What Is School Picture Day and How to Be Ready for It?

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School picture day is a time filled with excitement and nervousness for both a student and a parent. On one hand, it is that chance to capture moments inside the life of your child that you will treasure forever. On the other, it is when your kid is going to be in front of a camera, something that might very well raise the fear factor of some.

The following article will elaborate on what a school picture day is all about, how to look great during it, and some creative ways to show off a few funny school pictures.

What Is School Picture Day?

This is a day on which all students have the opportunity to take professional pictures of themselves in school and with their parents to keep a memory of that school year.

It is also an opportunity for the parents, not only for the child, to purchase the keepsake meant for his or her child's school years.

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For most schools, picture day first happens in preschool and occurs annually throughout the students' 12 years of schooling or sometimes twice a year.

The school contracts professional photographers to take the photos, print them, and post them for sale to the parents.

The college also uses these pictures to prepare students' identity cards and its yearbook.

How to Look Perfect on School Picture Day School

Besides your radiant self in the picture, your child should look their best as well. Here are the ideas to pull off on school picture day:

1. Get Plenty of Rest

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Ensure that both you and your child get a good night's sleep the night before the big day. By so doing, you will both look fresh and alive in the morning.

This also helps prevent dark circles or under-eye bags, which make you look fatigued in your photos.

2. Dress in What Makes You Feel Comfortable

For you, it means choosing an outfit in which you feel confident and good. Wear decent and appropriate clothes for the school setting and in which you feel good.

Choose clean and tidy clothes for the child, in which they feel free and comfortable.

3. Get Your Hair Done

How your hair looks will greatly affect how your photo looks. If you have long hair, you can set it in curls or wear an updo.

For short hair, you might use a headband or clip to keep it in place. As for your child, make sure her hair is well-groomed, too.

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You should also note that it is not advisable to try out new hairstyles on the school picture day as those just might not look great in pictures. It would be even much better if you stuck to your normal hairstyle in order to look really great in the photos.

4. Wear Light Jewelry

Wear something that doesn't make you seem like you are trying to show off. Just a simple necklace or earrings will do.

Your child doesn't need any jewelery, as that can make them uncomfortable, especially if they are not used to it.

5. Avoid Getting Glare on Your Glasses

Ensure you wear your glasses if you normally wear them daily as part of your wardrobe or even part of your personality.

However, the very last thing you want is the glare, which in effect, can make your eyes disappear. To avoid this, just wear the frame and take out the lenses.

6. Be Relaxed and Happy

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There is no need to be pressured about that photo day; it actually shows on your face. On this big day, remain positive and happy to look great in the photos.

You could even share a few jokes with your child that may make him or her laugh and open up to you. This is going to help him look great in the photos.

7. Self-Care Should Be A Priority

Make sure your little one is laced with a nice meal and plenty of water before the picture day.

In addition to this, both of you should religiously follow the routine of cleaning, exfoliation, and moisturizing of the skin.

8. Check out and Analyze Your Recent School Photos

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You can look back at your first-day-of-school photo ideas, as they can bring up ideas about what works and what doesn't work for you in terms of your appearance in your current year.

Another way is going through other peoples' school photos in order to get an idea of how you could do better with your looks. Understands what to do differently so you'll look fabulous in your school photo this year.

9. Take Pictures of Yourselves before the School Picture Day

You can go ahead and take a few shots with your child in readiness for the school picture day. This way, you will be able to check how you both look. This is going to help you in making corrections for any mistakes committed before the school picture day.

10. Follow the Photographer’s Instructions

The photographer knows just when to catch the best photo of you and your child; follow his/her directions on your best stand, a place to look, and what you should do with your hands. This will ensure that you get a great picture.

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Unique Ways to Show Off Your School Pictures

Since picture day is at the child's school, parents receive many pictures of their child. This is the perfect opportunity for a parent to have and put aside pictures that show the child's growth and change year in and year out.

Since there are many of these, you will have to determine an aesthetic way of arranging them. Here are a few ways:

1. Stick Them on a Canvas

You can buy a canvas, the best being of the same color as your wall, and then print your photos; thereafter, you will cut the canvas into different shapes depending on the size of your photos.

Make sure that all your photos fit perfectly into the cut-out shapes because they will host your photos just like a frame.

You then glue your photos in the canvas using mod Podge. The moment the glue dries off, hang your canvas on the walls of your house.

2. Make Use of Ceramic Tiles

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You can use ceramic tiles to showcase those hilarious school pictures. First, buy ceramic tiles at your nearest hardware store. Print the photos you want to show, then attach them to the ceramic tiles using Mod Podge.

Make sure the pictures fit well with tiles; then hang them on nails or loose strips in any pattern on your wall after the mod podge dries.

3. Place Your Pictures in Vintage Frames

You can purchase these vintage frames from any of the vintage shops and then fit your photos on these frames.

These old frames giveyour photos have vintage look. You can then hang these vintage frames, with your photos in them, on the wall or keep them at an angle on a shelf.

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4. Pin Them on a Chalkboard Wall

Get a can of chalkboard paint from your local hardware store and paint a section of your wall. Leave it to dry. Once it is dry, use the push pins to hang all the school pictures on the wall. This is an ingenious idea to display many pictures in a tiny space.

It would be good if you could organize them from the oldest to the latest, chronologically. You can even make chalk inscriptions about the year of each picture and draw borders around each.

5. Utilize a Wooden Board and Wire Exhibition

You will require a wooden board that will be enough to carry all your school photographs. Paint the wooden board using any color, though preferably get a color closer to that of your wall.

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Once the paint is dry, screw in two eye hooks on each side of the board. Cut a piece of wire and Pass a piece of wire through the eye hooks and hang pictures on it.

Fit the wood board on a nail on the wall and place your pictures over the wire with clothespins. It will also be best done by arranging the pictures in a sequence from the oldest up to the most recent one, properly organized to do justice to showing your child's growth.

6. Turn Your Photos into Magnets

Even though school pictures are conventionally paper prints, you could have your magnet paper. That is just the advancement in technology. You can even find stores that will do this for you.

You can then display your school photos on your refrigerator or any other metal surface.

7. Put Them Along the Staircase

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Use washing or painter's tape to place pictures on the staircase. If you have many pictures, sequence them in chronological order from the bottom up the stairs, and above all, ensure that the latest photo is at the top. You may also vary its frame sizes so that it becomes even more catchy for the eye and likable


A school picture day is very important to every student and parent. This is the day they would want to look back and be proud of. Also, it probably is the day when each of the students wants to look their best.

Knowing the tips on how to be well-prepared for this day can assure you and your child that you will have a great day and that the pictures will turn out well.

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