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Baby Milk Bath Photography: How to Make | 6 Safeguard | 11 Photo Tips

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Bath photography is a great way to capture your child at their best — and it’s also a great way to get creative and have some fun. With a few simple tips, you will be able to take bath photos that will make everyone happy!

What is milk bath photography?

Milk bath photography refers to the use of milk to create a warm, creamy environment for photographing a naked baby. The milk bath is essentially a warm tub that can be placed in front of a backdrop for creating an artistic photo of a baby or toddler.

Though milk baths are most well-known for newborn portraits, they've been used to photograph older babies and toddlers.

How to make a milk bath?

Some things that may need to be prepared before taking a milk bath for a baby photography session include:

baby milk bath photo

Photo by Olga Tsybenko on shutterstock

  • A plastic tub or container for the milk bath
  • Baby clothes and accessories, if desired
  • A towel or cloth to cover the baby
  • A squirt bottle of water or some type of liquid soap
  • Baby oil, if desired

Safety guide for baby milk bath photography

A baby's milk bath photo shoot can be a wonderful way to capture a precious moment in a family's life. There are a few things that you will need to take into account when planning your shoot:

Step 01: Choose a location that is comfortable and safe for the baby

You'll want to choose a comfortable location for you and the baby. Make sure to avoid any hot surfaces or spaces that could be dangerous.

Step 02: Avoid using close-ups or shots from below the waterline.

Babies are attracted to movement and will look up towards the camera when they see a person or object moving above them. This can lead to drowning if the baby falls into the water while looking up at the camera. Try using wide-angle shots that capture most of your subject's body in view.

Step 03: Use distilled water and fresh baby milk.

Use distilled or filtered water if possible to avoid any contaminants. You also need to use fresh baby milk instead of formula since this drink is free from allergens and other pollutants.

baby milk bath photo

Photo by Olesya Symanchuk on shutterstock

Step 04: Avoid using harsh chemicals or detergents.

Do not use them when cleaning surfaces near the tub, as these may contain ingredients that could be harmful to babies. Instead, use mild soap and warm water (at low temperature).

Step 05: Check the milk bath’s temperature.

The safe temperature for a baby is between 36-38 degrees Fahrenheit or 2-3 Celsius. Be aware of possible water temperature changes — keep an eye on it so that you don't take photos while the bath is too cold or hot for the baby’s comfort.

Step 06: Be cautious when using props or setting up your scene.

Never place heavy items near the edge of the bathtub or where they could fall into the water. Don't leave flammable materials around as they could easily start a fire in an enclosed space like a bathroom tub enclosure.

11 Tips for successful baby milk bath photos 

The best tips for successful baby milk bath photos will vary depending on your photography style and the specific goals you are hoping to achieve. However, some general tips that can help you get started include:

baby milk bath photo

Photo by Olga Tsybenko on shutterstock

TIP 01: Set the mood

Baby milk baths are usually relaxing and soothing, so make sure to set the mood accordingly. Soft music and light colors are ideal for this type of photoshoot. You want the baby to look healthy and happy, so using light that makes them look their best is essential. Try using a lightbox or other lighting equipment to get the perfect shot.

TIP 02: Shoot candid photos

Candid photos capture all of the emotions going on during the shoot — from excitement to nerves to laughter. This can add an extra layer of realism to your photo, making it more engaging. It's important not to overdo it when it comes to the baby milk bath photos. Keep things lighthearted and fun, and let the natural beauty of the moment shine through. 

TIP 03: Add some food coloring to the milk

Adding food coloring to the milk for the baby's milk bath photoshoot can add some extra fun and excitement to your portrait session. Not only will you have added a new dimension of creativity, but you will also be able to capture memories that will last a lifetime. Make sure you’re using food coloring that is safe for infants so that it won't cause harm or discomfort. Dilute it appropriately before adding it to the baby's milk bath.

TIP 04: Do it in the bathtub with a shallow layer of milk

This is done to keep the baby feeling comfortable and warm while maximizing their exposure to light. This reduces stress on mother and child, but it also helps produce better photos!

baby bath photo with Kate Strawberry Cake Smash White Barn Door Summer Backdrop for Children

Kate Strawberry Cake Smash White Barn Door Summer Backdrop for Children

TIP 05: Add rose petals or flower heads for natural decor

For a baby's milk bath photoshoot, adding rose petals or flower heads can add an elegant and luxurious touch that will help elevate the photoshoot. It can also add a natural visual extravagance to the baby's milk bath photoshoot that will make your photos burst with life. Not to mention, they’re visually appealing additions that will draw attention to the photograph.

TIP 06: Place the baby length-wise in the tub

This way, you will be able to capture both their backs and fronts at once instead of having them sit down in the tub. This position also allows you to get creative with accessories (such as hats) and background elements.

TIP 07: Use a white backdrop

A white backdrop can help to create a more natural and pleasing photoshoot for the baby's milk bath photoshoot. Not only is this type of background easier on the eyes, but it also helps to capture shots that look more like real life. Using a white backdrop allows you to use your creative liberties without worrying about color cast or distortion.

TIP 08: Choose props that complement the theme of the milk bath

Even though the milk bath photoshoot is already a theme, you can still elevate it by incorporating other themes like playful bubbles, cute animals, or even spa-like vibes. These will also help add interest and drama to your shots.

TIP 09: Dress up the baby

baby milk bath photo with lemon decorations

Photo by Visual Intermezzo on shutterstock

A baby's milk bath photoshoot can be completely adorable and fun, or it can be a little more serious, depending on the baby’s outfit. Suppose you're going for the cute aesthetic. In that case, some ideas include using pastel colors in the water, adding touches of sunshine with flower leis or parasols, and dressing up the baby in footie pajamas.

TIP 10:  Take pictures before and after the milk bath

This is an excellent way to capture your little one in a relaxed state and show off their adorable milk bath photo. Be sure to keep their head above water at all times during bathing time. Then take some pictures after bathtime for a glimpse at how their skin looked without all the props.

TIP 11: Have the mommy and daddy participate

But it can be an amazing experience for both parents and their babies. During the shoot, both the mommy and daddy get to wear whatever they desire and share some intimate moments together. Having them participate gives the baby exposure to different emotions.


The sky is the limit when it comes to photography, right? And that includes documenting the precious moments in a baby's life through beautiful and mesmerizing bath photography. By following the tips provided and practicing regularly, you will be well on your way to creating beautiful bath photos that will bring a smile to your baby's face!

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