassy vibe with just the click of a button.

Here are some fun tricks and poses you can incorporate in your quest to get stunning selfies. Brighten your social media pages TODAY!

4 Tricks to Employ to Take Better Selfies

1. The Ideal Angle

Getting the right angle is one of the most vital facets to taking incredible selfies.

Position your phone in different angles and take a lot of practice shots till you finally land on the one. Holding the phone a bit higher than the head’s position can have a slimming effect to it, therefore suitable for the girlies who are very self-conscious about their facial fat.

Play around with the different angles until you find the one that suits you best and gives you that boost of confidence. You can also use a selfie stick to get a wider array of angles to choose from.

girl selfie

Photo by Dmitriy Zub on Unsplash

2. Choose an Exciting Background

A breathtaking background might just be the oomph your selfie needs to turn it into a masterpiece. Use the environment around you as a prop and incorporate it in your selfie to highlight the mood and feel you want your photo to give off. 

Backgrounds such as sandy beaches, flower-filled gardens and buildings with eccentric architecture would work perfectly as solid backgrounds for your selfies.

3. Filters

 Filters are one of the greatest upgrades to hit the photography world and, no doubt, a girl’s best friend. 

Try playing around with the different filter features on your smartphone to smooth through some slight blemishes your camera might have picked up. The black and white filter can also be used to bring out a cool and melancholic mood to your selfies. 

Don’t be afraid to go ham with the filters feature. However, do not go overboard with them. Make sure you maintain a calm, natural look to your photos despite having the filters on them.

a girl selfie with a filter

Photo by Kimson Doan on Unsplash

4. Make Your Smile Pop

Getting a natural looking smile can be quite a hassle for many of the girls out there, but fear not. We got you.

There’s a myriad of tips you can use to make sure you don’t look all tensed up or stiff in your selfies. For example, using creative catchphrases like saying ‘cheese’ while taking your selfies could help ease your facial muscles and bring out your natural look.

 Getting nostalgic and thinking about things that make you happy is also a good hack to getting a natural happy expression in your pics.

12 Best Selfie Poses and Ideas to Use to Create the Perfect Selfie

For most of us, posing for a selfie is always a struggle. What do I do with my hands? Should I tilt my head? Do I smile or not?

All these questions go through our minds every time we take a selfie. And even when we think we've finally figured it out, we still end up with a less than perfect selfie.

But don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are the 12 best selfie poses for girls that go viral on social media like FB and Insta.

1. The Classic Side Sweep

Let’s admit it. We’ve all taken selfies, and before posting them, you notice they aren’t as cute as you thought. Rather, your face looks all lopsided. 

This pose uses your hair to mask the asymmetry of your face, giving just a glimpse of only your ‘good’ side while simultaneously showing off your perfect hair. The classic hair sweep also accentuates your other facial features such as your eyes, giving you that sassy look.

selfie of girl hiding her half face with hair

Photo by Dmitriy Zub on Unsplash

2. The Sleek Hair Pull Back Pose

Pulling your hair back makes you ooze elegance and gives off the ‘she’s her own boss’ type of vibe. You can achieve this look by sleeking your hair back with your hands, seamlessly pulling off this well-put-together look.

Photo of A Girl with the Sleek Hair Pull Back Pose

Photo by Hichem Dahmani on Unsplash

3. The Tilt Pose

This pose draws attention to your ‘good’ side and gives a mysterious look to your selfie. You can choose to tilt your head to one side to get that playful chic style. You can also opt to tilt your head upwards and hold the phone from above, adding that slimming feeling to your photo.

There is absolutely no need to be embarrassed about your double chin making an appearance once you put this hack into use.

Photo of a girl with the tilt pose

 Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

4. Zoom In Pose

This is the perfect pose for the girls who want to focus on just one particular part of their faces such as the eyes or the lips. This pose suits best the ladies whose eyes are their best feature. Zoom in on your eyes and make your audience get lost in them.

The eyes are the windows to the soul after all, aren’t they?

Moreover, you can also accomplish this look by zooming in on your lips and delivering that luscious pose. You can put on a bold lip colour such as a deep red shade of lipstick to make your lips pop even more.

A photo of a girl with the zoom-in face

 Photo by Vicky Hladynets on Unsplash

5. The Lying on Your Back Pose

This pose is very easy to pull off and also gives you a variety of backgrounds to choose from. From lying down and taking sexy selfies on your bed to lying down on a picnic mat, this pose exudes a playful and child-like nature,  offering a great deal of versatility. 

a selfie photo of a girl lying on her back

 Photo by Valentina Aleksandrovna on Unsplash

6. The Mirror Selfie

Mirror selfies are a beautiful way to capture your personality in one picture. The mirror offers an opportunity to goof around with shadows and lighting which accentuates your facial features. You can also incorporate adorable and exciting props that can make an appearance in the background, adding illusion to your selfie.

You can achieve this eccentric selfie by covering part of your face or lips with your smartphone hence adding that enigmatic feel to your photo.

a selfie photo of a girl sitting in front of a mirror

 Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras on Unsplash

7. The Coffee in Hand Pose

Props can be a good addition to your selfies especially when you’re using a tripod to take the pictures. 

A coffee mug is an excellent prop as it’ll heighten the enigmatic look of your selfies. Take a sip from your mug or just hold the mug by your side and reel us in with your eyes and your smile. 

Use a mug with bold and interesting phrases and colours to add a splash of  zest to your selfie.

coffee selfie

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8. Pull the Crazy Face Pose

We all have a wild side and what better way to bring that out than by taking quirky selfies?

Make a crazy face by for example, sticking your tongue out or scrunching up your nose, capturing your weird and quirky side in the photo.

a photo of a girl with a crazy face

 Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

9. The Cute Sweater Tug Pose

This pose here is absolutely adorable and packs a mysterious feel to your photos. Just throw on an oversized sweater and pull the sleeves right over your arms. You can then position them on or close to your face, and voila. You just achieved a stunning and cute selfie look effortlessly.

a photo of a girl hiding in a cute sweater tug

 Photo by Yuan Rong Gong on Unsplash

10. The Shush Pose

This pose can be easily achieved by placing your finger on your lips and making a shush gesture with your finger. This gives you an enigmatic and elegant look simultaneously. You can put on a bold coloured lipstick shade to add a dash of sexiness to your selfie. 

This pose screams, ‘I’m sexy and I know it.’. 

 Breathe out before taking the selfie to create an appealing gap between your lips which adds to the seductive look you’d like to achieve.

This pose is well brought out by the big-lipped girlies. Don’t be afraid to express your personality by experimenting with quirkier and bolder lipstick shades.

a selfie photo of a girl with a shush face

 Photo by Deepak Sethi on Istockphoto

11. The Underwater/ Swimming Pose

Are your days packed with adventure and a bucketload of outdoor activities? This pose is specially tailored for all you adventure junkies out there.

Taking a selfie underwater is a fun and unique way to highlight your adventurous side. It is also very easy to achieve. Remember to use a waterproof smartphone to capture the images. You can also use a selfie stick as it grants you more room to manoeuvre in the water and offers more angles to capture the selfies.

a selfie of a girl underwater

 Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

12. The Nerd/ Reading Pose

This pose exudes a graceful and sophisticated character which makes you feel powerful and also look effortlessly cute in your selfies. It requires props such as glasses, books or mugs to pull off.

Go ahead and put on your glasses, open up a book and take the photo while pretending to be deeply engrossed in the book to achieve this elegant and geeky look. Pick books that have bold and colourful covers with interesting titles. This will take your followers on a trip and make them more intrigued with your selfie and the book you’re reading.

a photo of a cute girl reading a book

 Photo by Jeffery Erhunse on Unsplash


Selfies are a fun and interesting way to save your memories and to intrigue your friends and family into wanting to get to know you better. How you pose in these photos will determine whether you’ll get away with a stunning photo or not. Use the tips offered above if you definitely want to take selfies that bring out your personality and of course, make you look fantastic while at it.

Moreover, share and try out these poses with your friends and family. Turn the whole experience into a fun-filled activity where everyone can participate. Incorporate different props and ideas from everyone to achieve the perfect selfies.

Lastly, do not forget to smile.

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