fairy girl playing in garden

Quick Guide: Fairy Setup With a Reflective Pond

Tethered Photography Tutorial: Live Viewing and Printing Your Photo Right Away Reading Quick Guide: Fairy Setup With a Reflective Pond 3 minutes

Bring the magic of fairies to life with this enchanting fairy photo setup! Perfect for children’s birthday parties or whimsical photo shoots, this setup is sure to delight and inspire. 

Follow Madison Horn's tutorial below to learn how to create this fairy photo setup and some tricky tips to highlight your photos!

Setup List:

Fairy setup in studio

Fairy Setup From Madison Horn

How to make the reflective pond?

Things you may need:

  • Artificial flower and vines
  • Shatterproof mirror
  • Green felt

Step 1:

Cut the green felt to shape (based on your mirror size) and leave a rectangle hole in the middle of them for adding the mirror "pond" ;

Step 2:

Glue the green felt together and the mirror pond to the felt to keep it in place (using gorilla glue);

Step 3:

Glue artificial flowers and vines around the mirror edge and add in stone garden ornaments

little boy's play in garden with elf costume

Photo by Nutbrown Hare Photography

Exclusive Tips:

1. Green felt covering

Hang and tuck the backdrop underneath a canvas floor layer which then has a layer of green felt on top.

2. Safety concern

The mirror is shatterproof plastic for safety reasons; if children step onto the mirror it is safe.

3. Garden toadstool

Place a large garden toadstool for children to sit on in front of the mirror in the center.

4. Backdrop blending

Add a bundle of vines and flowers along the bottom edge of the backdrop to help blend it all together.

little fairy girl playing in garden

Photo by Nutbrown Hare Photography



Thank you for following our tutorial and creating your very own magical fairy photo setup! We hope you have fun capturing the magic of fairies in your photos!

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